Mold in the News: Issue 108

Mold in the News: Issue 108
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 14 stories we thought may interest you!
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High pollen plus mold generated from Sandy equals perfect storm: In the six months since Hurricane Sandy, the damage caused by the storm has been easy to see, but there’s another major issue that’s been creeping below the surface. Mold left behind from the storm combined with high pollen counts have created a perfect storm for those suffering from allergies.

FEMA Warns Homeowners That Flooding Has Created Mold Danger as Warmer Months Begin: The floodwaters may have receded months ago, but mold and mildew – dormant during the winter months — may reappear in water-damaged homes as the weather warms. Mold only grows in warm, wet conditions and may have been inactive and unnoticed during the winter months. It can lurk throughout a home, from the attic to the basement and crawl spaces.
Report sees widespread mold after Sandy: Six months have passed since Hurricane Sandy struck the shores of New York, and as a recent report put out by several Sandy advocacy groups shows, many residents are now faced with mold problems. According to “Sandy’s Mold Legacy: The Unmet Need Six Months After the Storm,” thousands of homes have developed mold since Hurricane Sandy.
10 Simple Tips to Allergy-Proof Your Home: Ah, the daffodils, the tulips, the ever-spreading pollen. If you’re one of the 40 million Americans who suffer from allergies, spring blooms may irritate and inflame your sinus, triggering sneezing, sniffling, a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat. But before you start ripping out the flowerbeds, try allergy-proofing your home. Allergy symptoms rarely are activated by a single source, and in addition to pollen and molds, you may be allergic to household dust mites, roaches and animal dander.
Schools should be a top priority: We are disturbed by recent problems at some school facilities, and we hope that government will fast-track all needed improvements. Since the start of the year, two public schools have closed temporarily: Enid Scatliffe Pre-primary in February because of a rodent infestation, and Isabella Morris last month because of a mould outbreak.
New school mold woes: Summer school students and staff at the Guilmette School will be displaced again in June after the lone bid to fix its air conditioning system, which has been shut since it was found to be spreading mold two years ago, came in nearly $900,000 over what was budgeted. Chris Markuns, a spokesman for Superintendent/Receiver Jeff Riley, said that Guilmette’s summer school students will be relocated to the Bruce School while the city decides how or whether to go forward with the work at Guilmette.
Mold plaguing residents of Garden City Apartments on West Montgomery in north Houston; HUD opening investigation into management: People living at a north Houston apartment complex say they’re living in terrible conditions, and they can’t get any help to get things fixed. They’re facing mold as well as holes in the walls, and the complex is HUD housing. With it being a HUD property, the government puts a significant amount of money into this place. But it is privately owned, and residents say the owners aren’t maintaining it. After our calls, HUD is opening an investigation.

Firm Finds Mold In Seymour Community Center Basement: An indoor air quality assessment conducted at the Community Center at 20 Pine St. revealed mold growth in kitchen ceiling tiles in the basement. The mold found could cause allergic reactions, Steve Daniels, an industrial hygienist with Hamden-based Facility Support Services, LLC, told Selectmen Tuesday (May 7), but the find isn’t extraordinary given the building’s age.
Wood-Ridge has to do mold remediation at town hall: The Wood-Ridge Council has passed three resolutions concerning emergency mold remediation at borough hall. On April 23, the council passed the resolutions that approve Slavco Construction, Inc. of Clifton on a quote of $14,195 for the remediation of mold, $7,950 for exterior façade waterproofing and $17,900 for the restoration of the impacted area in borough offices.
Lincoln Military Housing lawyer attacks NewsChannel 3 investigation in court: Several military families appeared in federal court on Wednesday at a hearing in front of a judge against Lincoln Military Housing for mold and water damage. The families represent just a few of the more than 200 potential cases. It was the first major hearing for the judge on the issues and the first opportunity for the families to hear their arguments. The cases come as a direct result of an 18-month NewsChannel 3 Taking Action investigation into the moldy living conditions at many of the housing complexes. Shelley Federico was the first military wife to come forward to NewsChannel 3 at the beginning of the investigation. “I think the judge, his eyes were opened today about what is happening to these military families and I think he is very concerned,” she says. Mold tests showed extremely high levels of Stachybotrys contaminated her Norwich Manor home after Lincoln contractors cut into her walls.

Jury Reaches Verdict in Mold Lawsuit The Santa Barbara Independent: A Santa Barbara jury ruled against a family suing the Santa Barbara Housing Authority for chronic illnesses they alleged were caused by toxic mold in their apartment. The verdict, rendered after a seven-week trial, concluded that the Housing Authority was in fact negligent in its maintenance of the apartment but that none of the four plaintiffs suffered harm as a result of that negligence. The suit was filed two years ago by Inger Budke, a property management specialist for the Housing Authority, who claimed that the mold in her apartment was so bad that her husband and two children suffered chronic sinus and respiratory ailments. Budke lived as a resident manager at the 106-unit Shifco affordable housing complex located on the Mesa. She and her family moved out for six months.
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What’s hiding in your attic?: Have you looked in your attic lately? Any idea what’s up there? It always surprises me when I meet homeowners who never inspect their attics — and that is something you need to do regularly. Recently, I even met a couple who didn’t know they had an attic, even though from the street you could see a window into the space. Their attic access had been closed off and covered over by previous owners of the home.
Groups tour mold damage: Hurricane Sandy left behind an ongoing health threat in the Rockaways that lingers long after the water receded. A persistent and pervasive mold infestation creeps up the walls of gutted residences, as families douse the fungus with bleach in a futile attempt at eradication. More than six months after the superstorm surged through the city and devastated parts of Queens, the Alliance for a Just Rebuilding, a group of more than 50 community, faith, labor and environmental organizations, released a report slamming the city for its handling of the mold cleanup. The report, which also included Staten Island, coincided with a tour of mold-ravaged homes in Rockaway Tuesday with homeowners and City Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton).
Control bathroom mold, mildew before it spreads: It might start with a couple of small dark spots on the grout where the shower stall meets the tiled wall. A few days later, they multiply. Mildew. ‘For most people, it’s just kind of an ugly pain. Their bathroom gets these black stains, ‘ said Ken Collier, editor in chief of The Family Handyman. For others, though, ‘it’s an allergen, like cat hair, dog hair, ‘ he said. If it’s not removed, it can result in respiratory problems or other allergy symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.