A Moldy Experience

A Moldy Experience

It’s very common to come into contact with very poor conditioned buildings while on a family trip, business trip, out for dinner with the family or even just stopping at a road side gas station on your way to some destination.

Last night I had the luxury of watching the new movie Vacation in theatres, and in one particular part of the movie the family was staying in what appeared to be a relatively low budget motel. The bathroom literally had mushrooms growing out of the shower and mold all over the walls and ceiling. As I laughed about this at the time it really brought back memories to some of the places I’ve lived over the years and some of the not-so-sanitary places I have eaten at over the years. It really made me think about how many businesses are open and operating that shouldn’t be!

Have you ever stayed at a hotel / motel and had mold in the bathroom or anywhere in the room? 
Have you ever eaten at a restaurant that had water damaged ceilings or had visible mold in the areas?

We would like to hear of your experiences! We don’t intend on outing the businesses or publishing any slanderous reviews about the places you may have visited, but stories are always interesting to hear.

We recently had a call from a lady living in Southern Alberta who was staying at a motel while her house was being renovated and she told us about the motel itself that there were mushrooms growing along all the baseboards of the room. She asked to be put in a different room and management had no problem moving her, acted very apologetic that she had to experience such a disgusting living environment but ended up putting her in a room that actually smelled of cat urine and mildew. She decided to pack up and go to a different motel after this event. The management at the motel gave her all of her money back, so they didn’t rip her off (so to speak)” other then having a very filthy motel. But, we wonder why some of these places are still in operation.

It’s no wonder so many people come back from holidays and be happy to be in there own homes after hearing such stories like these.

One of our employees here at got mold? had an experience with mold in a restaurant that they ate at on a very regular basis. The restaurant was closed down and renovated since this experience but ironically the food didn’t taste the same after all the renovations were completed. Many people actually commented on there review pages and on social media that the food is worse now that they have a clean kitchen, it really made us think about why this could have happened? What were we possibly being exposed to that actually made the food better while being cooked in a moldy kitchen?

FACT: Many pizza places don’t wash the pans they use – maybe 3 times a year… The grease build up on the pans is used to oil the pans for the dough.

Do you have any stories to share? Let us know and we will publish them in our next article.

Written by: Alison Mysiorek of got mold?

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