Mike Holmes Comments on Asbestos

Image Courtesy of the Mike Holmes Facebook Fan Page

Mike Holmes Comments on Asbestos
“If you’re renovating, don’t handle material that may contain asbestos. Leave it to licensed professionals. They know what they’re doing.” (Mike Holmes)
Recently, I saw an ad on television sponsored by the Canadian Lung Association designed to raise awareness among do-it-yourselfers and homeowners about the impact of asbestos on their lung health. The basic message is don’t mess with asbestos!
This message is delivered by Mike Holmes, recognized as Canada’s most trusted contractor. At Got Mold? we could not agree more. Thanks for raising awareness Mr. Holmes! 🙂

In light of this awareness campaign, it is rather ironic that the Canadian Government and Quebec Government want to continue the trade in asbestos, a proven cancer causing carcinogen. Apparently, asbestos is bad for Canadians, but ok for use in countries like Thailand and India. One can only hope that the efforts to ban asbestos in both Thailand and India will succeed and the use of asbestos will finally end.
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