Is your home or office built on a crawl space?

Moldy Crawl Space

Moldy Crawl Space

We have been receiving lots of calls in regards to crawl spaces that have had moisture issues and then once it gets cold frost builds up on the OSB and then it will thaw, and freeze again and then thaw in the spring and guess what kind of a mess you will have then.
When was the last time you checked or had a professional check your crawlspace? Really, who wants to go into the crawl space and what for, right?
Crawl spaces are prone to sustain water damage just like a basement, sooner or later water will most likely find its way in. So whats the point you may ask? whats the big deal, we don’t live down there it’s okay if it gets wet from time to time.
If you are one of those not concerned about your crawl space getting wet, below are several reasons you should consider changing your thought process in regards to this. When moisture enters the built environment whatever the source may be, the water could lay stagnant on top of the vapor barrier. If the crawl is insulated with fibreglass batts then the bottom of the insulation could be sopping wet, after all insulation should be in behind a vapor barrier and will be trapping the moisture in.
The water must somehow evaporate and will then create a humidity concern. Water damage and humidity create all sorts of potentially harmful bacteria and fungal growth. In newer homes the sub floor is not made up of plywood. Instead builders save money by using OSB which absorbs moisture like a sponge and mold loves OSB.
We are here to help and we have all the required equipment to professionally dry your crawl space, FAST, remove any mold that may be present and then put all the right safeguards in place to create a clean dry and healthy environment. If you don’t have mold in your crawl space we can create a mold prevention plan designed specifically for your crawl space based on the built environment in your home or office building.
got mold? has  options to help you to have a healthy environment in your crawl space. Call us today to book your crawl space inspection. Serving all of Saskatchewan & Alberta, our disaster recovery teams are ready to serve you with our all in one service from initial inspection to provide scope and quote to the removal process and then repairing the source so that you don’t have to be concerned of the same problem happening again. Once the source is verified to be corrected then we will have our reconstruction teams put  it all back together just as it was, or renovate it to your liking.

Mold Remediation/Removal

  • Vapour Barriers and Retardant Liners
  • Mold Prevention Products for Crawl Spaces, your entire home or office
  • Annual and other Maintenance Plans Available
  • Permanent, Professional Installed Air Flow Management & Dehumidification Units
  • Drainage Options and Water Management Systems
  • Dry Ice Blasting
Crawlspaces can potentially Produce an Unhealthy Environment
Most people do not realize there are reasons to be concerned about the crawl space and dampness however, some of the air you breathe on the first floor of your home or office could be coming up from the crawl space.
Crawl space areas are usually constructed with dirt walls, dirt floors and concrete blocks. Dirt and concrete spaces are a consistent source of moisture. Even when the dirt’s surface seems dry, if you were to dig down a few inches you will most likely reveal wet soil.
The dirt and soil release high humidity which turns into water vapor. Air flow and water vapour will naturally flow from the ground level to the top floors of the building. This replacement air is made up with unconditioned outside air. Outside air could enter through crawl space doors, hatches, crawl space vents, outside pipe penetrations, porous concrete walls, cores of blocks, gaps and holes. As a result, whatever is in the air of the crawl space eventually can flow up into the livable areas of your home or office. This means that all the moist air, humidity, airborne mold spores and odours may be coming up and into the air you breathe.
If you are experiencing one or more of these, you may have crawl space issues:
  • Floor drafts that are cold
  • Uncomfortable humidity levels
  • Sweating windows
  • Cupping or buckling of hardwood floors
  • Bad smells
  • Rotting joists and or sills
  • High energy costs
  • Insects and other Creepy Critters
  • Condensation
Frost build up, Swelling & Sticking Doors or Windows
By having services performed by got mold? Disaster Recovery Services, serving all of Saskatchewan & Alberta. you can obtain improvements to the quality of air and air flow throughout the crawl space and inside the property.
Occupant Health Issues
Mold spores floating into your breathing space can lead to respiratory illness and allergic reactions. Even if a person is not initially affected by mold, living in such an environment could potentially cause future health problems for some individuals.
Internal and Structural Building Damage
Mold spores and excess humidity inside your living space can cause secondary damage inside the property. First, by targeting the floor system directly above the crawlspace; which in turn could cause an environment for mold to grow under the carpet or flooring on the first level of the building, and inside wall cavities. This is a huge concern as you may not notice there is a problem until thousands in damages have already occurred.
Insects and Critters
Insects and critters like a damp environment. Crawlspaces are the perfect place for bugs and rodents to play, find shelter, food, and find a burial plot.
Everything has to eat, right?

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