Mold in the News: Issue 81

Mold in the News: Issue 81
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 6 stories we thought may interest you!
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Rockaways Residents Still Living With Mold & Without Heat Due To Hurricane: While Congress continues to drag its feet in passing a $60 billion relief package for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, a new report shows that residents in the region still haven’t been able to return to their homes, while others are living without heat more than two months after the storm. According to a survey released by New York Communities for Change [PDF] and the office of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, nearly one-fifth of Rockaways residents are not living in their homes, one-third are without heat (tonight’s low is 27 degrees), and two-thirds are living with mold or have paid out of their own pockets for mold removal and remediation.
De Blasio Calls On City To Repair Mold Damage In Rockaways: After a report released by New York Communities for Change showed that a large number of Rockaway residents still have mold or paid out-of-pocket for remediation owing to Hurricane Sandy, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio outlined a plan on Wednesday that would address the public health issue and shift the financial burden to the federal government. De Blasio, who announced his plan on the steps of City Hall, also criticized Mayor Michael Bloomberg for prematurely championing the successes of the Sandy recovery when there is still work to be done.
After Sandy, Rockaway Residents Still Face Major Mold Problems: Life after Superstorm Sandy includes a health hazard that is sometimes pesky, sometimes serious and continues to keep many out of their homes. Now some are saying the city should be doing more to help get rid of it. It’s the fungus you don’t want to find at home, yet Derek Casey is one of the many stuck with mold after Sandy’s waters flooded his Rockaway condominium, leaving him wondering if the government will ever come and help remove it.
Teachers return to Montevallo Elementary after mold, asbestos cleanup: A local elementary school at the center of mold of asbestos complaints reopened today to teachers, following a massive cleanup. As we’ve reported, the Shelby County school district closed Montevallo Elementary School early for the holidays after mold and asbestos were detected in the building. Leaders say air quality tests performed by two separate companies have now cleared the school to reopen.
UofL dorm to reopen after mold abatement: Students will begin moving back into a dorm at the University of Louisville that was closed during the fall semester because of mold damage. Classes at Uof L resume Monday after the semester break and students are expected to move back into Miller Hall on Saturday and Sunday.
Mother’s anger as mould left to grow in room: A Scarborough family of four has spent the festive season cramped in one bedroom as severe mould poses a health hazard to their children. Sanctuary Housing residents Cheryl Mann and partner Nick Brook have been battling black mould in their Colescliffe Road home since April last year. However the extent of damp in the house reached such an extent earlier in December that water started running down the walls in their young daughters’ bedroom.
Union Gap City Council Continues Work On City Hall Mold Problem: NBC Right Now continues to follow the situation with Union Gap City Hall. The city council is working to find a mobile unit to house all city employees while they build a new city hall. Workers moved out of the building last year after they found toxic black mold inside. The council voted to demolish the structure and build a new one.
Mold impacts Redbird Smith Health Clinic: Mold was discovered at Redbird Smith Health Clinic in early August, forcing patients to use other Cherokee Nation clinics during the second half of 2012. The discovery put a strain on local residents who relied on this health facility.