Asbestos in the News: Issue 72

Asbestos in the News: Issue 72
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 17 stories we thought may interest you!
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Use smarts around asbestos: Asbestos is a material that was used widely in construction. If the asbestos fibres are enclosed or tightly bound in a compound, there is no significant health risk. Asbestos poses health risks only when fibres are present in the air that people breathe. People working in construction, maintenance or the renovation of older buildings should be particularly careful when handling asbestos. Never sand or fine-scrape surfaces containing asbestos fibres.
Asbestos & Lead Health Hazards In Tornado Debris: In addition to rusty nails, shattered glass, falling debris and loose wires, hazards such as cancer-causing asbestos and neurotoxic lead can be stirred up by the violent winds and by recovery efforts themselves. Such risks may raise the toll of death and injury over the days, even decades, ahead. “As they search for their loved ones, the threat of asbestos is far from people’s minds,” said Linda Reinstein, president of the nonprofit Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization. “We’ve seen this in Joplin, and after Hurricane Sandy. We know that residential areas were constructed with asbestos-contaminated products. After natural disasters, asbestos is a prevalent toxin.”
Families forced to flee in fear of asbestos risk: TWO Penrith families have been forced to evacuate their homes after being exposed to asbestos during the National Broadband Network rollout. Neighbours Matthew O’Farrell and Troy Lancaster and their families have spent the past 18 days in a hotel after their homes in Hornseywood Ave and Evan St were covered with asbestos dust. According to a report to Penrith Council, Telstra contracted communications construction company Service Stream to do remediation work on several pits in Penrith to ensure the area was NBN-ready – including five pits near where the families live.
NBN workers leave asbestos waste near primary school: Parents are outraged that bags full of deadly asbestos fibres were dumped metres from a Ballarat primary school. Large plastic bags filled with asbestos material were left in front of a Telstra exchange earlier this month by workers building the federal government’s National Broadband Network.
Asbestos Contamination, Rodent Infestation Hinders Necessary Redevelopment of Former Buffalo Area School: Asbestos contaminationand rodents, along with a hefty price tag, are what stands in the way of a necessary redevelopment of an abandoned former Buffalo-area school that could potentially reinvigorate the community’s struggling business district. The Village of Silver Creek, nestled on the shores of Lake Erie and located just outside of Buffalo, New York, is currently examining plans to either redevelop the former school building into apartments or raze the structure completely to make room for brand new commercial development.
Asbestos report on Welsh school finally released: The Health and Safety Executive has agreed to publish a report into asbestos levels at a Welsh school after accusations of a cover up.
Virginia School District Stockpiled Cash For Construction Projects, Asbestos Abatement Must Return Funds: One School District in Virginia is under fire for violating state and local mandates by stockpiling funds in an account earmarked for future construction projects. Last Thursday, the Portsmouth School District finally approved transferring the funds to the city. The remaining money will fund two school district projects including asbestos abatement or removal at a preschool and adding additional bus bays.
Mesothelioma Research in Australia Focuses on Blocking Proteins: Sonja Klebe, an associate professor in the Anatomical Pathology Department at Flinders University in Australia, has no illusions about her latest mesothelioma research. She isn’t expecting to find a cure. She is expecting to uncover a better way to treat patients.
Anti-Tuberculosis Medication to Treat Pleural Effusion: One of the first symptoms that a mesothelioma patient will typically notice is the inability to catch their breath. Usually, a person will complain to their doctor that they have a persistent cough and are having trouble breathing. Unfortunately, these symptoms are a sign of pleural effusion, which arises in the later stages of mesothelioma. Pleural effusion is the build up of fluid in the pleura area around the lung. Current treatment methods for pleural effusion are painful, invasive and not always effective. However, a team of researchers out of China may have discovered a non-invasive way to treat mesothelioma patients with pleural effusion and provide them with some much-needed relief.
Call For Tighter Rules On Asbestos: Officials are calling for tighter health and safety regulations for the Christchurch rebuild after asbestos-contaminated material rained down into a tradesman’s face and a bureaucratic muddle left authorities in the dark. A young plasterer, standing on a ladder and wearing no protective gear, used a paint scraper to unknowingly remove material riddled with asbestos from a textured ceiling in Cashmere and a government department is questioning why it was not told. The companies involved both claim to have acted within safety protocols.
Asbestos cancer changes will help victims: A NEWBURY solicitor has welcomed a new parliamentary Bill which will ensure compensation for victims of asbestos-related cancer. If it becomes law it will be good news for Mesothelioma sufferers who in the past might have had trouble tracing their employer’s insurers because of mistakes in records or a lack of contact details.
Govt says onus on employers to detect asbestos in workplace: The Government says it is up to employers to determine if hazards such as asbestos are present in a workplace before work begins.
Contractors Liam Milner and Neil Silcock say they were exposed to asbestos on the roof of Christchurch Hospital and a co-worker was covered in the material while working at a house as part of the city’s rebuild – but nothing was done about it.
Employment law specialist David Beck is representing the contractors who he says told their employer, Goleman Ltd, about asbestos falling onto a co-worker at a Cashmere house in October 2012, but were ignored.
Petition launched by Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK calls for change to Mesothelioma Bill, which aims to create payment scheme for asbestos victims: A PETITION has been launched to make changes to the Mesothelioma Bill. The bill was outlined in the Queen’s Speech setting out the Government’s legislative programme for the next year. The aim of the bill is to create a payment scheme for mesothelioma suffers who cannot trace the company where they were exposed to the asbestos. But only those diagnosed after July 25, 2012, will be eligible to claim.
Ulverston widow awarded six-figure settlement for husband’s asbestos death: Marian Wilson’s husband, Peter, began suffering symptoms of mesothelioma in 2005 aged 55 but he died on August 31 2011 of the disease. Mr Wilson worked at Oxley Developments Company Ltd in Ulverston in the 1970s, helped build and maintain machinery insulated with asbestos rope and he cut lengths of the rope using a band saw. In 2006 the couple turned to law firm Irwin Mitchell for help in their battle for answers and an investigation into whether more could have been done to protect him at the Priory Park factory in Cumbria was launched on their behalf.
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Telstra audits NBN work over asbestos safety fears: Telstra has announced a national audit into the work practices of contractors working on the national broadband network after media reports of mishandled asbestos. On Monday The Australian Financial Review exclusively revealed that workers helping build Labor’s $37.4?billion NBN were storing plastic bags filled with deadly asbestos fibres 20 metres from Mount Clear primary school.
Asbestos scare linked to another NSW site: Hawkesbury City Council confirmed that it responded to a complaint that contractors hired by Telstra had left an open bag of asbestos on a Bligh Park footpath on March 20. “Asbestos is a giant scourge in this country.” It comes as Telstra has been accused of exposing the public to dangerous asbestos fibres in Penrith, forcing at least two families into temporary accommodation.
How the National Broadband Network became an asbestos minefield: TELSTRA has been accused of taking shortcuts which exposed people to dangerous asbestos fibres, as comparisons with Labor’s disastrous pink batts scheme threaten to derail the $37.4 billion National Broadband Network. Senior Labor leaders last night attempted to absolve themselves from blame, as unions called on Telstra to establish a $100 million “James Hardie-style” fund for affected workers and residents.

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