2012 Year In Review: Top 15 Highlights

2012 Year In Review: Top 15 Highlights
2012 was an exceptional year for Got Mold? In addition to doubling our website traffic from 20,000 views in 2011 to more than 40,000 in 2012, implementing a daily update to our website, researching and writing dozens of articles on mold and illness, and launching our Asbestos and Mold in the News weekly updates, Got Mold? is pleased to share the following successes with you.
1. Our Founder, James C. Watson, was invited to meet with the Government Procurement Committee after attending a reverse trade show in Saskatchewan, meaning Got Mold? is now able to bid on government projects.
2. As part of our commitment to working with the military and ensuring the health of our military personnel, Got Mold? has invested time and energy in creating awareness about mold and asbestos issues. As a result, we were invited to bid on large military projects, including one in Edmonton, Alberta.

3. Our efforts to document mold and asbestos issues with First Nations communities has led to Got Mold? being awarded with a contract for dry ice cleaning a 6000 square foot crawl space of the Sweet Grass First Nations Healthcare Clinic.
4. Awareness efforts on the hazards of asbestos has led to large scale asbestos abatement projects. Mold may be in our corporate name, but Got Mold? is well qualified to safely remove asbestos from homes and businesses.
5. Created and posted more YouTube videos to show our visitors what our company does.
6. Launched our Pre-Remediation and Post-Remediation sampling division of our business so that we can offer Third Party post-remediation verification services to other remediation companies. In addition, we have built relationships with several environmental professionals to perform post remediation verifications for Got Mold?
7. Built a solid relationship with the worlds largest privately owned agribusiness company and performed sampling of buildings for them.
8. Became a preferred vendor of a company out of Calgary that is currently managing over 320 houses and buildings throughout Saskatchewan that require our services.
9. Performed detailed and thorough inspections for the John Howard Society.
10. Assisted with the clean up of major mold problems covered by PDAP throughout the RM of Corman Park, Saskatoon, Regina, Borden, Luseland and other municipalities in Saskatchewan.
11. Because of our strong web presence, Got Mold? was contacted by businesses in both Manitoba and Alberta who requested our mold inspection, remediation, and asbestos abatement services.
12. Early in 2012, we began researching the impact of mold on our school system. As a result of this awareness campaign, we were contacted by the Public School Board to complete a large scale mold remediation and asbestos abatement project.
13. Got Mold? is the only Trusted mold sampling and remediation company in Saskatchewan and passed the Secret Shopper Audit with flying colors because of our commitment to the Five Trusted Guarantees.
14. Got Mold? was asked to bid and successfully remediate two complete floors of a three-story apartment complex in Regina that sustained major water damage caused by roof leaks.
15. Because of our high labor standards and focus on employee safety, Got Mold? received a certificate from Work Safe Saskatchewan for our fourth consecutive year with zero lost hours due to injury. As a result of this recognition, the Workers Compensation Board of Saskatchewan awarded Got Mold? with a substantial discount on our premiums. Safety pays!