Mold in the News: Issue 90

Mold in the News: Issue 90
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 12 stories we thought may interest you!
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Temple Could Receive $7.25 Million From Settlement Over Mold: Seven point two-five million dollars. That’s the amount the city of Temple could settle on after a two year lawsuit. Back in 2005 the city had a new 10 million dollar police headquarters built. Just four years later trouble began growing – literally. The lawsuit began after mold began appearing in the new building. The city council is holding a meeting today where they will decide if a settlement with the contractors has been reached.

Benson, Riley, Wagner & Ramos Bill to Establish Mold Exposure Limits In Residential Buildings OK’d by Assembly Panel: Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Daniel R. Benson, Celeste M. Riley, Connie Wagner and Ruben Ramos requiring the state to establish standards for exposure limits to mold in residential buildings and certification of mold inspectors and abatement workers was released Thursday by an Assembly panel. The bill (A-1588) would require the state Department of Community Affairs (DCA) in consultation with the state Department of Health and Senior Services to establish standards for exposure limits to mold in residential buildings, and procedures for the inspection, identification, and evaluation of the interior of residential buildings for mold. “This creates rules and regulations that currently don’t exist to protect the public health and safety against mold,” said Benson (D-Mercer/Middlesex). “Mold presents a particular problem for sensitive populations like children or people with compromised immune systems or respiratory problems, and right now there is no agency they can call to get help when it comes to mold.”

Couple facing mould misery: A SOUTH Tyneside couple whose home is blighted by green mould are pressing for a housing transfer. Lyne Robinson and Ian Burgess claim their two-bedroom property in Grasmere Road, Hebburn, is “not healthy,” because of long-running problems with damp and condensation. Housing experts have diagnosed condensation and say the problem is being addressed.
Queenslanders ‘at risk from mould as flood clean-up continues’: The floods have come and gone in Queensland and in their wake are heartbreak, devastation and months, if not years, of clean-up and rebuilding. Those affected now face a hidden risk to their health from water-damaged, damp and mouldy buildings. There is a large body of scientific evidence that supports an association between various health problems and damp, mouldy environments. This evidence was examined and summarised in a 2004 Institute of Medicine report and a 2009 World Health Organisation report. The message is clear: damp home environments are associated with respiratory problems including asthma, coughs, respiratory infections and upper airway problems.
Mold plagues homes flooded during Hurricane Sandy; deadly spores cause breathing and other health-related problems: Many homes cleaned by volunteers and contractors in Queens and Brooklyn still have traces of mold, especially in areas still wet underneath or behind tiles. Correcting the problem can be costly, leading many to forgo the fix. The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City said it will spending $15 million to eradicate mold in about 2,000 Sandy-affected homes.
Mold Discovery Cancels Classes At Tulsa’s Dove Science Academy: Tulsa’s Dove Science Academy has canceled classes because of mold. School officials say it started from a plumbing leak, but some teachers aren’t buying that. Teachers, who don’t want to be identified, tipped off News On 6 to the problem and said they have been sickened by exposure to black mold. Fans blast through the halls of the school as restoration crews de-mold the 40-year-old building near East Second Street and South Memorial Drive.
MOLD FOUND: No Classes At Chariton High School: High school students in Chariton had the day off from classes Friday after mold was found inside the school. The Chariton Community School District says they called Service Master after a leak was discovered in the school’s roof. Mold was discovered in the drywall during cleanup and the district decided to remove students until it could be cleaned.
Flats mould getting worse: WIGAN’S housing chief has insisted he will not be rushed into a quick fix solution to treat the mysterious green mould blighting one of the borough’s tallest high-rise flats. Ashley Crumbley, chief executive of Wigan and Leigh Housing, spoke out as the problems affecting the Scholes Village development ran into their 18th month. The unsightly blotches – known as algae blooms – have subsequently developed into a considerably worse problem.
Mold forcing Kennett Police Department to move: The Kennett Police Department is moving to the city hall due to a potential health hazard. According to the Kennett Police Department, possible mold was found inside the building forcing the evacuation and moving of the entire station. Police spent most of Thursday moving desks, computers, phones, evidence from the evidence room, and weaponry from the old building to the temporary place in City Hall. It’s something Lt. Tim Trowbridge with KPD said will be a painstaking process.
Dr. Mold proprietor pleads guilty to performing lead-based paint inspections without certification: The owner of “Dr. Mold,” an Oregon business that inspects homes for mold, radon, lead-based paint and asbestos, admitted Friday that he conducted lead-based paint inspections without proper training or certification.
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Document Drop: Test For Sandy Mold, Feds: Rep. Jerry Nadler has been on the EPA’s case about dangerous mold that may have sprouted in an untold number of homes slammed by Hurricane Sandy, and now he and some of his fellow Democratic colleagues in Congress are asking HUD to check it out as well. The letter below is addressed to HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan, who’s President Obama’s pointman for Sandy recovery here in New York.
Mold? Leaky Roof? Obama Administration Says All Americans Must Have ‘Healthy Housing’: Under the broad banner of “health,” the federal government not only is telling Americans what to eat, it’s also telling us to make our homes safer. This week, the Obama administration released a “bold new vision for addressing the nation’s health and economic burdens caused by preventable hazards associated with the home.”