got mold?™ Yorkton

Yorkton, Saskatchewan

got mold?™ Yorkton is our newest division in Saskatchewan. We are a company that specializes in finding and fixing sources of unhealthy indoor air, including dealing with problems like mold and asbestos.

If this is an emergency situation after hours or you want to speak with a live person during regular business hours please call 1-306-316-0117 or 1-888-909-6653. Otherwise, fill out the form to the right to have one of our trained professionals contact you within a few hours.

Our Services

    • Indoor Air Quality Testing
    • Flood/Sewer Response and Restoration
    • Mold Inspections
    • Mold Remediation
    • Asbestos Sampling
    • Asbestos Abatement
    • Radon Testing
    • Radon Mitigation
    • Lead Testing
    • Lead Abatement

Chuck & Sandy Tysowski, Yorkton, SK.

We are very impressed with all the work that was done, very professional! My son had developed health issues shortly after the flood, he was coughing a lot and we had to put him on a medicated puffer because the house hadn’t been cleaned properly by the first restoration company. got mold?™ was so empathetic and generous in that we were given filtration equipment and air movers for the cost of delivering them. Since got mold?™ was here, our son’s health is back to normal, he isn’t coughing anymore and no longer requires his puffer! To everyone at got mold?™ thank you!!.

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Fill out this form to have one of our trained professionals contact you within a few hours.

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