Mold in the News: Issue 89

Mold in the News: Issue 89
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 12 stories we thought may interest you!
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“Trilongins” Offer Insight into Mold Toxicity: Mold contamination inside buildings is a widespread occurrence that can cause a range of adverse health effects in certain people. But with tens of thousands of mold species and many mechanisms through which they may cause harm, much remains unknown about this realm of environmental exposures.1,2 Investigators now report that one mold, Trichoderma longibrachiatum, does some of its damage through a combined set of toxins previously unidentified for this species, at least two of which also had never been identified for any fungal species.3 The team of Finnish, Hungarian, and Russian researchers also determined that two classes of the toxin act synergistically to exacerbate the potency and duration of the toxic effects. They are unaware of any previous reports of such synergy.
Public housing tenant says mold causes illness: A tenant of public housing is suing the Helena Housing Authority, charging that mold in her unit caused her severe illness and hospitalization. A complaint filed Jan. 15 in District Court in Helena says Michele Turvey, a 10-year resident of Helena public housing, was transferred into a basement-level apartment in the Housing Authority complex on the 1000 block of Cannon Street in about May 2009. She developed “severe respiratory/pulmonary illness” and was hospitalized in January 2011, according to the complaint. After several bouts of illness and medical treatments, she “has been diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonia caused by exposure to mold,” the complaint says.
Queenslanders at risk from mould as flood clean-up continues: The floods have come and gone in Queensland and in their wake are heartbreak, devastation and months, if not years, of clean-up and rebuilding. Those affected now face a hidden risk to their health from water-damaged, damp and mouldy buildings. There is a large body of scientific evidence that supports an association between various health problems and damp, mouldy environments. This evidence was examined and summarised in a 2004 Institute of Medicine report and a 2009 World Health Organisation report. The message is clear: damp home environments are associated with respiratory problems including asthma, coughs, respiratory infections and upper airway problems.
A lurking threat in Sandy-hit homes: mold: Esther Tauscher stood outside her Staten Island home, leafing through boxes of family photos that had been steeped in storm water. She paused to point out life events — her honeymoon, holding her baby boy in a hospital bed. The photos are just about all she has left. Behind her, the home where she and her family lived for 14 years was being dismantled by a masked volunteer crew that tossed out her possessions and ripped out floorboards and walls. It was Tauscher’s only option. Her house and nearly everything in it was consumed by mold. “If the water didn’t get it, the mold got it,” Tauscher said.
Police union demands urgent mould removal: The WA Police Union is calling for immediate action to address a mould infestation at the Broome station which it says is putting officers’ safety at risk. Union representative John Groves visited the station last week and found several large dehumidifiers were being used to try and reduce the mould’s spread.
Mold report obtained for Colorado Springs apartment complex: A Colorado Springs family living at the Vista Peak Apartments called News 5 for help after claiming maintenance staff did nothing to fix a leaking roof above their kitchen. One week after airing the story, we went back for an update. “My husband has been coughing a lot,” Cathy Hammond told News 5 last week. “He’s been getting sick. He coughs so much he’s been throwing up.” For nearly two weeks, the Hammond family says their repair claim to fix a leaking roof above their ceiling fell on deaf ears. With a 7-week old baby, they were concerned for their health—believing mold was growing in the ceiling. “From the ceiling it looked like there had been a significant amount of mold growth or at least there was a mold like substance there,” Stan Crane with Clean Environment Pro said.

GulfQuest mold problem fixed: Later in 2013, the GulfQuest Maritime Museum will have tourists, but recently, it had mold. Tuesday, February 5, construction crews were back at work at the GulfQuest Maritime Museum and we’re told the mold problem has been taken care of. Mold was discovered inside the Gulf Quest Maritime Museum site and we’re monitoring the developments. At that time, construction was shut down.
Renters Raise Mold Concerns: Renters at a Neenah apartment complex say they have complained to the building’s manager about mold growing on the walls and ceiling, but their concerns are falling on deaf ears. Michelle Clow is keeping an eye on the mold growing on the walls and ceiling of her apartment. “After we clean it, it goes away for like a day and the next day, its back,” Clow said.

Mold, other issues close building at Wood airport: Mold and other issues have forced a Civil Air Patrol squadron out of its facility at the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport.
Alton homeowners claim sellers failed to disclose water and mold damage: An Illinois couple says they were sold a house in Alton that has water damage and is contaminated by mold. Roland and Kathleen Schwengels filed a lawsuit Jan. 18 in Madison County Circuit Court against Carol Senger and Harriet Sue Albritton, the executors of the estate of Ruth L. Ash. Steve Norris, Prudent Home Inspection Inc., Diane Plummer and REMAX Riverbend are also named as defendants.
Toxic mold inhalation leads to suit against owners of a Cambronne Street property: A local couple is suing the owners of their leased residential property for allegedly failing to assure the premises were free of hazardous conditions. Veronica P. Dubois-Gaines and Alvin Gaines filed a lawsuit against Ernest Joubert Co., Inc. and BK Group, LLC in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on Dec. 4. Dubois-Gaines asserts she contracted an illness which was caused by toxic mold and other airborne contaminants inhaled in her leased residence.
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Capri Sun’s Pesky Mold Problem Resurfaces: Internet myth debunkers Snopes and Hoax-Slayer both say a weekend report of mold in a Capri Sun drink posted on a social media site is credible given past mold incidents involving the beverage brand.