Mold in the News: Issue 92

Mold in the News: Issue 92
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 13 stories we thought may interest you!
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Keep Your Home Mold Free: When the temperatures change from cool and dry, to warm and humid, your home can become a breeding ground for mold. While sometimes it is out of your control to prevent the growth of mold, it can sometimes be prevented.
Ask Angie: Key to ridding home of mold is to first identify source of the problem: Mold can certainly grow in air ducts, but highly rated air duct cleaning professionals I’ve spoken with say it’s not a common occurrence. Did you have anyone, other than the air duct cleaning company, test first to ensure you have mold?
Savino bill guards Staten Islanders against mold: Hurricane Sandy may be long gone, but it has left behind a stubborn enemy: Mold. To make sure that mold remediation is done correctly, state Senator Diane J. Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn) introduced legislation to license mold mitigation and removal work in New York state. “I have heard from countless storm victims that we need to minimize the public health risks posed by mold, avert economic injury to residents affected by mold, and regulate companies that hold themselves out to the public as qualified to perform mold-removal services,” Ms. Savino said.
Photo gallery: Staten Island’s ‘Yellow Team’ volunteers wage war against mold: After Hurricane Sandy, Farid Kader went to his grandmother’s home in Midland Beach and saw devastation that had a profound effect on him. “I saw couches up on the wall and a refrigerator on the ceiling,” he said of the house where his grandmother and aunt lived. “It made me sick to my stomach.”
Mould spreads through Chichester grandmother’s home: A GRANDMOTHER has been forced to sleep in her living room for weeks because of mould. Glo Beasley, of Tozer Way, Chichester, moved into a Hyde group house in July, 2011. Speaking about the state of her bedroom, she said: “I feel like I am in bedsit land.” She got in touch with the Observer after reading the stories of other Hyde tenants with similar problems.
Residents fear for their health as black mould takes over: Residents of an estate in Bagenalstown say they fear for their health because their homes have been overtaken by black mould. Since the Gleann na Bearu estate was built four years ago, a number of people living there have complained several times of mould, dampness and ventilation problems which they feel makes their recently built homes uninhabitable.
Mold Still A Concern In Sandy Ravaged Homes: As homeowners in the city continue to clean up and rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, NY1’s Erin Billups takes a look at the impact mold can have on those unprotected or ill-suited for exposure and filed the following report. Hurricane Sandy put the ocean in Joe Cosenza’s Staten Island home. Three days after the storm, Cosenza says his walls looked like moldy bread. Immediately, his asthma flared up. “My chest, my eyes were burning, my nose would burn, I was coughing, wheezing,” recalls Cosenza.
MOLD SCARE: Chariton School Safe For Class: Class will be back in session for Chariton High School students on Monday after a mold scare shut the school down. Mold was found on some drywall in an area under a roof leak on Thursday.
Fillmore Middle School plagued by mold, leaky roofs: Fillmore Middle School is not welcoming the wet weather forecast this week. Despite being just 12 years old, the school’s gymnasium and classrooms are experiencing serious water damage from roofs that have been leaking for years. Parents are concerned about their children’s safety as more buckets are used to catch the leaks. District officials say the problem is so severe, the entire gymnasium roof must be replaced. “There were leaks in the past, but they were not as significant as this year. This year has been the tipping point,” said Earl Davis, interim assistant superintendent for the Fillmore Unified School District. “This has gone from being a maintenance issue with occasional roof leaks to what could potentially become a health and safety issue.”
Parents voice concern about report of mold inside Blackhawk: Concerned parents who said mold in their children’s school was making them sick contacted Channel 11 News asking for help. Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz took the parents’ concerned to Blackhawk School District and asked if there was still mold inside the school.
Blackhawk battles mold at Northwestern: Jodi Weister of South Beaver Township thought her second-grader was developing a cold, then she heard mention of a mold problem at Northwestern Elementary School. Allergy medicine quickly eased her child’s discomfort. As the Blackhawk Area School District again wrestles with a mold presence at the school, Weister wants to know why the district didn’t acknowledge the mold in November.
Huntington Park Apartments accused of renting mildew and mold infested: The owners of a local apartment building are being sued by former tenants alleging they were exposed to mold and mildew that resulted in them contracting respiratory ailments. Yorlanda Fisher, Aubrey Hill, Ja’Nyra Walton and Nyshia Walton filed a lawsuit against Huntington Park LLC and its insurer in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on Dec. 7. The plaintiff’s claim they were leased an apartment which had water intrusions that later revealed mold and mildew causing all plaintiffs to suffer respiratory symptoms including coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, headaches, fatigue and nose bleeds.
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Sandy-affected, mold-infested home free of spores thanks to Staten Island Rebuilds Foundation: Queens homeowner Nichole Harper got some good news Thursday — the creeping mold that’s lingered in her basement since Hurricane Sandy has been wiped out. Festering spores in the cellar apartment of her Far Rockaway home had survived an initial gutting and “cleaning.” After the Daily News spotlighted her home Sunday, a local charity that fixes up properties wrecked by the storm came to the rescue. The Staten Island Rebuilds Foundation paid a mold-abatement expert to eradicate the scourge in Harper’s home Thursday.