Why Is Post-Remediation Verification So Important?

Why Is Post-Remediation Verification So Important?
Earlier this week, we posted an article, Mold Remediation Regulations: Good For the Industry…Best For the Consumer that explained the recent mold remediation guidelines in the state of Kentucky. One of the key regulations passed by the Attorney General relates to the requirement that post-remediation verification must be done.
The purpose of post-remediation is to protect you, the consumer, and is designed to give you “peace of mind” that the mold remediation job was done properly. When you have a mold problem, you will have air borne spores; one of the measures to determine how bad your mold problem is to compare the spore count outside of the house with the inside of your house. The main goal of mold remediation is to remove all contaminated moldy materials and to clean the air so that there is not a dramatic disparity between the outside and inside spore count. The only way you can determine if the mold remediation professional has done a proper job is to hire a Third Party to perform a post-remediation verification.
Another major consideration before hiring a mold remediation expert is to ensure that the source of the problem is addressed, for instance, if there is a leak, this must be fixed as well. Keep in mind, along with cleaning the air, all ceilings walls and floor surfaces must be HEPA vacuumed and wet wiped to help eliminate spores in the air. The mold and mold contaminated materials can all be removed but an airborne problem can still be present. Your health is on the line!
One of the key points I want to get across is that after all of the mold remediation is complete, you should not begin rebuilding until the post-remediation verification report has been completed. Rebuilding before the verification could create added costs, particularly if the Third Party that you hire to do the post-remediation verification determines that the indoor fungal ecology is not healthy and further mold remediation is required.
To gain further knowledge on post-remediation verification, please watch the videos below. In the first video, our founder, James C. Watson, takes you on a post-remediation walk through. The second video is a short discussion by James on why post-remediation verification is so important.

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