Have You Considered PDAP?

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Have You Considered PDAP?
Earlier this year, we posted an update, Attention Saskatchewan Residents: PDAP Can Help! which explained why PDAP is important to private Saskatchewan residents.
PDAP provides financial assistance to eligible claimants who have experienced substantial damage or loss due to a natural disaster event (flooding, tornados, plow winds, and severe weather). PDAP is administered by the Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing. The program guidelines and regulations closely follow the federal Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangement (DFAA) program.
It is interesting to note that PDAP will cover up to 95% of the costs, meaning the individual is only responsible for 5% of the costs. More importantly, PDAP will provide up to 60% of the costs up front for the total estimated amount.
Got Mold? is actively working with PDAP claimants. We are surprised that in 2012 so far only 33 individuals have filed claims with PDAP in 2012. There is still time to file an application.
According to Jeff Welkie with the PDAP program, over 8500 claims were filed in 2011, so it is a bit of a surprise that only 33 claims have come in during this year considering that flooding and flash flooding has been fairly widespread throughout the province.
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