Mold in the News: Issue 86

Mold in the News: Issue 86
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 10 stories we thought may interest you!
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Staten Island resident is in limbo with specter of mold: At the end of her rope emotionally and nearly maxed out on her credit cards, Michele Haley contends with a second full-time job: Rebuilding her attached house on Jefferson Avenue. By day, the Midland Beach mother works as a hospital medical biller. By night, she returns to the house she bought in 2009, now undergoing rehabilitation.
New Initiative Partners Union Laborers, Homeowners In Effort To Clean Mold: Community leaders and elected officials gathered on the steps of City Hall Thursday to introduce the “Back Home, Back to Work,” new initiative that will partner union laborers with home owners in order to clean and repair their mold-infested homes. Advocates say the longer it takes to clean, the more of a health risk mold becomes.
Alabaster schools could use repairs, but no mold found in review: Engineers identified several problems with roof leaks and other water issues at the various schools in Alabaster, but there is one possible upside from their recent review of the buildings. Even with poor drainage that causes some classrooms at Thompson Intermediate School to flood after a healthy rainstorm, personnel with Mobile-based Volkert engineering firm didn’t find any mold concerns.
Discussion clears air on mould issue at Hume school: Concerned parents and staff gathered Thursday night to hear from a panel of experts about the issue of mould in Hume school. The meeting was arranged by Kootenay Lake school district to mitigate concerns remaining among users of the school despite remediation work being complete. After many people came forward with health worries, mould was found in the school last fall.
Poor air quality at Montreal school leaves 10 staff members sick: At least 10 staff members at a school in Montreal’s Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie neighbourhood have fallen sick because of poor air quality, despite the fact the school has been forced to relocate two times due to concerns about the air. Students and staff from École Baril moved into the École Louis-Riel building in mid-October. In a notice obtained by Radio-Canada, Montreal’s public health department urges the school board to rectify the situation.
Officials say elementary school is safe after mold discovered: Stanly County Schools officials say an elementary school is safe for students and teachers after mold was discovered growing on the walls, desks and chairs this past summer. Officials said a teacher first discovered the problem in late August, and notified janitorial staff they found a “grayish” mold on students’ desks and chairs.
More cases of mold in New Port Richey apartments surface: Mold — it’s a problem that several New Port Richey tenants say will not go away. They say management either ignores the mold problem or puts a band-aid on it by cleaning it up with bleach. Some tenants at Ranchside Apartments and High Points Apartment are on a fixed income and say they feel trapped with nowhere to go, and management is providing them with few answers. “All they want to do is move us into another apartment,” says David Brooks, a tenant at High Points Apartments. Brooks called 10 News after seeing our story on another tenant at a nearby apartment complex managed by the same company, Elon Management Group. Brooks says the property manager’s solution to move him would make it the third apartment for him in the same complex in six months for the same problem mold.
Single mom says mold problems continue in her New Port Richey apartment: A single mom renting a New Port Richey apartment says she complained for months to management about the mold inside, but nothing was done. She called 10 News, and management got to work. Nicole Nikolic says the mold inside her apartment grew so out of control it started growing on her furniture, on her clothes, and on her shoes. In November, her father hired an air quality control company, Pure Airs Control Services, Inc., to inspect the apartment. Test results showed abnormally high mold count on surfaces and in the air.
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Mold Remediation Training for Contractors Held on Long Island: CDC of Long Island and Long Island Builders Institute, in partnership with NeighborWorks@ America, held its first Mold Remediation Training Course for Contractors at the Wind Watch Golf & Country Club in Hauppauge on Tuesday, January 22nd. This training was conducted by experts from National Center for Healthy Housing. Post-Sandy, the need for specialized skill sets in the home repair field has become necessary in helping the region rebuild. To keep up with the ever-changing market demands in the wake of the storm, Long Island contractors were invited to attend a four hour training seminar where they learned the health impacts of mold, and remediation techniques. The training has been certified by the Performance Building Institute (BPI) for 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for contractors that are PBI certified and need to further their education in the building construction field.
Queens NYC Mold Removal Company Donates Time, Effort, Funds for Struggling Low Income Families: As mold cases are on the rise in NYC from Hurricane Sandy flooding, FEMA and insurance companies alike are turning down claims over unrealistic reasons, who can help exterminate the mold infestation taking over New York City? As property owners and home owners are being turned down by FEMA for help to those that have been denied their insurance claims, many have been forced to dip into their own pockets to clean up, salvage, and repair their properties and homes. Most people have only a few options – sell their homes, take out a 2nd mortgage, or even a loan modification. Any person seeking a loan from a major financial institution will have to provide a certificate of clearance from a professional home inspector. This home inspection will obviously include documentation of the flood damage of Hurricane Sandy, but more so the toxic mold growth which is now taking over most of NYC.