Flood & Water Damage Restoration

At got mold?™, we understand that water or flood damage to your property can be devastating. We are here to help you with quick and professional flood damage restoration services. In an emergency, we have teams ready to respond 24 hrs a day/7 days a week. Simply fill out the form on the right or call 1-888-909-6653 to get immediate assistance.

If you’ve experienced water damage, whether it be from a flooded basement, plumbing problem, or a storm, here are a few helpful tips shared from years of experience with disaster restoration work:

  • Seek reputable help from a restoration company within 24 hours of damage
  • Remove everything, especially metal items, out of water as soon as possible
  • Take photos and make notes of noticeable damage

Service Areas

We provide services for residential and commercial clients and have teams located throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta, but can also service customers in Western Manitoba. Here are a list of our locations:

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