Why Should I Be Concerned About Snow On My Roof?

Why Should I Be Concerned About Snow On My Roof?
There are two key reasons you should be concerned about snow on your roof.
First and foremost, the primary reason you should keep snow off of your roof is this prevents ice dams. In fact, ice dams can not form without snow. To learn more about ice dams, check out this article: “Why Do Ice Dams Cause Mold Problems?

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Second, snow removal is important because you want to keep excess weight off your roof. One square-foot of snow that is one-inch deep weighs about a pound. This means that if your roof has 12 inches of snow on it then you will have thousands of pounds of stress on your roof. Keep in mind, this does not even factor in ice dams that may form as a result of having snow on your roof. One cubic feet of ice weighs about 57 pounds, meaning a typical ice dam could weigh thousands of pounds. For this reason, it is important to try to minimize stress on your roof to minimize leaking and potential cave-ins.

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Currently, Got Mold? is fielding many calls from concerned homeowners worried about ice damning issues. Luckily, insurance covers this problem. However, before an insurance company will step in to deal with water damage issues, they will request that the cause of the problem, i.e. snow on the roof, is cleared. Unfortunately, currently in Saskatoon, there is a three week wait time for most snow removal services. For this reason, Got Mold is pleased to announce that we just set up a separate snow removal division that will come to your home and remove the snow from your roof. If you are concerned about ice dam problems and have snow on your roof, give us a call. We offer a cost effective solution to your snow removal needs and can also help you minimize water damage problems and mold from becoming a long term problem.

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  1. David W. Bearg, P.E.

    I disagree. I think it’s a good thing to have snow on my roof as this means that heat loss to the underside of the roof deck is at a minimum. Excessive icicle formation and ice dams are another issue entirely and, of course, should be avoided as these indicate that heat loss is occurring.

  2. water damage lincoln nebraska

    Snow or no snow is a great debate. Snow may be ok if it’s not freezing at the eaves. Heat tape at the gutters can be a great solution regardless of snow cover on the roof and prevent ice dams and water damage on Nebraska roofs.

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