Mandatory Saskatchewan Registry for Asbestos Passes

Mandatory Saskatchewan Registry for Asbestos Passes
The province of Saskatchewan will become the first province in Canada to implement mandatory reporting of asbestos.
Howard’s Law is named after Howard Willems, a building inspector who died from mesothelioma caused by breathing asbestos fibers. During the last part of his life, Willems and his family fought for Saskatchewan to have a mandatory registry. Prior to his death, Willems believed that his mesothelioma could have been prevented had he known of the existence of asbestos in the buildings he inspected.
According to Health Minister, Dustin Duncan:
People want and deserve to have easier access to information about the presence of asbestos in public buildings. A public registry will help provide residents with relevant information about this important issue.
All provinces should create a registry! The video below explains the problem of asbestos in Canada and also features an interview with Willems, expressing his concerns. Rest in Peace, Mr. Willems, let’s hope the Saskatchewan initiative will serve as a catalyst and inspiration for other provinces to follow suit.

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