Mold in the News: Issue 85

Mold in the News: Issue 85
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Insurance Cases Skyrocket From Hurricane Sandy Flooding: After recent flooding and water damage caused by Hurricane Sandy practically drowned New York City and most of the east coast, thousands upon thousands of property owners are dealing with the expensive clean up process of damp, moldy, and water damaged homes. With every catastrophe comes the clean up and rebuilding processes, but what happens when insurance companies and emergency agencies turn down claims for disaster relief?
Could my child have a mold allergy?: Sensitivity to mold is similar to pollen allergies and affects both adults and children. While allergies associated with outdoor mold spores peak in warm weather, indoor mold can pose problems year round. Mold is another name for fungi – unsightly patches of brown, black, green, or yellow fuzzy growths. Mold, unwanted and usually unpleasant, is associated with damp basements, walls and carpets, dirty bathroom grout and musty smells. But without mold, we wouldn’t have penicillin, blue cheese, bread, beer, wine or edible mushrooms! In other words, mold isn’t all bad.
Mold Problems Mount After Sandy [AUDIO]: While the cleanup and recovery continues almost three months after Superstorm Sandy, some who suffered damage to their homes are getting sick. They’re not coming down with the seasonal flu that’s going around – instead, they are dealing with severe respiratory ailments. Could Mother Nature’s wrath be to blame? Some experts think the answer is yes.
Mulberry Gets Money to Address Mold Problem: Mulberry is $193,375 closer to reopening the moldy basement in the city’s Civic Center. The steering committee for the Heartland Brownfields Revitalization Partnership awarded the city a grant Friday for that amount, which represented the remaining grant funds in the coffers for that program. The city must match it with $48,343, but City Manager Rick Johnson said he hopes the recent new roof, totaling about $42,000, will qualify toward that match.
Single mom says mold problems continue in her New Port Richey apartment: A single mom renting a New Port Richey apartment says she complained for months to management about the mold inside, but nothing was done. She called 10 News, and management got to work. Nicole Nikolic says the mold inside her apartment grew so out of control it started growing on her furniture, on her clothes, and on her shoes. In November, her father hired an air quality control company, Pure Airs Control Services, Inc., to inspect the apartment. Test results showed abnormally high mold count on surfaces and in the air.
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Mold Remediation Workshop in Neptune: A Mold Remediation Workshop will be offered on Tuesday, February 12, at the Asbury Park Press building at 3601 Highway 66 in Neptune NJ. This workshop is presented by the Affordable Housing Alliance and NeighborWorks® America. Instruction is provided by The National Center for Healthy Housing ( A morning session (8:45 am to 12:45 pm) will share up-to-date information about health risks, pre-work inspections, work set-up and staging, systematic clean-out and proper tear-out procedures and more information important for contractors, building inspectors and other housing professionals working on mold remediation.
Global Environmental Network to Offer Mold Training Classes: Global Environmental Network recently announced that they will be offering a wide selection of Mold Training classes for 2013. Mold is a significant biohazard, and can be found virtually anywhere there is moisture in the environment. It can be extremely difficult to detect and once detected, to eradicate. It finds its way into walls and wallpaper, floors, and even air passages, ducting, and wiring. A significant aspect of environmental care of buildings is detecting, treating, and eradicating mold. The eradication of mold also must be done in an environmentally responsible manner, without spreading fungicides or poisons that are worse for the environment than the mold itself. Mold training involves teaching how to accomplish mold eradication cleanly and safely. A company spokesman remarked, “Mold training is one of the most important services we offer, in that mold eradication is a major health and environmental priority for businesses.”