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Endorsement from Points Athabasca
James and his personnel from got mold?™ performed top notch work. They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism. They are capable of handling residential jobs, all the way up to large scale industrial jobs. I would recommend got mold?™ to anyone who requires a proficient mold remediation contractor.


Richard via Email
Hi Mark, Just a note to thank you and your crew for the fantastic job that was done in the basement of our office. We have the bathroom back together and everything organized again. Your staff was very polite and accommodating. I showed the job to my Council at the meeting held September 13th. They are also very pleased with the job.

September 19, 2017

Lindsay from Allan Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
I had to submit a sample from a job site to be tested for asbestos. It was very easy as they have an after hours drop box. The results were mailed to me in just a few days, and even better they came back negative. Got Mold? give fast and reliable service!

August 2, 2017

Shannon from Regina Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
Mold in kitchen ceiling. Very expensive and a long process. Got Mold in Saskatoon were well knowledgable and courteous. Kept me informed and was done in a timely manner.

August 2, 2017

Sarah Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
The guy that came to do the testing was very nice, had lots of Information to share with me, was patient with my young children as they asked him what he was doing a lot! I was very surprised at the final price though and I never got a receipt even after requesting it a couple of times through email and having a response that it would come.

August 1, 2017

Cheri Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
The team at Got Mold was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to get our air quality tested in 2 homes. I will definitely be using their services again in the future .

August 1, 2017

Keith C. via Email
In mid-February 2017, I used got mold?™ to remediate my basement. The team of workers who did the remediation were professional, efficient, hard-working, friendly and polite. The office staff of Lyle, Chris and the owner James were also very professional, and from my perspective had the best interest of their client in mind. I would not hesitate to use got mold?™ again should the need arise.

June 13, 2017

Brodie from Saskatoon Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
GotMold was quick and efficient in getting me a lab test for Asbestos within 24 hours.

January 15, 2017

Bonny from Pilot Butte Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
Service was friendly, prompt, courteous and recommendations were discussed thoroughly.

January 10, 2017

Ray from High River Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
We contacted got mold to help us out as we had a rental property and black mold was discovered in the bathroom. The current tenant just had a new baby and we did not want them exposed to anything, thus t was urgent to get this done in a prompt and efficient manner. They responded to our plea and we had the tenants back into the house in 3 days. We had air quality tests completed also and they came back safe for the family.
Thank you Got mold.

January 10, 2017

Joyce B. via Email
I can’t say enough good about your company. They were so accommodating , respectful, professional and caring. Thank you for a wonderful cleanup that made my house clean & safe again. I recommend you to all I speak to about a mold problem.

December 30, 2016

Scott W. via Email
I am very thankful to you and your crew for how well the work was done and how fast it got done. One of the great things about your company. As I am continually battling with other contractors to get work. Thank you for everything you did.

December 29, 2016

Clay from Esterhazy, SK Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
We use got mold?™ for testing material sampled for asbestos analysis. got mold?™ receives the sample from our tech and sends it off to a lab. They always have the lab results and invoices out on time.

November 28, 2016

Gerald from Saskatoon, SK Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
The quote was well detailed and easy to understand. The staff were great to work with and responded to any questions in a timely manner. We really appreciated the guys doing the actual work as it isn’t the most pleasant job, but they were all very personable and pleasant to visit with. Would most definitely recommend got mold?™ and would hire them again.

November 24, 2016

Marcello via Email
Thank you so much for the speedy results. You were very professional and helpful during your visit at my apartment. I will always recommend your fine establishment to friends and colleagues should they ever need remediation services.

November 9, 2016

Mike From Medicine Hat, AB Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
As an asbestos consultant for Squareone Consulting, I have worked with dozens of different abatement companies and am happy to say that “got mold?” is now at the top of my ‘to call’ list. I met the “got mold?” team at a course, they gave me a good first impression and I decided to give them a chance. We worked on the removal of asbestos floor tile and counter top for one of my most important clients, the Medicine Hat School district. “got mold?” did an excellent job and went above and beyond, even cleaning up after the contractor that was in before them. They were flexible and completed the work over the weekend, allowing school to begin Monday morning with no issues. I am excited to continue using “got mold?” and will definitely recommend them to future clients.

August 22, 2016

Victor P. via Email
Wow! That was fast! Thanks you Lyle! I appreciate all the help and advice you and the team provided 🙂

August 15, 2016

Michael T. via Email
Thank you so much for all your help, your company has been so great from start to finish, if I ever have need of this type of service again (which honestly I hope I don’t) I will not hesitate to use your company.

June 10, 2016

Marjorie Cameron Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
I put off dealing with mold in my garage after getting two less than helpful assessments from other companies. I contacted got mold?™ after reading the information on their website. Dwayne from got mold?™ followed up immediately and made a thorough examination of the garage. He explained the removal and remediation process very clearly and provided a quote for the project. He removed the damaged material and treated the mold. He followed up with advice on the source of the moisture in the garage and prevention of further problems. I am very pleased with how the project was handled.

May 16, 2016

Michelle D. From Regina, SK.
Hi I just wanted to say thank you for all you did for ur house. I would also like to say that the two guys you sent to take care of our house were AMAZING THANK YOU

May 15, 2016

Kim Newsham & David Kyle from Saskatoon, SK. sent us this kind email.
Thanks for the quick and excellent response to our mold problem James. I was very pleased with the inspection, the quote and Mike’s work in particular.

March 16, 2016

Gordon Neufeld from Borden, SK. Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
Very professional. Upfront with everything, no surprises. No complaints!

February 18, 2016

Kristi Brehon from High River, AB Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
We used got mold?™ to do a complete re-clean, ice blast and encapsulation of our basement 2 years post-flood in Alberta. They were extremely organized, showed up when they said they would, and were very clean and professional while in our home. Our basement looked amazing after they finished cleaning. We would definitely recommend this company.

February 17, 2016

Bill Wright from Saskatoon, SK Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
The project involved removal of surface mold growing on drywall of a garage ceiling. The original problem was created by improper insulation in the attic space of the heated garage. Two areas of drywall were successfully removed. The work was completed on a timely and professional manner. The project was completed on budget. This is the second time I have used got mold?™ and recommend their services.

February 16, 2016

Candace Heintz from Asquith, SK. Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
The techs that came to my house this past Summer where amazing. They were quick, efficient, and did a very good job. They were informational and very friendly and approachable! I have recommended them to anyone who needs restoration services. I would use got mold?™ again if a situation arises that they can help with!

February 15, 2016

Chera F. From Saskatoon, SK. Posted This Review on BBB.org
Very patient, and took time to look everywhere if I had mold, was very patient with my 3 year old, who sometimes got in the way but laughed and let her help, I would and will recommend these guys to my friends and family. Very helpful.

October 17, 2015

Deana Williams From Regina, SK. Posted this Review on Facebook
The last 4 days of this week probably has been one of the most stressful times in my career. James Watson, you and your company got mold?™ have made my life so much easier. Your professionalism, knowledge and your efficiency have helped us see the light at the end of the flooded tunnel.
Anonymous from Calgary, AB. Posted this Review of HomeStars
Saw a write up on this company in a magazine, so I called them since I was on the market for someone. They treated the attic for mold, removing it by blasting it with dry ice.While we were at it we replaced the insulation and did some ventilation. They subbed out the ventilation and insulation work. Although they were not the best general contractors themselves, (they are used to being the sub not the general) the guys from got mold?™ were nice to deal with and good at what they specialize in.
Melanie Martin from Regina, SK. Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
My husband and I wreaked the havoc of an awful windstorm of our home in White City in August of this year. The storm literally ripped a large portion of our roof off our home. As it rained within the home that night, we knew it wouldn’t be long for mold to set in. We called got mold?™ quite a bit later the next day, and got mold was literally there in no time to assess the damage and immediately began the removal and drying process before any mold had a chance to set in. They were very professional, understanding, and knowledgeable, and his crew did not waste any time! Very hard working! James takes all necessary precautions to keep his employees safe with proper harnessing, etc. which was nice to see. As my husband said, it was “a breath of fresh air” to have them come and efficiently deal with a devastating situation. I would highly recommend them to anyone that may face similar circumstances.
Henry Pol Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
Let me start off by saying that these guys are super helpful, and knowledgeable. They have an awesome website, that I wish I would of found before I started my home reno project! Highly recommended!

December 12, 2014

Mary Jane from Regina, SK. Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
James and the crew at “got mold?™” were extremely efficient, courteous, accommodating and professional in dealing with a very serious and upsetting disaster at my home. Their professionalism made a difficult job tolerable. I would highly recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in this difficult situation. They are the best!

August 1, 2014

Pat from Regina, SK. Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
I recommend Jim and his company 100%. We had them in to mold proof our whole basement and were very through and their guys were very professional. I have referred friends and they had great results and found James and his company very professional. Also help people become educated with how molds and asbestos can damage their health. Thus realizing Doctors don’t consider your home when you have some mystery symptoms but certainly are quick to write prescriptions trying this and that. Also I’ve witnessed first hand how some companies working for insurance companies cut corners. My advice to home owners unless you are there when your home is being repaired you have no idea how it was repaired. My friend had them paint over mold saying this was how they fix mold lol….I called James and he has the job now redoing it properly.
Brenda from Regina, SK. Posted This Review on Trusted Pros
I had to cut my holiday short this July (2014) because I got an emergency call that the sewage was pouring into my basement. Pouring it was because of the heavy rains in southeast Saskatchewan this summer! Well it finally stopped and I had made contact with the company got mold?™ who said they would come in as soon as they can. Within a day or two my basement started to smell and look a lot better! Their staff are excellent, very professional, and able to handle these offending and hazardous materials in a very safe and sanitary manner. I would recommend got mold?™ to anyone at any time. Thank you very much for such wonderful work.
Pat Ginter, Regina, SK.
This past spring we gutted our basement and unknown to us we had black mold on the cement walls. When I tore out the bathroom I was totally amazed at what I found. We’d had our two sump pumps run every 10 minutes after the heavy rains during the summer and controlled most of the water, thinking we’d prevented anything from happening regarding mold damage.
I called got mold?™ they promptly gave an estimate and their crew came within a short time frame. Very professional group and they took good care and did a tremendous cleaning job of the whole basement even the floor joists and very pleasant.
I thought there was a problem on one wall a week after they left and called them…they were here within hours…very impressed. This ended up being nothing and they confirmed this and made us feel at ease.
Since having this done I’ve noticed that I do not have major sneezing attacks…one never knows what could be causing health symptoms and the strange smell that came when the house was closed up for awhile is gone as well.
Very satisfied and would recommend got mold?™ to those looking to find out if they have mold or got it already. Also anyone looking for a great company to work for I’d recommend them as they certainly work as a team.
Thanks guys!
Kerry and John Powell, Emerald Park, SK
When you are told that you have mold in your home you start to worry if it is spreading, contained or more importantly how is this impacting the health of our family. Being a breast cancer survivor, I was particularly concerned of the health risks.
We were very impressed at how got mold?™ handled the restoration of our basement. The team was very professional, knowledgeable, considerate, friendly and thorough in getting our basement restored. They addressed our problem quickly, keeping everything downstairs contained. They answered our questions and had the job completed within 4 days.
Following the remediation, they suggested we have a third party complete air quality testing to ensure there is normal or expected ratio of indoor versus outdoor spore counts. After the testing, the results reflected the restoration was a success and everything came back acceptable. We had no doubt that this would be the outcome due to the professional work that was conducted by the team at got mold?™.
My husband and I would definitely recommend got mold?™ if anyone is requiring mold remediation. We are extremely pleased with the excellent customer service we received and now have peace of mind that the mold spores have been removed and are no longer a threat.
Thank you for making this unfortunate situation as positive an experience as it can be.
Thanks so much to the team at got mold?™ for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated!
Jolene Hofstra, Saskatoon, SK
For months I had been getting sicker by the day and my 6 year old daughter starting getting sick too. We had both been to the doctor and they said it was just a cold at first then it was allergies. For me they had give me many different kinds of medication but nothing was working, test were coming back ok, but I was getting worse and worse. My daughter was playing and had dropped a toonie behind her bed, I had to move her bed to get it. I was horrified at what I had seen. It was MOLD growing in the corner on her wall. my first thought was to clean it and get it off. But then I thought is it in the wall? How far does it go? Then I went to my room and noticed a little bit on my wall but nothing like hers. Insurance doesn’t cover mold, then I remember seeing a truck around town with got mold?™ on it so I looked them up and called. They were so friendly and came out to assess what I had found and confirmed it was mold. Yuck. They gave me a quote to what it was going to cost and I was very surprised at how inexpensive it was. We scheduled the clean up right away to get it out of my house. the night before I moved my nightstand out of the way in my room and was absolutely horrified and sick the mold was a lot worse in my room then my daughters. I took pictures and sent them to got mold?™ right away so they knew what more I had found. The guys came in the morning and I was so happy to see them, they were very good and took care of my problem right away and got it all cleaned up. They gave me the bill and it was a little less then what was quoted. But to me it was priceless. With in a couple of days I started to feel better and I am back to full health again.
Mold is not something to take for granted. I am sure glad I didn’t.
Thanks got mold?™ for everything and giving me my health back. I will and have recommended you to everyone I know.
Erin Campbell Howell, Disley, SK.
Thank you for being responsive to our needs, respectful of our situation and effective in getting the job done!
Jacquéline M. Maurice, Saskatoon, SK.
I wanted to say thank you for the very efficient and timely work that you and your crew completed. I appreciate that you were on time and very professional. Thanks again!
Mary M. from Calgary, AB. Posted this Review on HomeStars
“To Whom it May Concern”,
I first spoke to the people at, “got mold?™” on December 24, 2013.
I was getting for the arrival of our grown children to come home for Christmas, while preparing their beds for their pending visit, I found mold.
I panicked, because of all the dangerous things you hear about mold and how it can affect your health, and 2 of my grown children already have compromised health issues.
Within a few hours 3 gentlemen came to inspect our situation. These fellows came with equipment used to measure moisture content in the air and in the floors and dry wall. They went over every corner of our 4 level split. (4 bedrooms, family room, dining room, kitchen and all 3 bathrooms, closets and even basement.) They gave us a diagnosis and prepared a plan to return our home to us “Mold Free”.
It was determined that we did not have “Black Mold”, but instead we had Penicillin, and lots of it. It took about 8 days to remove the mold; all 4 bedrooms, our family room and the master bath were affected. The areas of containment were constructed and equipment was moved in, giant hepa filters, dehydrators. These gentlemen worked very quickly and put in long hours to ensure our health and safety was not compromised. I was very impressed with their extensive knowledge of our situation and the procedures required eradicating mold.
Finding Mold in our house turned our lives upside down. I feel fortunate to have had the experts at “Got Mold” to look after us; they were very professional and worked quickly, they went over and above helping us to overcome the devastation we felt having discovered “Mold”. I would recommend this Company to anyone who finds this unwelcomed organism living in their home. Along with the speedy diagnosis, the group of highly skilled staff contained and eradicated the mold from my home and all effected debris was carefully packaged and removed from the premises.
The Management and staff from “Got Mold”, has my highest recommendation without any reservation.
Kindest Regards,
Mary M. (Calgary)
Dennis Flaherty, Saskatoon, SK.
I was very impressed with the communication, knowledge and skill of the on site got mold?™ staff. They provided First Class service! Thank you!
Gary Bird, Saskatoon, SK.
I would like to express my appreciation of your service and staff during our recent storms in Saskatoon. My home was a victim of severe sewer back up. Many of my belongings were destroyed and my entire basement had to be gutted. Your team was the first to respond to many calls and right from the beginning your service was excellent. You have a winning team at got mold?™ and I have already recommended your services to others. It is a pleasure to work with an organization that realizes they’re dealing with people not just a situation.
Chuck & Sandy Tysowski, Yorkton, SK.
We are very impressed with all the work that was done, very professional! My son had developed health issues shortly after the flood, he was coughing a lot and we had to put him on a medicated puffer because the house hadn’t been cleaned properly by the first restoration company. got mold?™ was so empathetic and generous in that we were given filtration equipment and air movers for the cost of delivering them. Since got mold?™ was here, our son’s health is back to normal, he isn’t coughing anymore and no longer requires his puffer! To everyone at got mold?™ thank you!!
Dean Lansdell, Saskatoon, SK.
On June 29th 2010 our basement flooded, two days before our wedding. The got mold?™ crew was called at 4:30 am and were on site before 7 am cleaning up the water and drying out our basement. They were very professional, friendly and handled the contract without issue. We are very thankful for their exceptional service and would highly recommend them. Thanks got mold?™
Maureen McIntosh, Pike Lake, SK.
We were concerned when we discovered mold under some old linoleum in our furnace room in the lower level of our home. We had some leakage issues in the past as well as a recent sewer back up.
I remembered seeing the got mold?™ truck around town and decided to give you a call. got mold?™ came out and assessed the situation and gave us a quote to clean everything up. I liked the idea that you sealed everything off and carefully cleaned and bagged everything before removing it. got mold?™ worked quickly and accomplished a lot in one day.
I also appreciated the HEPA air filter got mold?™ ran for about seven days to thoroughly clean the air before taking down the plastic containment walls. We learned a lot from the process and will most definitely be more diligent in identifying leaks early and cleaning them up immediately.
Thanks to got mold?™ we can rest now that our home is safe.
Cherylee Highway, Saskatoon, SK
My son has had respiratory problems in the past. We have fought a big battle in order to restore his health. This past spring, his oxygen capacity was measured and the specialists told me that he was at 90% capacity and would likely never improve further but we are thankful for the 90% (as he was once at 63%). Well, today, we returned for our regular appt. and his lung capacity today measured at 116% — that’s right 116%!!!! Better than us!!
The Specialist asked me to check off a list of lifestyle and activity changes that we have undergone during the last 6 months. After looking over the form, I couldn’t really check anything off. But, it dawned on me that “Mold Remediation” was not on the list. I spoke to the Specialist about this and he was ABSOLUTELY FLABERGASTED!!!!! He then proceeded to quiz me about the process, amount of remediation required, the company that did the job, etc. He is completely convinced that the remediation process has increased the lung capacity of my son by 26%!
This improvement of quality of life is extraordinary, in this Specialist’s opinion and literally could remove Spencer from his case load at this time after 13 years of absolutely fighting for his respiratory life!! Throughout our conversation, he decided to keep Spencer on his caseload to follow through his progress since the remediation and forward. He finds this case extremely interesting.
He is SHOCKED at the improvement in health after 13 years of meds which could only provide him up to 90% capacity. SOMETHING else improved his respiratory capacity 26% and he is convinced it is the mold removal.
I thank you and your team so much!! I have also noticed an improvement in my health as I used to sneeze and sneeze — but NO longer. I have many new building materials in my home but they haven’t created any type of allergy, sneezing or breathing problems.
Thank you seems to be so trivial but I know no other words of gratuity to say for such a wonderful improvement in our lives.