10 Interesting Historical Facts About Asbestos [Infographic]

10 Interesting Historical Facts About Asbestos [Infographic]
The word “asbestos” comes from a Greek word that means “inextinguishable”. Here are 10 historical facts about asbestos we thought may interest you.
1. Asbestos was mined as early as 5,000 BC in Finland, Sweden, Greece, and Cyprus.
2. Asbestos is first described in 300 BC by Greek philosopher, Theophrastus.
3. Health effects of asbestos were first noted in the 12th Century by Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder.
4. Roman Emperor Charlemagne is rumored to have tablecloth made of asbestos. In 814 he dies of pleurisy, an inflammation of the lung membranes.
5. In 1727 asbestos becomes a popular material used for building.
6. Italian scientist Giovanni Aldini crafts fireproof clothing from asbestos in 1820.
7. In 1878, the first commercial asbestos mine opens in North America: Jeffery Mine in Asbestos, Quebec.
8. In 1908, the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) is passed to protect railroad workers from injuries, including asbestos exposure.
9. The first recorded case of asbestosis is documented in 1924.
10. The first major asbestos lawsuit occurs in 1973, acting as a catalyst for 25,000 more lawsuits over the next decade
The infographic below was created by Sokolove Law and provides you with even more historical facts about asbestos.

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