Household items that could contain Asbestos and Mold

Household items that could contain Asbestos and Mold

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Got Mold? Disaster Recovery Services often finds several interesting facts online about household items, cosmetic products and health foods that often contain mold and asbestos in them without the consumer knowing about it. We all know that there are high risk levels of asbestos and low risk levels, so if you find an item on our list that happens to say that it could contain asbestos… don’t go and throw away all your children’s toys. Or, if we say that there may be mold in something don’t go throwing away all your cosmetic products or foods, or toss away that single serving coffee machine just yet.

Products that could contain Asbestos:

1. Crayons – In recent news there have been Several brands of crayons and some children’s toy crime scene fingerprint kits were found to contain asbestos, a known carcinogen, in a recent investigation commissioned by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Action Fund. Read More
2. Books – Asbestos in book making has a long history as paper that resists high temperature, humidity, chemicals, micro-organisms, rodents and the sun rays. Also two books have been bound in asbestos cloth as promotional items. Read More
3. Sports Equipment Padding – Padding for sports equipment has evolved from bulk cotton and bulk wool to wool tubing, jute, pressed wool felt, and asbestos felt. Padding was used in baseball gloves and football helmets. Read More
4. Home Hot Pads – Modern comfort and convenience in the home would be inconceivable without this mineral curiosity. Iron holders, mats and pads are just a few of the items lined or made with asbestos. These household items proved to be indispensable in protecting from heat and fire. Read More
5. Artificial Snow – Best stated by the Raybestos-Manhattan Corporation in 1940 as ‘It is a safe snow for holiday decorations’. More notorious is the scene from the Wizard of Oz were snow (actually chrysotile asbestos) fell on Dorothy and her friends to awake them from the wicked witch’s spell. Read More
6. Modeling Clay – As a home made ‘Asbestos Meal’ in the children’s craft book published in 1949 by the Children’s Press Inc. of Chicago, Il. to a manufactured product called ‘Fibro-Clay’ by Milton-Bradley Company in 1967. Read More
7. Sad Irons – Old style of iron placed on the top of a wood or coal stove and heated. The most common style of  ‘asBESTos’ sad irons were manufactured by Dover Manufacturing Co. and consisted of a solid iron core with an asbestos-lined hood. The hood was also the handle that would clamp over the heated iron. Read More
8. Tokens, Tags and Poker Chips – Carnival tokens, army dog tags and poker chips were all made out of a asbestos vulcanite material in various colors and numerous advertisements. Read More

Products that could have Mold inside them:

1. Keurig – In the news, there has been a product recall on the new Keurig coffee makers. Although mold always has been, coffee has now become an ubiquitous part of society. In order to keep the Keurig functioning properly and the coffee tasting great, users must clean their machine and care for it on a regular basis. Read More
2. Cosmetics – Growing consumer demand for products labeled all-natural or organic isn’t restricted to just the food we eat; a number of cosmetic and personal grooming products are marketed in the same manner. Read More
3. Tents – Although, it may be cheaper and better for your health just to replace the $40 Tent that you sleep in for camping trips, the trick is to properly dry out everything before rolling it away for the season. Sleeping inside it and breathing in the mold and mildew particles aren’t exactly good for you. Read More
4. Dreadlocks – People will always thrive for that custom look and style when it comes to hair styles and the latest trend. But, Dreadlocks have been around for centuries. For that tighter lock, people are using cosmetic products that seal in moisture to the dreadlocks and causing them to mold on your head. Read More
5. Vehicles – People often forget to close the sunroof, windows or the doors properly when it comes to automotive vehicles, There have been cases where people come home from vacations or leave the vehicle parked for months at a time to come back with a vehicle full of mold.  It’s important that you don’t get into the vehicle and turn on your vents to spread the spores around or breath them in. Read More
6. Washing Machine – There are many different reasons that washing machines can grow mold inside. Companies are saying that it’s the customers fault for not properly using the machines or cleaning them properly. But, regardless… the fact of the matter is that people are having many issues with mold in a machine that is supposed to clean the clothes, not leave them smelling like mildew. Read More

We want our readers to be aware of the different types of mold and the different levels of exposure to asbestos.
For more information and interesting facts about mold.
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