Mold in the News: Issue 93

Mold in the News: Issue 93
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 12 stories we thought may interest you!
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Homes affected by Sandy battle mold problem: “How would you describe the day Superstorm Sandy moved through here?” Eyewitness News asked. “Actually it changed everybody’s life I believe,” said Jorge Gonzalo, a Rockaways resident. Nearly four months after the storm Jorge Gonzalo is still cleaning up.

Calgary Housing residents alarmed by mould: Some residents in a housing complex run by the city are worried they have been exposed to toxic mould. They’re concerned a severely infested suite in Chinook House, a complex on 57th Ave. S.W., could be making them sick. The tenants contacted Global with some shocking photos of the affected suite, showing mould covering bed covers, walls and carpets. The tenant had been away for some time, allowing the mould to spread.
Worried mum’s complaint over mould in house: A SINGLE mum has revealed how she had to throw out clothes for her unborn baby because they became mouldy in a house allegedly plagued by damp. Sarah Wheatley – due to give birth this week – said the property was already affecting the health of her daughter Katie, four, who suffers from asthma. She said her doctor and health visitor told Gateshead Housing that the condition was linked to the state of the house.
Wayland students relocating from mold spores: Wayland Baptist University is taking the precautionary measure of moving residents located in an off-campus apartment building in order to deal with the presence of actively growing mold spores in two units. A resident notified the school of concerns at the Llano apartment building, located at Seventh and Oakland streets, on Monday, Feb. 11, prompting maintenance crews to investigate. Cleaning crews cleaned the area, but school officials felt it was in the best interest of the residents to further investigate. Wayland contacted the Environmental Services Agency in Lubbock to conduct tests of the apartments. Samples were taken on Wednesday, Feb. 13, and sent to the lab for testing.
Toxic mold grows in Virginia dorm, residents temporarily evacuated: At first, freshman Jessica Grembowski and her roommate didn’t notice the toxic mold growing on their windowsill; they thought it was nothing but dust accumulation. But then Residence Life told them they had to evacuate their room — in just three hours. “Our suitemates were getting visits from Physical Plant, but not us,” Grembowski said. “During the break, they bleached their room. And then when they visited West Area, they were told to move out and out of nowhere told us to move out. It was very short notice. We had to ask for an extension because it was such short notice.”
Mold alarm raised: The president of the Henry County-Martinsville Rescue Squad Association will ask the Henry County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday to consider allowing the county’s annual allocation of funds to be used for a crisis. In a letter to the supervisors, Darren Lockridge explained that a recent study of fire and emergency medical services facilities found that the Ridgeway District Volunteer Rescue Squad building was “in excess contamination with mold.” That occurred through “no fault of their own,” he said, and offered to give the board additional “details of this crisis situation.”
Mold becomes “crisis” at rescue squad in Henry County: An emergency for a rescue squad in Henry County and not one that requires an ambulance and fire truck. Mold; lots of mold, is crippling the squad’s building. “It’s in the ceiling tile, floor tile,” said Darren Lockridge, the president of the Martinsville-Henry County Rescue Squad Association who works closely with each volunteer station. It started in the kitchen. “It was just literally soft and rotten to the point where I could grab it with my bare hand and pull it away like it was a soaked sponge,” Lockridge said.
Tenn. Court Finds Mold Wrongful Death Claim Barred by Workers’ Comp Statute: Tennessee’s Court of Appeals has affirmed dismissal of a wrongful death action brought by the daughters of a school janitor who allegedly succumbed to a mold-related illness, saying the allegations of workplace exposure are barred by the workers’ compensation act. The intermediate appellate court found no evidence of actual intent on the part of the deceased woman’s employer or county officials that would allow for tort claims outside the statute.
Dickinson couple seeks to dismiss plumbing businesses from 2012 mold lawsuit: The plaintiffs in a 2012 suit alleging inadequate plumbing work at their home led to significant damage seek to dismiss two of the four entities they are suing. Local residents Samuel and Carol Rogers recently filed motions to dismiss Irving Williams, doing business as Williams Plumbing Co., and Sun Coast Plumbing Co. before Judge Susan Criss in the Galveston County 212th District Court earlier this month.
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Why sourdough bread resists mold: Sourdough bread resists mold, unlike conventionally leavened bread. Now Michael Gaenzle and colleagues of the University of Alberta, Edmonton, show why. During sourdough production, bacteria convert the linoleic acid in bread flour to a compound that has powerful antifungal activity. The research, which could improve the taste of bread, is published online ahead of print in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
Wall Coverings and Mould Stains: Vinyl wall coverings (vinyl laminated to paper or fabric) have become very popular over the last few years, largely because they are more easily cleaned than the uncoated open-textured types. Yet it is just this impervious, otherwise-desirable surface that sometimes creates a mould problem. In one home examined by the Division of CSIRO, red and purple stains were found to be showing through from behind a light coloured vinyl wall covering within two weeks of application. The stains, which originated in the paste layer, were identified as a type of mould. The key factor in this rapid mould growth was the fact that paste had been sandwiched between a painted wall and a sub-substantial vinyl membrane.
H&H Environmental Construction and Consulting Warns of Mold Dangers Following Hurricane Sandy: As the devastation of Hurricane Sandy continues, President and CEO of H&H Environment Construction and Consulting Inc., Kevin J. Hinchey, is raising awareness of the hidden effects of mold growth that is now occurring in homes and businesses. Following Hurricane Sandy, the most pernicious issue that many residents will face as they try to reclaim their damaged homes is that of mold infiltration. Warming temperatures will soon reveal the extent of New York and New Jersey’s post-Superstorm Sandy mold problem. The colder weather helped postpone mold growth since humidity is lower in the wintertime but with the spring fast approaching, homeowners will now start to see the full extent of Sandy’s destruction.