Superstorm Sandy Leaves Behind the Threat of Asbestos Exposure

Superstorm Sandy Leaves Behind the Threat of Asbestos Exposure
Earlier this week we reported that mold was a threat from floods caused by Hurricane Sandy.
News reports from and are now warning home and business owners to be aware of the threat of asbestos:
Superstorm Sandy will be leaving behind more than the obvious death, destruction and darkness that it leveled on millions of Americans this week. It will leave behind more subtle dangers, too. When the cleanup begins, another threat remains. The risk of asbestos exposure has increased significantly in the wake of Sandy.
In fact, according to
The presence of asbestos after a storm is a serious issue. In New York City, after the World Trade Center towers fell, experts say there was a large amount of asbestos in the debris left behind. As a matter of fact, some first responders were diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases just a few years after 9/11. That means the concentration of asbestos was so toxic that diseases that normally take decades to develop were evident in less than five years.
Got Mold? has covered the issue of asbestos extensively and encourages you to share this information with friends and family that may be affected by this catastrophic environmental disaster. Knowledge is power and could save someone’s life. Contact your local Disaster Restoration Specialist and Insurance Agent before beginning clean up on your own. If you are concerned that you may have asbestos, review the Infographic below as it shows you areas of the home that may have asbestos.
Asbestos in the Home

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