Water Damage + Neglect = Mold & Potential Health Issues

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Water cause mold if left untreated

If your home or business requires water damage restoration due to damaged plumbing, appliances, flooding or as a result of fire suppression, time is absolutely of the essence. That’s why Got Mold? is on call 24/7 to provide you with a reliable lifeline when water damage restoration is needed. You can count on us to provide professional water damage restoration using the industry’s best products and techniques.
Water damage is a significant danger to both homes and businesses. Quick mitigation prevents water damage from spreading, lowers costs and means less stress for you. Waiting to begin water damage restoration services can cause secondary damage to the structure, carpets, furnishings, and lead to mold contamination. Extreme water damage to hardwood floors can require replacement, and contribute to elevated odours from absorbed water, not to mention costs.
A thorough examination by our certified technicians with the use of specialized equipment such as moisture-detection meters, probes and sensors help to determine the extent of the damage. This enables us to form the most effective remediation & restoration plan for returning your property to normal as quickly as possible and restoring your peace of mind.
Got Mold? will help you with your restoration plan and work with you, the customer to better protect your home and health in the future. Leaving the water to sit will only increase the cost of the repairs and eventually turn to mold. This will not only cost more for replacement but can cause a serious amount of health issues that you can avoid by acting now!
Due to the high amounts of rain and flooding in Saskatchewan in this Spring & Summer of 2014, There are untouched houses that have yet to seek any professional assistance with the water damage that has now turned into mold. The cold weather has now caused people to turn up there furnaces and this is making your home a cozy little contamination area where mold is rapidly spreading through the air. Air movement will cause the mold to spread through out the area of contamination if it is not contained to one area of the house through proper assistance. Got Mold? Can assist in ridding the problem.
With the deadline to file a claim via PDAP approaching, Got Mold? urges you to act now and seek government assistance in this issue so that you can get the financial support to cover the costs of the damage due to natural disasters. If for whatever reason you are denied a claim Got Mold? still wants to help assist you with your mold removal and water damage. You don’t have to hide the facts. We work as a discreet company to help you and your family rid the problem.
Got Mold? is located in Saskatoon, Regina & Calgary. We travel for our customers and come to you for any requests you may have! Don’t hire a contractor that has no experience, We are certified to assist you and give proven results. We have multiple staff members on hand that are more then happy to give you any answers you need to make this transition much smoother. Don’t wait! Call today!
Calling the wrong contractor could potentially cost you a lot more then you expected. At Got Mold? we can give you a valued quote on your services and we offer competitive pricing on all aspects of any job we do. We do it right the first time! Our competition in grime has been known to have to re-do projects 4-5 times costing the customers thousands of dollars when inital quotes were given and go way over budget. We don’t prictise this kind of ethic as our customers come #1 to us, Satisfaction guaranteed!

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