Mold in the News: Issue 103

Mold in the News: Issue 103
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 15 stories we thought may interest you!
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KB Home problems expand to Gibsonton residences: Karen DeGuenther first noticed mold on her kitchen base-boards in January, but it turns out the problem was much more extensive than that: mold in the cupboards, mold behind the cabinets, mold behind the walls. An air quality report states that some of that mold was toxic. DeGuenther says the builder, KB Home, told her there were problems with construction, specifically with the stucco.

Olivebridge family made homeless by mold, forced to live in Kingston hotel: ALVAH White and his family are the victims of a grotesquely sick house. The Olivebridge structure is in such toxic condition that it’s driven out the disabled veteran, his asthma-prone wife and their 9-year-old daughter, who has a nervous system disorder known as Rett syndrome. The house sustained serious flooding during Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 and Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and has been overtaken since by a toxic black mold known as Stachybotrys.

Free mold remediation classes available for residents after Sandy: The floodwaters that surged into homes during Hurricane Sandy have long since receded but its presence may still linger for some homeowners in the form of mold. As residents try to rid the fungus from their homes, the Christie administration today released guidelines on how to remove mold safely and effectively. The governor’s office also announced that the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey’s School of Public Health, with a grant from the state health department, will offer free training in mold remediation for homeowners, volunteers and health and building officials.
Your house might be making you sick: It was a chronic thing: Almost every time Erma Taylor’s great-grandson caught a cold, he also ended up having a severe asthma attack. Taylor, a retired nurse, spent many hours at a hospital, helping to hold the toddler for tests and breathing treatments, and wondering what was causing the attacks. The one thing Taylor never suspected was that something inside the Falls Church, Va., Cape Cod that she shares with her granddaughter and great-grandson was a source of the 3-year-old’s medical problems. It turned out that mold and mildew from years of shampooing the decades-old carpet were aggravating the little boy’s respiratory system.
Mold concern prompts Wegmans recall of 2 organic juices: Wegmans is recalling two kinds of organic juice because of concerns over a byproduct of mold.
FDA finds mold, other contaminants at drug compounders: Black particles floating in medication; rust and mold in “clean rooms” where injectable drugs are packaged, workers handling sterile products with bare hands. These were among the major violations a team of U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspectors uncovered recently after investigating 31 drug compounding pharmacies — a special sweep undertaken in the wake of a deadly outbreak of meningitis spread by tainted drugs. None of the compounding pharmacies was in California.
Winn-Dixie recalls organic apple juice on mold fears: Winn-Dixie has issued an immediate recall of the 64 oz size of Winn-Dixie Organic 100% Apple Juice. The juice is being recalled because it could have higher than acceptable levels of “patulin,” a by-product of some molds that can grow on fruits and vegetables. No reports of illness have been reported.

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Top five ways to avoid allergies this spring: The snow seems to be finally melting across the province, but for allergy sufferers, or people with lung conditions, it can be the beginning of a season of sniffles. Snow mould can cause everything from runny noses to breathing problems. We asked the Lung Association of Saskatchewan for some advice
Mold: a growing issue in Florida State dorms: Senior Alexa Sevilla is one of many students on campus who have had to deal with mold in their living space. A resident of Deviney Hall, her mold problem was out of control and she felt that housing didn’t do enough to help out. “I had a terrible problem with mold this year,” Sevilla said. “It was growing on my walls, in my dresser drawers, and on my personal items like my shoes. Housing told me they could clean my walls and the furniture, but I was responsible for any personal items.”
Paradis Library should have shut down due to mold, attorney says: St. Charles Parish attorney Leon “Sunny” Vial has withdrawn his services from the Paradis Library in connection with a mold problem at the new branch. Vial told head librarian Mary desBordes that his decision was based on the fact that the library retained the services of Quality Janitorial and Restoration Service to remediate the mold problem without informing him. The mold growth was discovered late last year and has forced the Paradis branch to close their children’s activity room.
Second mould complaint at Don Jail: A second complaint about a mould infestation in the aging Don Jail has been filed as government officials make a plan to clean up the mess. Ministry of Labour spokesman William Lin confirmed that the second mould complaint was filed last Thursday. The ministry had issued several orders to corrections officials in February to clean up the mess. “All I can say is that it revolved around exposure to mould,” Lin said of the complaint. “We are currently investigating that complaint right now.”
Black mould in roofing closes maritime centre’s outdoor displays: Black mould in roofing insulation has closed outdoor display pods at Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre, staff says. The feared fungi has forced staff into fundraising for about $20,000 to fix the mould invasion as tourist season looms.
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Home Help: Mitigate mold growth in your home: Damp, dark areas of the home, such as an unfinished basement, can often be trouble spots for homeowners hoping to increase their living space. Left unfinished, these areas of the home can potentially suffer significant damage, be prone to flooding or develop mold. When it comes to home improvement, homeowners are wise to consider the affects of moisture and mold buildup and how they can be combated. Mold growth, usually a result of excess moisture, also can be detrimental to one’s health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that mold can survive in almost any conditions, and can cause visual, respiratory and even skin problems. Mold growth can also contribute to poor indoor air quality.
Kim Zolciak’s new house is covered in black mold: Kim Zolciak’s new house is covered in mold. Tonight on the season premiere of “Don’t Be Tardy” fans found out that they had a few problems with their house. On this April 16 premiere, Kim and Kroy were told that the house needed some work because of mold.
Merrick upgrading cat food cans after mold problem: Merrick Pet Care is upgrading its cat food cans after a pet parent found mold in several of the containers. An investigation of the mold incident led the company to conclude that an unusually weak seal on the can lids allowed the cat food to become compromised, and that the breach most likely occurred when the product was being shipped from an online retailer in New York to the pet parent in California, a Merrick spokesman told April 16. The new upgrade involves adding coating to the can lids to improve the seals.