I gladly accepted a request to speak at SRAR about mold & asbestos

James C. Watson

Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors is Saskatoon’s voice of real estate, representing approximately 600 licensed agents and registered salespeople in 46 member offices in the city of Saskatoon. earlier this year I was invited to speak about mold sampling, asbestos sampling, remediation and abatement for the next meeting of SRAR, tomorrow Thursday, April 23 2015.

I gladly accepted and look forward to the event.

At got mold? we believe it is important for future home owners and sellers to look into getting the home inspected and possibly sampled, prior to buying or selling to give you peace of mind. After all a house is most likely the largest investment you will ever make so invest wisely.

Unfortunately it is a regular occurrence for us to receive calls from people who just moved into a new home with all of their children and belongings and soon one of the children or maybe an immune compromised adult are experiencing health concerns or a musty odour is being noticed.

When people call due to health concerns the symptoms are typically reported to diminish when away from the dwelling for a day or two. It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of how people purchased their dream home and only a few weeks or months later they are finding major concerns with mold. Lots reach out to a lawyer and try to litigate the issue and it typically results in a lot of time, energy and money wasted that would have been much better channeled into something productive as opposed to a big battle where in the end both parties are mentally, physically and financially exhausted and only the legal teams are making the money.

We don’t want the above mentioned to happen to you! Be proactive, have a professional mold inspection performed prior to buying or selling your home.

Don’t get scared and walk away from a house you are very interested in due to a mold problem. Mold requires water to grow so as long as the mold is removed and the source of water infiltration is stopped you should never have a problem again, at least not in that area and not if you call us when you find a leak, have a toilet overflow, broken pipe, dishwasher leak, water heater malfunction etc.

We are not only your mold removal experts but we are also mold prevention professionals. It is our main goal to make sure you don’t have to have us in for a mold problem ever again.

Typically when people have large mold infestations it is for no other reason than they failed to take corrective measures to mitigate a water loss and a mold problem occurs. Mold is secondary to water intrusion. We are working to educate people to always contact a professional when they have a water loss of any type, clean clear water, grey water or raw sewage, small or large and on top of it all, schedule a yearly inspection and they should never have a significant mold problem.

We are here to help you sell or purchase the right home. It is always recommended to have a home inspection performed and list any and all deficiencies prior to purchasing your new home.

It baffles us that so many people purchase without having a professional mold inspection performed.

One other major concern if you are purchasing or selling a home is asbestos. If you plan to renovate the home you want and the building was built prior to 1986 it should be sampled for asbestos containing materials, not so that you choose not to purchase but so that you can budget for and take the proper corrective actions as opposed to run the risk of contaminating your home with fibres and placing your families health in harms way.

Asbestos was used in vermiculite and zonelite as insulation in attics, wall cavities, sub floors and cinder crete blocks, just to name a few. Other asbestos containing materials can be ceiling tiles, floor tiles, linoleum, popcorn ceiling, drywall mud joint compound, around duct work, boiler, heating pipes and many other products.

We have recently written about things you can do to improve your home by maintaining the property with a home maintenance list that can help you prevent mold

If you are on the market for a new home contact us for a mold inspection and or asbestos survey. We are here to help



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