Mold in the News: Issue 109

Mold in the News: Issue 109
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Poll: Many unaware that basic homeowner insurance skips mold, quakes: Many Americans are confused about the basic elements of homeowner insurance policies, according to a new study. More than four in 10 people wrongly think that the policies cover mold damage and 73% don’t realize that the policies do cover personal items that are stolen from a car, according to the poll by “This misconception could prove extremely costly,” Adams said. “Mold remediation can cost tens of thousands of dollars. It’s often not covered by homeowner’s insurance, especially if it was caused by neglected maintenance such as a leaky pipe.”
Mould: The menace behind the walls and under the floors: There’s a menace lying behind the walls and under the floors of many homes, businesses and schools that may be causing more harm than people realise. It’s called mould, and it can develop in a multitude of locations when dampness from everyday activities like cooking, bathing and clothes drying occur. Where conditions of high moisture production, a lack of airflow and heat can provide the perfect environment for the growth of this potential health hazard. Moulds and fungus can also occur as a result of building defects, such as where dampness can rise upwards from the ground; penetrate the structure of a building and/or due to flooding.
Silent Killers in Your Home: The Dangers of Mold: Toxic mold can cause serious illness and even death. But, all molds, toxic or not, are a cause for concern especially at elevated levels indoors. “This is what happens when you don’t winterize your home, when it gets really cold.” Rick Tegan is the guy you call if your house looks like this. Earlier this year, a pipe broke in this vacant home. Months later the owner stopped by and found the house infested with mold. “Basically there’s not a lot that we can do except completely gut everything out of it,” Rick Tegan, Service Master. This house has what’s called Sick Building Syndrome or SBS. That’s when your indoor air becomes contaminated with mold or fungus. And, if you’re house is sick, you could be to.

2013 Allergy Season Expected to be Worse than Normal: Sniffling and sneezing came earlier this year and is expected to last later than in past years. 2013 has started off to be a bad year for those affected by seasonal allergies. Pollen and mold counts have measured as much as five times higher than this time last year. Allergy experts say the extreme moisture at the end of the winter season and high temperature have made been prime conditions for higher pollen and mold counts.
Ask Dr Gary: Growth of fungus can be treated: Approximately 10 minutes after entering the study in my house, my throat constricts and I get a tightness in my chest that feels a bit like asthma. This leads to coughing. The symptoms abate 30 minutes after I leave the room. My wife has exactly the same response. The two things I have considered are the carpet and mould. The carpet is a relatively new nylon weave. Could it be harbouring some sort of bug? The other possibility is mould in the wall space or perhaps under the carpet. Is there a test that can identify if mould spores are present? Mould is fascinating stuff. Most is harmless but it is capable of travelling deep into our lungs and causing hypersensitivity in susceptible people. It is a known asthma trigger.
State to reinspect Guilmette School for mold: State health inspectors will return to the Guilmette School next week after teachers expressed fears that the mold infestation uncovered two years ago survived a $3.5 million cleanup, the president of the teachers union said yesterday.
Library mold remediation report is in: Vacuum the air ducts, clean and wet wipe surfaces in the new basement using HIPA filter vacuums and remove and replace the carpeting – these are the initial recommendations made by Corvino Environmental Associates of Woburn after mold tests were conducted at the Boxford Library on Elm Street on March 28. This work must be completed by a mold remediation contractor who has experience in worker protection, mold remediation methods and retesting with industry standards.
Family who allegedly experienced respiratory problems due to mold sues landlord: A Jefferson Parish woman whose apartment was allegedly unsafe to live in due to toxic mold is suing her landlord for health issues and other damages she claims her family experienced.
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Ten Steps to Prevent Damage of Structural Mold Growth
Farmington board holds hearing on home covered in black mold: Selectmen will hold a hearing Tuesday to determine if a 199 Red Schoolhouse Road house is dangerous or a nuisance after black mold covered the inside of the property.
Mold forces shelter to look for doggy foster care: The Friends Forever Rescue shelter is a second chance for these dogs. It’s a place to stay until they find a permanent home. But now the founder is scrambling to find a temporary solution to an unexpected problem. For 13 years, the Friends Forever humane society in Miami has taken in the unwanted and the abandoned, rehabilitating dogs of all ages and finding them homes. But now this no kill shelter needs some support of its own. Dorothy Chess, the founder of Friends Forever Humane Society said, “The entire shelter has mold. We have to close down the shelter for six weeks,” she explained. “they have to come in, rip out the walls, treat the shelter and put all the walls back up.”


Mould found in Tesco jar of baby food: TESCO has launched an investigation after a young Kidderminster mother discovered mould growing in a jar of baby food she had just bought in the town’s superstore.

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