Mold in the News: Issue 107

Mold in the News: Issue 107
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 16 stories we thought may interest you!
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The $500,000 Housecleaning: Jenny Guinness of McLean, Va., waited as men in moon suits cut away chunks of drywall in 2-foot increments. They would bag and seal the material, and start again. Soon they had removed the walls of an entire room. A mold remediator sat her down and said: “I have really bad news for you. This looks like it goes in every direction…I think you need to have a demolition company come in and start removing whole walls because I can’t see an end to it anywhere.” In January 2012, Jenny Guinness decided to oversee the rest of the work on her home. Drawing from her experience as a real-estate agent for 10 years, she served as her own general contractor and interior designer. After a long downturn in the housing market, home prices in many parts of the U.S. are showing signs of recovery. MarketWatch’ Christopher Noble discusses the hottest housing markets of 2013. In 2008, Ms. Guinness and her husband, Os, discovered that their townhouse in a suburb of Washington was contaminated with stachybotrys—also known as black mold. That launched a painstaking five-year renovation that cost as much as the couple originally paid for the house and involved ripping out walls, replacing many of the finishes and sterilizing nearly every surface and item they owned.
Hurricane Sandy victims misdiagnosed: New Yorkers may still be suffering from the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy whether they know it or not. Since Sandy ravaged the New York City area back in October 2012, thousands of area residents have been exposed to high levels of airborne mold spores. Of particular concern are those families who are still living in mold-infested homes while waiting for federal and local aid. Even in homes that had mold remediation performed, there is still the potential danger of airborne mold spores, especially if air sample clearance testing was not performed. The real problem occurs when individuals experience mold-related symptoms and then seek medical attention.
Staten Island Residents Want City to Do More to Eliminate Post-Storm Mold in Homes: Kelly Lotz sits in her house on Moreland Street on Staten Island and smells mold in all directions. Since Hurricane Sandy, the house next door and all its contents — books, couch cushions, a refrigerator overturned in the hallway — have been sitting and rotting. The house on the other side has black mold climbing out of the broken windows and across the white wooden siding.
In fighting mold, Staten Island residents falling through cracks: Despite attempts to tackle the pervasive problem of mold in homes soaked by Hurricane Sandy, some advocates say certain residents are falling through the cracks. “Sandy’s Mold Legacy,” a report released by a coalition of groups called The Alliance for a Just Rebuilding, urges the city to develop different programs to tackle the spores left behind by Sandy — finding that only 17 percent of residents surveyed even knew about an existing program, Neighborhood Revitalization NYC. Even if residents were aware, the program requires a landlord’s OK, and doesn’t always cover the removal of mold on the outside of a home.
Fungus in Capri Sun? Yes, but so what?: Five types of fungus have been identified in the popular kids’ juice drink Capri Sun, researchers say. The study was spurred by reports of consumers finding mold — mats of fungus consisting of millions of cells — in the drink. While the findings have an “ick” factor, the fungi probably aren’t harmful to most people, said study researcher Kathleen Dannelly, associate professor microbiology at Indiana State University. Fungi are all around us — in the soil, air, and even on our skin and inside our digestive tract — but they are generally kept in check by our immune systems.
Toxic mould makes life miserable: Toxic mould in a Mosgiel house has made Lil Murdoch’s life a misery for the past five months. The Dunedin hairdresser and her husband had to leave their rented house at the beginning of this year after she became seriously ill as a result of mould.
Wet weather spikes mold growth in homes: All of the wet weather is giving some homeowners a headache, in some cases literally, thanks to mold. The past two weekends of heavy rain increases the likelihood of mold in your home.

Sheriff addresses mold issue in County Jail: El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles asked for quick action and he got it during Monday’s County Commissioners Court meeting. As ABC-7 has reported, mold was discovered recently inside the downtown El Paso County Jail. Wiles told commissioners during Monday’s meeting that the mold was throughout the duct work in the jail. However, he stated a majority of the mold is in the duct work in the basement and the first floor where they have an older-style air conditioning system. “It needs to be cleaned up,” Wiles told commissioners. “I’m here today to ask your approval to get a vendor and clean it up.”
Mold Growing in Moorhead Apartment, Family Sick: Mold growing in a Moorhead apartment building is causing trouble for a mother and her kids. The woman living in the apartment called Valley News Live when she wasn’t getting a response from her landlord on the safety of her home. She told reporter Hope Hanselman that the mold is taking a toll on her family’s health.

Valley News Live – KVLY/KXJB – Fargo/Grand Forks

Mould forces evacuation of Halifax heritage building: The Nova Scotia government has evacuated 50 provincial employees out of their downtown Halifax building for safety concerns after a mould problem was recently uncovered. The Dennis Building has had air quality problems for years, but the most recent air test revealed higher than normal levels of mould.
Resolute health centre still waiting for mold cleanup: It’s been two years since mold was found at Resolute’s health centre, but the Nunavut Department of Community and Government Services has not been able to find a company to clean it up. The 1,800-square foot health centre in Resolute was built 30 years ago. In March 2011, Pinchin Environmental did a mold assessment of the building at the request of the Department.
New cases of mold coming to light as Lincoln Military Housing’s court battle continues: A NewsChannel 3 investigation into mold in Lincoln Military Housing got results for hundreds of military families. But while their legal battle continues in federal court, new cases are still coming to light including water leaks, sewage backups, and of course, more mold, in homes that have supposedly been cleaned before.

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Bill Sothern Remediates Mold and Other Hazards: Bill Sothern, an expert at detecting residential mold, has a cedar-lined hot tub on his verdant south-facing terrace at Madison Avenue and 117th Street. The tub holds 3,000 liters of ionized water heated to 101 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, 95 degrees in the summer, and the terrace has an elaborate irrigation system.
Nassau County To Distribute Free Mold Removal Kit To Assist Residents with Water Damage from Sandy: In an effort to assist Nassau County residents who are being impacted by mold caused by water damage from Hurricane Sandy, Nassau County will distribute mold removal kits at Disaster Recovery Centers in four south shore communities. The kits contain basic items necessary to ensure that mold is eliminated and does not reoccur. It is important to note that in some cases of mold cleanup, professional services may be required for successful remediation, according to Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano.
Dreaded cases of snow mould: Wouldn’t it be nice if we were greeted by green, fresh grass when the snow finally melted? Unfortunately, the thaw often leaves behind yet another yucky mess. A wet late summer, combined the massive amount of moisture that a large thaw brings, have resulted in an outbreak of snow mould in the Edmonton area. If your lawn is covered, don’t despair. It won’t last long and there are ways to prevent a similar outbreak next spring. What causes it? Grey snow mould is also called Typhula blight, and produces three-inch to 12-inch wide circular patches of silvery grey fungus (looks similar to spider webs) on your lawn. As allergy sufferers know, it can wreak havoc on the sinuses, but it’s harmless besides that and will clear up quickly as the lawn dries.
Company Uses Dogs to Detect Mold Growth: The flood waters have subsided but many homeowners are now assessing the damage. One fear for many is mold growth. One company is enlisting the help of dogs.

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