Rain & Storm Season is here. Are you ready?


We all know that living in Saskatchewan & Alberta means that we receive pretty drastic weather changes in the Spring – Summer & Fall seasons. As the saying goes “If you want the weather to change, just wait five minutes” The hardest part about living in these areas are the storm seasons that come inevitably with each passing season. Rain can last for days and sometimes weeks. Even with a sudden blink of an eye we have 6-10 inches of water that appears to have shown up in an hour or so. When rain falls so heavy and in such a short period of time, sewer systems are unable to handle the influx and basements end up filled with sewage water. got  mold? specializes in sewage backups and all types of water damage and mold removal with our 8 step process.

It is heart breaking to hear and see the devastation that the people in High River Alberta had to deal with when their homes flooded and were not properly cleaned and dried out and the failed attempts by remediation companies that were hired to do the work. got mold? assisted in many of the home inspections, and the clean up process, until the Alberta Government stepped in and contracted one company to perform the clean up. This kind of flooding happens more then you may think.

With flooding now happening right in our back yard of St.Louis Saskatchewan. We urge our readers to share our blogs and contact information so that people can get the proper help the first time. Instead of hiring friends and under qualified contractors to assist in the situation, You may think you are saving money by skipping a few steps but if mold doesn’t bother you, asbestos containing materials are of major concern in homes built prior to 1990, is your health and safety worth it?.

Now is the time to act! If you have water damage to your home from a storm or from water seeping in under your foundation into your basement or into your crawl space, got mold? is here to help assist you. We service all of Saskatchewan & Alberta and we do the job right the first time.

It has been almost two years since the flooding in Calgary, High River, Canmore, Hidden Valley and many other communities. In November of 2013 we published an article in regards to Improper cleanup resulting in mold’s unwanted return.

We are still to date receiving calls from High River and in the last few months, more than ever. It is known fact that 18-36 months after significant flooding is when the majority of issues start to arise. The situation in High River is that the DRP which is a Government funded disaster relief program is offering options to residence who still have concerns. We are receiving calls to quote on further remediation efforts after 10’s of thousands of dollars have been spent on cleanup paid for by the Alberta Government.

It is very sad to see all of the problems that still exist due to improper clean up and rebuilds that happened far too early in the drying process. If you have a home affected by mold in High River Alberta, it is our understanding from clients that building owners have the choice to remediate one more time and then the Government will not help again, or you can have your home demolished and the Government will pay a fraction of the cost to rebuild. This raises major concerns for residence of High River due to the fact that neighbours houses are being torn down but since no issues are being found in their homes they are concerned about resale value, and rightfully so.

If you live in High River and are concerned about your residence, contact us as we are here to serve.

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