Flooding? Mold? or Asbestos? We can help!


got mold? is a locally owned and operated disaster recovery service that specializes in flooding, mold removal and asbestos abatement. We service all of Saskatchewan and Alberta. With our service area so wide we provide our customers with full to detail inspections of there homes for peace of mind to assure them that we do the job right the first time! With locations in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Red Deer & Edmonton Call today! We Travel! 

got mold? goes beyond cleaning and removal of mold, mildew and fungus. Water cleanup and dehumidifiers, fungicide and entrapment techniques are worthwhile preventative maintenance but may not take care of the root cause of your mold problem.

got mold? uses all of the above as well as the latest intensive cleaning technologies like dry ice blasting, which can remove toxic black mold from deep within a structure better than any other technique without unnecessary damage and with minimal environmental impact. Our mold remediation services provide a complete remedy.

Mold Inspections, Investigations & Sampling

Have one of the certified mold inspectors from got mold? take a look and test your building for potential infestations. This is critical not only if you are living or working in a space and have unexplained health problems, but also if you are investing in real estate, purchasing insurance, making a claim, or considering renovations. Testing samples of materials and the indoor air (see below) as well as a thorough visual inspection are included in our mold inspection and investigation services.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing

A building air supply can become contaminated by the invisible spores from mold and mildew and cause a multitude of health and even structural issues. got mold? indoor air testing will quickly point out any potential problems with these biological contaminants.

1. Air sampling is not recommended as a first step to a mold inspection.
2. Only after a professional consultant has a chance to investigate the building envelope and get a history of the building is air sampling ever recommended based on the information acquired during a visual inspection (in some cases air samples are not required at all).
3. The number of air samples taken is to be determined based upon the above information along with the noted on site atmospheric conditions, and if the suspected mold concern is hidden.
4. The number of bulk, tape, or swab samples to be taken must be determined using a variety of specifics such as tertiary (water loving) and non tertiary (non water loving) types of mold, extent of growth and complaints of potential health concerns.
5. Once results are received from an accredited laboratory if the samples are of a potentially toxigenic genus your consultant will contact you immediately and recommend to have them cultured to determine the actual species, which will once again change the price.
6. A detailed report with pictures and results will be provided both digitally and a hard copy at your request.

Water Damage Restoration

Pipe Breaks, Seepage, Sewer Backups, toilet Breaks Etc.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

The effective clean up of fire and smoke damage

Thermal Imaging

We can detect hidden moisture with this state of the art instrument.

Water Migration Mapping

If it’s wet we will find it and dry it, or remove it as necessary.

Dry Ice Blasting

Cleans Mold, Fire damaged materials and Graffiti better than any other cleaning method. We can even perform Historical Restorations using this method!

We can clean Limestone buildings using dry ice without damaging the limestone. Electrical motors and print presses can be cleaned while in service without disassembly. It’s like pressure washing without using water or harsh and abrasive chemicals! No additional cleanup is required as the dry ice simply sublimates into CO2 upon impact on contaminants.

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About got mold?™

got mold?™ is a locally owned and operated Canadian company with over 25 years of combined experience in the disaster restoration industry. A Message from the President

Mold is a growing concern. To continue to thrive as a business over the next ten years and beyond, we must look far ahead, understand the ever changing world and power in order to structure our business in the future and maneuver in such a way that will allow us to anticipate challenges we face throughout our journey, enabling us to continue operating as a world class company employing great people for continued success.

Our Mission

Find & fix sources of unhealthy indoor air
Our Vision

Healthy indoor air

Our Core Values

Dependable – We make commitments and meet them
Resourceful – We find a way or make one
Knowledgeable – We are certified and constantly learning
Productive – We get it done right ASAP
Trustworthy – We have a great reputation
Loyal – We are proud of our company and its values
Ethical – We don’t compromise our values and we don’t cut corners
Respectful – We care about people, property and good stewardship of money
All this while maintaining the utmost in health & safety standards. Indoor air quality specialists, we are experts in mold testing, removal and remediation; fire and flood damage restoration; indoor air quality testing; asbestos surveying, asbestos testing, sampling and abatement.