Why Choose got mold?™

At got mold?™ we know corners aren’t round. We complete our work by following industry standards…nothing less!
How do we know what’s right?
Our intensive training and certification sets us apart from the rest. We have an extensive knowledge base accessible to all team leaders and project managers at all times using the latest technology and communications devices. Our fleet of trucks is equipped with standard and reference guides for additional support when unforeseen situations arise.
got mold?™ is dedicated to the education of our clients and community about the hazards of mold and how its removal can improve your quality of life.
  • Take our safety very serious (No lost time due to injury since our conception in 2009)
  • Value our relationships with customers and employees
  • Are committed to excellence in everything we do
  • Get the job done quick, but thoroughly
  • Are fully licenced and carry extensive liability and pollution insurance
  • Employ highly trained professionals
  • Dependable – We make commitments and meet them
  • Resourceful – We find a  way or make one
  • Knowledgeable – We are certified and constantly learning
  • Productive – We get it done right ASAP
  • Trustworthy – We have a great reputation
  • Loyal – We are proud of our company and its values
  • Ethical – We don’t compromise our values and we don’t cut corners
  • Respectful – We care about people, property and good stewardship of money