Mold in the News: Issue 84

Mold in the News: Issue 84
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Piermont family fights insurance firm, toxic mold growth after Sandy flooding: The money has stopped flowing. But the mold keeps growing. Nearly three months after Superstorm Sandy sent roughly 8 feet of water gushing into their basement, James and Veronica Artrip have struggled to remediate and rebuild their Piermont Avenue home. The family received a $10,000 emergency check from the Hartford Insurance Co. that paid to replace a hot-water heater and rewire the basement.

Single mother: Mold forced me out of my Ranchside apartment: A single mother and her daughter thought they’d found the perfect place to live, but within months they realized there’s an unwelcome visitor- mold. The mother, Nicole Nikolic, says when the property manager ignored the problem, she moved out. Nikolic said the mold in her apartment was so bad, she and her daughter started having health problems. Her father stepped in ordered a quality air report study and found that indeed, the levels of mold were abnormally high.

After the Storm, Mold Is Taking Over Flooded Rockaways Homes: Nearly three months after Sandy pushed the ocean clear across the Rockaway spit, there’s a hidden aftermath. In basements and first floors across the peninsula, a vast bloom of dangerous mold is spreading across flood-soaked beams and floorboards, studs and drywall. Stakes are high. “What starts in the basement can leave a whole house uninhabitable,” Public Advocate Bill De Blasio said in December. “Thousands of New Yorkers’ homes are literally making them sick. We need to get ahead of this problem now. If we wait, this crisis will keep getting worse and even more of our neighbors will find themselves without a safe place to live.”
Mold a key hurdle in rebuilding after Sandy: Suffolk County this week began conducting pre-construction surveys for mold in several dozen homes flooded during Sandy. On Tuesday, more than 300 representatives from Long Island building and construction firms are expected to attend a free mold remediation training session in response to concerns many homeowners may unwittingly be reconstructing, unaware of the scourge. “We feel strongly that unless repairs are done properly on flood-damaged homes, many people will have problems with mold over time,” said Marianne Garvin, president and chief executive of Community Development Corp. of Long Island, which is providing the training with the Long Island Builders Institute.
House Mold Could be Making You Sick, and You Might Not Know It: Mold may not be seen as a threat by many homeowners, but experts have estimated that mold may be present in up to 25% of homes, and 40% of American schools. The growing prevalence of house mold and mold in schools may lead to an increase in respiratory disease and other rare life-threatening conditions.
Northwest Local Schools address mold issue at elementary: Officials at the Scioto County Health Department say the Northwest Local School District has promptly responded to issues regarding a leaking roof at the Northwest Elementary School and that the school has made repairs to correct a mold problem. According to the Scioto County Health Department and Northwest Local Schools, reports that the school continues to have a mold problem are not true.
Mould gone in Nelson elementary school, concerns remain: Even though work to remediate mould found at Hume Elementary School is complete, parents remain concerned. Superintendent of School District #8 Jeff Jones hopes a meeting with Work Safe BC, Interior Health, the Hume Parent Advisory Committee and parents of the school will provide answers and peace of mind. “We’ve been working with Work Safe BC and Interior Health all along through the whole process and they are the ones who would have advised us if we should not use the school,” said Jones.
No mould at lighthouse, says tourism dept.: Despite complaints from a Bonavista town council member last year, the Department of Tourism says it found no signs of mould when it inspected the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse last fall. The Department of Works, Services and Transportation sent staff to the Bonavista lighthouse to do mould sampling in the fall of 2012, according to an email from the department.
After battling black mold and vermin for years, city of Lodi will replace Fire Station 2: The city of Lodi has purchased land and is in the process of replacing the problematic Fire Station 2, where firefighters have had to deal with rodents and black mold for a decade. For years, the Lodi City Council and city staff have sought to rebuild the station, but city staff has struggled to find a suitable piece of property.
Carlucci Tours Home Of Piermont Sandy Victims With Mold: The house has black mold growing in the basement. Senator David Carlucci spoke of proposed legislation that would impose a time limit for insurance companies to respond after a natural disaster.James Hill was sitting in his Piermont apartment with his ex-girlfriend and their son watching the news while Superstorm Sandy hit Rockland back in October when their power went out. Hill, wearing sandals, walked outside to turn on the generator and get their power back on. It was completely dark outside, so it took until he stepped off his porch to first realize the full extent of the storm, as he was then knee-deep in water.
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49,000 kilos of oranges destroyed due to mould: Over 49,225kg of different foodstuffs were destroyed by the Health Inspectorate, the majority being a total of 49,200kg oranges due to presence of moulds in December 2012. Throughout 2012, over 91 tonnes of foodstuffs were destroyed under the supervision of the Health Inspectorate – an increase of over 50 tonnes when compared to the previous year.
Mold testing and remediation: Few states have enacted guidelines that prohibit companies from performing both mold testing and mold remediation. In fact, in most states, the same company that inspects and tests for mold can also be the same company that does the remediation. That poses the potential for a huge conflict of interest. “The more stuff a (mold remediation) contractor finds wrong, the more he gets paid,” said Tom Alford, a Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant and certified Mold Remediation Supervisor with Enviropro in St. Louis who only does inspection and testing for mold, not remediation.