got mold?™ Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

got mold?™ Calgary is an Alberta company that specializes in finding and fixing sources of unhealthy indoor air.

If this is an emergency flood situation please call 1-587-572-6653 or 1-888-909-6653. Otherwise, fill out the form to the right to have one of our trained professionals contact you within a few hours.

Our Services

    • Indoor Air Quality Testing
    • Flood/Sewer Response and Restoration
    • Mold Inspections
    • Mold Remediation
    • Asbestos Sampling
    • Asbestos Abatement
    • Radon Testing
    • Radon Mitigation
    • Lead Paint Testing
    • Lead Abatement

Endorsement from Mike Anderson of Square One Consulting

As an asbestos consultant for Squareone Consulting, I have worked with dozens of different abatement companies and am happy to say that “got mold?” is now at the top of my ‘to call’ list. I met the “got mold?” team at a course, they gave me a good first impression and I decided to give them a chance. We worked on the removal of asbestos floor tile and counter top for one of my most important clients, the Medicine Hat School district. “got mold?” did an excellent job and went above and beyond, even cleaning up after the contractor that was in before them. They were flexible and completed the work over the weekend, allowing school to begin Monday morning with no issues. I am excited to continue using “got mold?” and will definitely recommend them to future clients..

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Fill out this form to have one of our trained professionals contact you within a few hours.

The got mold?™ team looks forward to serving you, call now to speak with a live professional 1-587-572-6653 or 1-888-909-6653