Mold Do’s & Don’ts

Mold occurs naturally in our environment and plays an important role in our ecosystem,  but it can be toxic or allergenic so it should be respected. got mold?™ deals specifically with mold and its effect on indoor environments. Below is a list of tips to help you deal with the discovery of mold indoors:
  • DO NOT place fans on mold thinking it will go away. When you blow air onto a mold infested area it will disperse tiny spores into the air spreading the problem to a larger area.
  • DO NOT merely try to kill the mold. Dead mold spores can be just as harmful to humans as living mold spores.
  • DO NOT spray bleach or any other chemical on the mold and assume the problem is solved. Bleach and other chemicals may kill mold but it still needs to be safely removed.
  • DO NOT assume you are immune from the effects of mold.  Some people are immediately affected and some notice little or no short term effect. Long term exposure is linked to several serious health issues.
  • DO wear a respirator with P100 hepa filtration cartridges.
  • DO wear gloves.
  • DO put up containment with plastic sheeting to avoid the spread of spores.
  • DO use a hepa vacuum.
  • DO have negative air pressure.
  • DO call a certified mold  professional if visible signs of mold cover more than 10 square feet.