Mold in the News: Issue 110

Mold in the News: Issue 110
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 11 stories we thought may interest you!
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NJ health commissioner addresses mold concerns with residents of Sandy-damaged homes in Union Beach: The state’s top health official visited residents in Union Beach Wednesday to address lingering concerns over mold. In Union Beach, 90 percent of the homes suffered water damage from Sandy. Officials are concerned that contractors hired to remove mold may not be properly trained.
As many as 1,000 Rockaway families are still battling mold infestations and don’t know help is available: Stress may be a quiet killer — but mold is also taking a toll. The city is working with aid organizations to offer ongoing, free mold treatment services to the hardest-hit residences — but local officials say it isn’t enough. The city has done roughly 1,400 city mold clean-ups and about 800 have been in Queens, according to the Mayor’s Office of Housing Recovery Operations.
Mold Reported in Purina One Beyond: Pet food consumer Carrie P. shares she found bluish green mold at the bottom of her Purina One Beyond cat food. She tells me she feeds lots of strays and is very concerned. The cats had only eaten two meals from the bag (she found this mold within 24 hours of purchase), however one cat is vomiting. This incident has been reported to Purina, FDA, Department of Agriculture and the store she purchased from. Here are the pictures…
Mould Risk in Water Damaged Homes: Eighteen months ago, I had no idea how fast mould grows in a house with water damage; nor that a home can be unsafe, from very high levels of airborne mould, without any visible sign on the ceiling or walls. So here are our top ten non-expert tips, from Internet research, discussions with mould professionals, and personal experience.
Is All Black Mold Toxic?: Spring rains are a welcome refresher for our parched plants and lawns, but they also bring heat and humidity, the perfect environment for mold. If you were flooded by Hurricane Sandy and your remediation company did not fully remove the mold, chances are the mold is still present and probably growing with a vengeance. More than 90% of homeowners flooded by Sandy who remediated have reported that the mold has returned, according to a newly released study entitled “Sandy’s Mold Legacy: The Unmet Need Six Months After the Storm.” You may see signs of black mold on your walls, near sinks and toilets, along floorboards and on ceilings.
Quorum Court discusses mold found in the courthouse during recent inspection: The Drew County Quorum Court discussed the findings of a recent inspection at the court house Monday night during it’s regular monthly meeting. According to Drew County Judge Robert Akin, Morris and Associates performed the inspection and found mold in areas of the courthouse.
Fire station closed for mold clean-up: Spring Hill firefighters will have to vacate fire station 1 on Beechcroft Road for a few weeks while mold is removed from the building. The mold is a result of leaks in the plumbing and water systems inside the walls of the station, Swindle said. The walls, carpet, sheet rock, baseboard, duct work and the HVAC unit have to be cleaned.
Renters say landlord allowed substandard housing: An Everhart Avenue couple say the home they rent has faulty electrical wiring, mold, plumbing problems and raw sewage running into their yard. And they say their landlord — a member of the town’s Board of Aldermen — won’t make the repairs.
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Mold Consultant Phillip Fry Launches National Organization to Help Mold-Impacted Employees, Tenants, Home Buyers, Insured Property Owners, and Mold Removal Clients: Mold consultant Phillip Fry has formed the Mold Victim Rights Association (MVRA) to help mold-sickened employees, tenants, home buyers, insured property owners, and mold removal clients who have been victimized by uncaring and unresponsive employers, landlords, home sellers, home builders, property insurance companies, and mold companies.
Mold responsible for Irish potato famine may be gone for good: Scientists used modern genetic sequencing and rotten old museum samples to peer back in time at the cause of the potato blight that led to more than 1 million deaths in Ireland in the 1840s. The fungus-like water mold that ravaged the country’s potato crop sent hungry Irish survivors fleeing for far-flung new countries — which is why so many people now justify getting wasted every St. Patrick’s Day, saying they’re sure they have an Irish ancestor somewhere in their family tree.
Free mold awareness training for Hurricane Sandy victims: A free three-hour Mold Awareness and General Safety Procedures class will be presented at three Atlantic County locations during June to help residents and homeowners who are dealing with clean-up issues in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.