Structural Issues Caused By Mold (Video Footage)

Structural Issues Caused By Mold (Video Footage)
Mold is a serious issue. If you leave it untreated, it continues to grow. It leads to respiratory illness and it rots the wood, leaving the property valueless. (If Mold Can Eat Wood, What Will It Do To Your Lungs?)
Mold is like a cancer because it will continue to grow unless it is removed. Since mold continues to grow, it requires a constant supply of food, which should be a concern for any property owner because it destroys the surface that it is growing on. (Mold, Not Just a Health Problem, But a Structural One Too!)
In addition to the many health concerns caused by mold, it is important to realize that mold can literally eat the structure it is feeding on. In an earlier article, we mentioned that a home is an all you can eat buffet for mold because today’s building materials are the perfect food for mold: organic, dead material including wood, drywall, fabric, and paper.
Since mold is a living organism, the key to it’s survival is water:
Mold requires water to grow and thrive because it is a fungus. Mold has cells, but unlike a plant, it does not have chlorophyll and can not make it’s own food. Instead, mold needs food, inorganic dead matter. It reproduces by releasing it’s spores, this is mold’s survival mechanism. The key to mold growth is water. Without water and moisture, mold can not grow because it’s cells will not function properly. (Water…Necessary For ALL Life, Including Mold!)
In the video below, our founder, James C. Watson, shows you what mold can do and how it has impacted the building structure of a commercial project we are working on. Near the end of the video, Watson reveals the root cause of the mold problem…no mystery…WATER…kept the mold alive because of a leak!

After viewing this video, it is fairly clear how destructive mold is. What lessons can be learned?
1. If you notice water stains on your ceilings or walls, don’t ignore these signs…hire a professional to investigate the cause using thermal imaging technology.
2. If you have a leak, deal with it…fix it and make sure it is fixed! To prevent a leak from causing severe issues, shut off your water main valve until professionals arrive to fix the leak.
3. Starve mold. Since most molds require moisture to thrive, stop serving drinks at your buffet. Control Humidity! If you live in an area prone to flooding, install a sump pump.
4. Finally, if you think you might have mold, but are not sure, hire a professional to perform a mold inspection.