Does your basement have an odour?

What Causes a Basement to Smell Bad?
If you’ve started to notice a musty smell in your basement, you may have mold in your home. Musty odours are sometimes described as earthy, urine like and even like “grandmas basement”.
Basements have the potential to be dark and damp places. Add water and moisture to this equation and you have the perfect conditions for mold growth.
The odour you smell is most likely caused by the mold excreting mycotoxins. Molds will release spores in the air as a defence mechanism to find more moisture and food, contributing to further mold growth.
If you do have mold growth, the key is to contact a professional to investigate the situation.
To prevent future mold growth in your basement, here are some tips that you may want to consider:
1. Keep humidity levels below 50%,. Excessive moisture causes moldy musty basements.
2. Check the drainage around your house. Porous or cracked basement walls could transmit moisture from the ground outside during rainy spells, and the trapped moisture increases the humidity in your basement. Make sure the ground slopes away from foundation walls, and that downspouts extend 6 feet or more from the house.
3. Waterproof the basement. Look for cracks in the walls and floor and seal them with hydraulic cement. Apply concrete waterproofing sealer where the floor meets the wall.
4. Buy and install a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture.
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