Mold in the News: Issue 101

Mold in the News: Issue 101
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 12 stories we thought may interest you!
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Flood Victims Now Fight Mold: Following the June floods, officials say mold has been a significant problem for many of those recovering from flood damage. According to experts, mold is a fungus we breathe in daily, but in our homes it can be damaging and even hazardous. Thursday, Minnesota’s top mold expert talked to the public about health hazards, identification, and prevention of mold.
Flood Damage leads to In- Home Mold Infestations

Remediate Your Mold – Free: Friends of Rockaway is currently providing FREE mold remediation services to Rockaway residents. The service is paid by Friends of Rockaway and is completed by professional mold contractors that have established appropriate experience and qualifications. Eligibility for mold remediation services is based on primary residence and income. Income levels must be below 120% of the average median income for New York City.
Is Mold in Your Home Making You Sick?: Mold spores are often associated with mild allergic reaction, but breathing indoor air dwelling with mold can create more dire consequences than the usual seasonal allergic reactions. Chronic disease, immune system dysfunction, neurological problems, and even death can result if house mold is taken too lightly. Different molds come with different toxicity levels. The primary toxic fungus is produced from moisture collected on or especially inside wet porous surfaces that contain enough cellulose or organic material to feed the fungus. Examples are soft wood, drywall and other porous materials such as carpeting and ceiling tiles.
Thurrock Mum is living a mould nightmare: A MOTHER of three suffering from a lung condition has told of her “nightmare” of living in a damp council two bed flat with three children, one of whom is disabled. Paula Norris, 33, moved into a two bedroom ground floor flat on Broxburn Drive, South Ockendon, in November 2010. She and her partner Ian Slade have grown increasingly concerned for the welfare of themselves and their three daughters aged one, two and seven as mould and damp has taken over the flat.
Union Gap employees must wait until August for City Hall: The city of Union Gap has pushed back plans to move staff into a temporary city hall complex until August at the earliest. And the new reason is the same as the old reason: toxic mold.
Stafford mother says mould blighted home is not suitable for her daughter: Victoria Talbot says she has been complaining about her housing association home since she moved into it in December 2011. The 23-year-old, who is expecting another child, claims she has asked to move but was told she had a suitable property. The flat, in Hesketh Road, Stafford, has mould in both bedrooms and the bathroom.
Freeport Plaza Hotel Condemned: A Freeport Hotel is condemned after inspectors say they found a large amount of mold growing inside. This forced several rooms of people to move out. The Freeport Plaza Hotel was condemned on Tuesday after inspectors found mold on the second floor, they say that while the violations weren’t life threatening they had to get everyone out.
Is mould at its worst in South Ockendon?: AS THIS YT reporter was walking to Quince Tree Close on Saturday, a resident approached him and asked: “Are you a reporter? (must have been the trenchcoat and pork-pie hat). When told yes, they then said: “Well you must be here about the mould. The lady then told YT about the problems in her flat and the state of health of not only herself but her young son.

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Nearly $750K in Sandy rebuilding grants coming to Bergen County: Two major grants from the New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund will bring nearly $750,000 into Bergen County to repair homes damaged by last October’s superstorm. The Volunteer Center of Bergen County is getting $400,000 to pay for the removal of mold from between 100 and 200 homes in Little Ferry and Moonachie. Another non-profit, Rebuilding Together Bergen County, will receive $345,000 for reconstruction work at a few dozen houses in those towns.
Mould campaigner shocked at results of new inspection in her home: A LEADING mould campaigner in Thurrock says she is shocked at the results of a new investigation into mould in her home. Deirdre Lodge from Stifford Road, Aveley is suffering from an incurable lung condition. For the past few years, Deirdre has been campaigning to see improvements in homes that have mould, so as to prevent other residents seeing their health deteriorate.
Sharing lessons from Sandy could mean healthier recovery next time around: Add deadly carbon monoxide poisoning from improperly vented generators and toxic mold to the many health hazards visited on the state by Hurricane Sandy. That helps explain why healthcare providers from New Jersey’s first responders to the state’s top health official are looking to identify and apply lessons learned to head off similar crises during the next bout of extreme weather. Sandy will have a lasting effect on how the state prepares for the future, Health Commissioner Mary E. O’Dowd said yesterday after completing a round of forums with healthcare officials and emergency responders.
Is it mold? Store says no, pulls baby food anyway: Melissa Watson bought the O Organics beef with beef gravy baby food for her 8-month-old son. When she opened it up Monday night to feed him, she was so disgusted she couldn’t eat dinner herself. She saw what she thought was mold covering the food and the inside of the jar. “He can’t process things the way an adult could,” said Watson. “What if it made him ill? And what if I didn’t see it? So I wouldn’t have known what made him ill.”