Our 8 Step Mold Removal & Remediation Process

Below is the process we follow when our mold inspection has determined that there is a source of mold that needs to be removed.

Step 1: Assess the Origin of Contamination and determine the extent of the damage 
Step 2: Determine the Source of the problem and remedy it the source.
Step 3: Remediation Plan (If the building was built prior to 1990 building materials that will be disrupted must be tested for asbestos, lead paint etc.
Step 4: Containment, Decontamination Chambers & Negative Air (If high risk asbestos a portable shower for workers is required.
Step 5: Removal of the Mold & or Asbestos Abatement 
Step 6: Odor Removal and air washing
Step 7: Cleaning, HEPA Vacuuming & Air Scrubbing
Step 8: Post Remediation Verification
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