Mold in the News: Issue 91

Mold in the News: Issue 91
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 15 stories we thought may interest you!
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NYC Congressional Delegation Urges Federal Government to Aid in Remediation of Mold in Wake of Superstorm Sandy: Today, U.S. Representatives Yvette D. Clarke, Jerrold Nadler and members of the New York City Congressional Delegation have called for immediate action on behalf of homeowners whose property were left uninhabitable and in need of mold abatement after Superstorm Sandy. In a joint letter to Shaun Donovan, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the delegation requested federal oversight and aid with assessment, removal and remediation of mold, in coordination with property owners and local agencies.
Action 9 hidden camera mold investigation: In a hidden camera test, some companies wanted to charge thousands for mold cleaning one homeowner didn’t need. After a washing machine flooded Betty Arnett’s home, she called a mold contractor for repairs. “He claimed to find the worst black mold there is,” said Arnett. Arnett was billed $2,000 upfront only to find out there was never any mold.

Gerritsen Beach beware: A warm weather mold menace is feared in the Sandy-struck neighborhood: Mold left behind after Superstorm Sandy will run wild in Gerritsen Beach when warm weather comes, relief groups warn. Storm-ravaged neighborhoods citywide face a health menace from mold lurking in improperly cleaned homes, the Daily News revealed in a front-page special report Sunday. The danger is especially acute in the blue-collar waterfront community because nearly all its 2,000 homes were flooded during Sandy.
Dirty pacifier? Bacteria, mold, fungi and other bacterial growth found in test of baby pacifiers: Like most new mothers, Cyndi Cathey worries about germs and makes time every night to scrub the pacifiers, bottles and nipples. However, her hard work may not pay off. “I need to tell you what’s in this or on this (pacifier) that can make you sick,” said Tom Glass, DDS, Ph.D, professor of forensic sciences, pathology and dental medicine at Oklahoma State University Health Sciences Center in Tulsa.

‘Masked’ mold toxins in food should be included in safety regulations: Government limits on mold toxins present naturally in grain crops should be expanded to include so-called “masked mycotoxins” that change from harmless to potentially harmful forms in the body, a new study concludes. It appears in ACS’ journal Chemical Research in Toxicology.
Moldy nightmare: Mold growing in hundreds of Sandy homes on Staten Island: New Dorp Beach residents are busy and have enough to worry about as they continue to rebuild their homes and lives. On Roma Avenue, however, some have one more headache on their list. A home practically abandoned by its owner, filled with what appears to be black mold inside. Thick coats of dark, fluffy mold coats the walls and countertops inside 166 Roma Avenue. Ross Decker, from Sandy Yellow Team, a group of Staten Island volunteers who mobilized just one week after Sandy hit, said it was the worst his group had ever seen. They were called in by Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm because of their expertise in environmental services and after neighbors, like Scott and Dee McGrath, became concerned for their own health.

Coalition seeks $1B to rid CSDM schools of mould: A coalition of parents, teachers and support workers from the Quebec’s largest school board is demanding the government act to eradicate mould from the province’s schools. The group said the Commission Scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), a French-language school board on Montreal island, does not have enough money to rid schools of mould. In a news release, the Coalition for Healthy Schools at the CSDM said it is seeking $100 million annually over ten years from the provincial government to renovate or rebuild schools with a mould problem.

Dove Academy answers more questions about mold: Black mold closed doors at Dove Science Academy last week. The east Tulsa charter school locked its doors for three days. The school has been cleared of mold and students are back in class, but some of the teachers said conditions are still making them sick. FOX23 requested a report, which outlines where the mold was found. Liberty Ohm inspected the school and found black mold. “We’ve been tested, twice. Both came back positive,” said Assistant Principal John Franklin. Franklin said the area in question is the boy’s bathroom of the high school building. Franklin said the mold has not affected student’s attendance.

DMV to Close for Roof Repairs, Mold Removal: The Department of Motor Vehicles announced today that its field office in San Clemente will close at noon Friday and is not expected to re-open until March 18. Workers will be replacing the roof, according to a DMV press release. But officials have also found mold in the building. “To ensure the health and safety of employees and customers, the project schedule has been moved up so that a mold problem that has been detected in the facility can be effectively treated and eradicated by contamination experts,” states a DMV press release.
Apartment tenants say black mold out of control, landlords doing nothing: Residents of a Vandalia apartment complex say black mold is growing in their homes and their property owner won’t clean it up. Renters say they can’t afford to move and say the apartment complex owned by Terra Properties is endangering their health. “My life could be in danger, my daughter’s life could be in danger,” said resident Stephanie Wemple. “Everybody’s life could be in danger.”

More Mold Problems for Union Gap: The city of Union Gap is once again dealing with mold problems, but this time it’s not in the old city hall building. The city recently bought a temporary unit to house city employees while they build a new city hall. However on Thursday, one of the unit’s pieces didn’t meet inspection because of mold. They had originally hoped to be in the new building by May, but they could have to push that date back.

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Calgary tenant fed up with mould in S.E. apartment: A Calgary man says a water leak and mould in his southeast apartment is the latest in a series of problems with his landlord. Robert Gaboury says a water leak caused a chunk of ceiling in his bedroom closet to fall down on Dec. 26. “I was upstairs and I heard it and I came down and opened the door and it clunked me on the head,” he said. Gaboury says he complained, but no one came to fix it until this week — and mould is growing in the closet.

Agencies have no standards for mold exposure: Superstorm Sandy left a wake of destruction when it swept through the East Coast late last year, causing widespread flooding, power outages and wind damage. While the floodwaters have subsided and power has been restored, many of those affected by the storm are still struggling to rebuild their homes and lives. For some, that challenge has proven to be more difficult by the presence of mold, which is flourishing in homes that never sufficiently dried out or remain vacant and unheated. Beverly residents Sanaa Hachem and David McClain said they understand the plight of East Coast residents who are forced to rip out floorboards and walls to rid their homes of mold. The couple recently purchased a home on the 10300 block of South Seeley Avenue that they said is uninhabitable because it is contaminated with aspergillus, a genus of mold with several species known to cause disease and infection in humans.
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Apparently, Finding Mold in Capri Sun is Normal: Almost nothing can turn a stomach quite like finding mold in your supposedly good food or drink. Many mothers are discovering this quease-worthy fact when approached by their children who claim their Capri Sun tastes funny. The fruit drink beloved by elementary schoolers and praised by parents for lack of preservatives has a small kicker, fermentation. The promise of no preservatives allows for the possibility of fermentation, as well as mold to grow, if air find its way into packaging.
Blizzard Causes Widespread Mold Damage for Hundreds of Thousands of New Englanders, According to IndoorDoctor: As New Englanders dig out from last week’s historic blizzard, a silent threat is creeping into their homes: mold. The snow accumulation on roofs and the high drifts against homes will soon start to melt as temperatures increase. While temperatures are expected to rise above the freezing point during the day, however, they are predicted to retreat below 32 degrees during the night, creating ideal conditions for ice damming and moisture penetration. Such conditions are breeding grounds for mold growth.

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