Mold in the News: Issue 115

Mold in the News: Issue 115
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 12 stories we thought may interest you!
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Mould follows home repairs by insurance company contractor: A Calgary family says a contractor hired by their insurance company to repair their home created a bigger problem than the original issue. Jade Lin filed a claim for hail damage in July of 2012. His insurance company sent out one of its preferred contractors to repair Lin’s roof and replace the aluminum siding. The walls of the Lin’s home are filled with toxic mould and now the family is uncertain if their insurance company will fix it. Mould in the corner of a room inside the home of the Lins. Six months after the repair was completed, Lin says his exterior-facing walls started to grow black mould and his family became sick.
Mold in Homes: Daily Dish Real Estate Diva Lisa Coombs, from Mountain Land Realty and Dana, from Watch Dogs Home Inspectors, talked with us about mold in the home and everything you need to know about it!

FEMA Encourages NJ Homeowners to Look for Signs of Mold This Summer: With summer on the horizon, New Jersey residents may be looking in closets, garages and other storage spaces for seasonal items that have been packed away since last September. As you search for items you need for the summer season, be on the lookout for signs of mold in areas of your home and property that may have been impacted by Superstorm Sandy.
The disease-causing fungi that lurk in your dishwasher: Researchers have found that dishwashers are particularly conducive to the growth and spread of disease-causing fungi. These fungi have been implicated in causing lung diseases and sometimes fatal infections, especially among those with weak immunity.
Louisville veteran getting help to renovate his family’s home: A Louisville veteran and his family are getting some special help from the local service for peace group. The Operation Helping Heroes program is renovating the vet’s home from top to bottom in order to keep his family healthy. After getting home from Afghanistan, he found himself simply trying to get a breath of fresh air. “My wife did some research, and discovered the relationship between black mold and our health issues,” said Gatz.
Winter warmth can lead to mould allergy: Mould plays a crucial role in the environment by breaking down organic materials such as trees and leaves, but when mould starts entering our homes it can pose a threat to our health and wellbeing. Mould is part of a group of very common organisms called fungi that also include mushrooms and yeast. It can grow virtually everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. In order for mould to grow it requires moisture, warmth, and food. Common places that give mould a place to flourish are the bathroom and kitchen, although, given the right conditions, it can grow almost anywhere. In winter we try to keep our homes as warm as we can; this can often result in a humid environment where mould can grow.
Mold Found At Niles’ Culver School: Niles Elementary Dist. 71 school board members this week expected to approve spending up to $118,000 to deal with recently discovered mold at Culver Elementary School.
Council tells ill Kentish Town woman in mould infested flat ‘it could take years to move you’: A woman with lung disease has been told she will not be able to move out of her mould-infested council flat for at least another year. Margaret Morahan has been forced to sleep in the living room of her flat in Bassett Street, Kentish Town, since July because the large amounts of black mould growing in her bedroom worsen her condition severely.
Repairs Underway to Eliminate Mold at Mulberry Civic Center: Mulberry has closed the community’s civic center as crews begin an estimated $250,000 repair project to eliminate mold on the lower floor.
Chesterfield family says mold problem keeps them from going home: A Chesterfield family says mold has forced them out of their home, and the landlord just won’t fix the problem. Now, both the renters and landlord are headed to court. – Richmond, VA News

People Calling Low-Income Housing “Filthy”: Mold, roaches and no A/C. Those are just some of the complaints we’re hearing from people living an apartment complex in South Memphis. And some who live at the Pendleton Place Apartments say they don’t believe anything will change.

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Podcast helps soybean farmers deal with white mold: A group of university researchers, in conjunction with the North Central Soybean Research Program (NCSRP), have created a podcast to help farmers deal with white mold, a disease of soybeans.