Asbestos in the News: Issue 79

Asbestos in the News: Issue 79
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 34 stories we thought may interest you!
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Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Voices Opposition to the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA): The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), which combines education, advocacy and community as the leading U.S. organization serving as the voice of asbestos victims, today began its formal opposition to the Chemical Safety Improvement Act (CSIA) with the release of its position paper detailing how the bill is critically flawed. ADAO urges Congress to stand up to the chemical industry on behalf of asbestos victims by implementing a ban to end the use, importation, and exportation of asbestos.
Work delayed at Boundary Dam Unit 3: The rebuild of Unit 3 at the Boundary Dam Power Station has been halted due to the detection of a substance in the work area that might have contained asbestos. The detection occurred on the rings that encircle the hatchways that go into the boiler area on June 29. SaskPower president/CEO Robert Watson said that the entire plant was certified for asbestos in 2007, but when they opened up the hatches, they noticed the substance, and so “pro-active” measures were needed.
City in Russia Unable to Kick Asbestos Habit: This city of about 70,000 people on the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains is a pleasant enough place to live except for one big drawback: when the wind picks up, clouds of carcinogenic dust blow through. Asbest means asbestos in Russian, and it is everywhere here. Residents describe layers of it collecting on living room floors. Before they take in the laundry from backyard lines, they first shake out the asbestos. “When I work in the garden, I notice asbestos dust on my raspberries,” said Tamara A. Biserova, a retiree. So much dust blows against her windows, she said, that “before I leave in the morning, I have to sweep it out.”
Health risk alert due to 800 tons of asbestos dumped in Mexico: More than 800 tons of asbestos from Russia were dumped eight months ago at the Mexican Gulf coast port of Veracruz and represents a health risk for the population, the Reforma newspaper reported Saturday. In its front-page story, the daily said the material was imported by the Mexalit company, which makes construction materials.
U.S. cites Ford for asbestos violations at Buffalo plant: Ford Motor Co. has been cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for eight violations covering asbestos exposure at a stamping plant in Buffalo, N.Y. OSHA said Ford could face up to $41,800 in fines for failing to protect workers from asbestos-containing material at the plant, the agency said Wednesday.
Renovators warned of asbestos: Maitland home renovators will be targeted in a campaign about the dangers of asbestos found inside the walls of many of the city’s pre-1987 houses. Asbestos can be lurking under floor coverings, behind walls and floor tiles, in cement floors, internal and external walls, ceilings, eaves, garages, around hot water pipes, fences, extensions, outdoor toilets and even dog kennels and backyard sheds.
Asbestos removed from Berlin High School during renovation: With school on summer break, specific projects in the renovation of the high school are taking place that could not while the building was occupied during the academic year. Among those projects is the removal of hazardous materials. “Berlin High School is undergoing renovations in several areas of the school building this week,” Superintendent of School David Erwin said. “There are hazardous materials, including asbestos and PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls), that have been identified and will be removed over the course of this summer in the renovation areas.”
Asbestos Removal Taking Place At Montville High School Wednesday: Asbestos removal will be taking place in a classroom at Montville High School on Wednesday, Montville Public Schools announced on Tuesday. In a letter to parents and staff members, Superintendent Pamela Aubin said mastic removal would be removed from the background of chalkboards in Room 412 to eradicate asbestos. The work will begin Wednesday and is expected to take a day.
Seaford HS Asbestos Removal Moves Forward this Summer: An asbestos abatement project at Seaford High School first announced in May is moving forward this summer. Seaford Superintendent Brian Conboy said in his administrative report during the July 11 school board meeting that Ronkonkoma-based 192 Branch Interior Services has been selected at a bid of $382,000 to perform removal of the asbestos in the 1957-built building. The project is being funded by $528,428 leftover from a $21.5 million capital improvements proposition that voters approved in December 2007.
Cardinal Mooney addresses asbestos issues: The Diocese of Youngstown released a statement Thursday to ease fears about asbestos in the current Cardinal Mooney High School. Superintendent of schools for the diocese, Nicholas Wolsonovich, said in the statement that the EA Group of Cleveland found air quality in the school exceeded Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.
Mesothelioma Treatment: What You Can Expect: When someone is given a mesothelioma diagnosis, a rare and aggressive cancer caused by asbestos exposure, he or she is often inundated with thousands of questions from their friends and family members. Probably the highest on the list of questions is the topic of treatment. So, just what can a newly diagnosed mesothelioma patient expect when it comes to treatment and care?
Doctors Question Continuation of EPP Surgery for Mesothelioma Patients: A group of doctors in the United Kingdom, where asbestos-related disease is peaking, is questioning the wisdom of extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) surgery for mesothelioma patients, despite its continued practice at prominent cancer centers in America. The doctors contend that research supporting the benefits of EPP is badly flawed.
Building Collapse Responders Warned of Potential Asbestos Exposure: Over a month after a deadly building collapse in Philadelphia, the city is investigating the number of responders who were potentially exposed to asbestos. Since the collapse on 22nd and Market Street on June 5, officials have investigated whether or not there was asbestos inside the building. On Thursday, the Philadelphia Risk Management Division sent a message and Asbestos Exposure Incident reports to those who responded to the collapse.
The Tragedy and Complexity of Asbestos Drilling Mud: A Deferred Death Sentence: In today’s modern society, it is generally held that the host, sponsor or employer is at least equally accountable, and in some cases, solely accountable for the safety of guests or employees on premises. If you throw a party, the hosts are responsible for making sure attendees make their way home and don’t wind up behind the wheel, drunk. In similar fashion the employer is responsible for a safe work environment. In the case of drilling enterprises that utilize drilling mud, the workplace remains unsafe without protective equipment.
Warehouse blaze asbestos hazard: Residents are being warned to steer clear of a burnt-out warehouse in Mangakino, South Waikato, because of the threat of toxic asbestos ash. Seven firefighters had to be decontaminated after fighting the blaze yesterday because the roof of the building, known by locals as The Depot, contained cancer-causing asbestos.
Layer of asbestos covers homes near Uralasbest mine in Russia. Signs of disease reported.: The Russian government and the Russian asbestos industry claim that asbestos is mined under “safe, controlled conditions” in Russia and that it no longer poses any threat to the health of workers or nearby residents. According to the Russian government and scientists working for Russian government scientific institutes, the industry has, for many year, succeeded in ensuring that dust levels are strictly controlled.
Peritoneal Mesothelioma Study: Long-Term Survival is Possible: A new study out of Italy has some encouraging news for patients with the peritoneal form of malignant mesothelioma. The recent analysis of 108 peritoneal mesothelioma patients who underwent complete cytoreductive surgery (CRS) followed by a rinse of heated chemotherapy (HIPEC) found a 43.6% cure rate among long-term survivors.
Asbestos Scare At Philly Accident Investigation Unit: A scare at the Philadelphia police accident investigation unit today, but not because of any case officers are on. Workers found what they believe to be asbestos in an air conditioning unit at the building in North Philadelphia today.
Library use shelved for asbestos repair job: Knightswood library will shut on July 29 for a planned programme of upgrades and repairs costing around £300,000. As well as removing the asbestos, Glasgow Life also plans to fit new windows and automatic doors.
Asbestos likely to be in many West Dunbartonshire Council houses: Asbestos is likely to be present in many council houses, a new report has revealed. A Scottish Housing Regulator team says West Dunbartonshire Council has been slow in providing asbestos information to tenants, adding that the large amount of non-traditional construction in its housing stock will mean that the material will be in many homes.
EnPro rises as co. cuts liability claims estimate: Shares of EnPro Industries Inc. rose to an all-time high on Wednesday as the industrial products maker said that the estimated liability for pending and future asbestos-related claims is lower than initially expected.
Feds charge asbestos released onto SC beach: A Little River man and his company have been indicted for violating the federal Clean Air Act for allegedly releasing asbestos during a condominium renovation in Myrtle Beach.
Property developer fined for exposing employees to asbestos: A Notts property developer who pleaded guilty to exposing employees to asbestos has been given an eight-month suspended prison sentence and been ordered to pay fines and costs of £100,000.
Toledoan pleads guilty to dumping asbestos: A Toledo man pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court to illegally dumping trash bags filled with cancer-causing asbestos waste. Timothy Bayes, 32, pleaded guilty to illegal disposal of asbestos before U.S. District Court Magistrate James Knepp. He is to be sentenced Nov. 18 by Judge James Carr.
Warren fined for failing to warn firm of asbestos: The city of Warren was fined for failing to notify a contractor about the presence of asbestos in a dilapidated house the firm was hired to demolish, according to city and state documents. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs issued a citation to Warren for not notifying Roseville-based Universal Consolidated Enterprises about cancer-causing asbestos in a house and shed at 11533 Fisher Avenue prior to a demolition project earlier this year.
Widow wins cancer claim against mill: A NEWBURY widow was awarded a six figure payout because her husband died from an asbestos-related cancer after working at a Thatcham paper mill.
Lung cancer asbestos case filed in St. Clair County: Another asbestos lawsuit has been added to St. Clair County’s asbestos docket. Ronald and Linda Ogletree filed an asbestos lawsuit July 1 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against 29 defendant corporations. The Ogletrees do not specify where they reside.
Owner of burned hotel fined for handling of asbestos: The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has fined Thunderbird Hotel LLC $29,028. The corporation owned the long-vacant Hayden Island hotel west of the Interstate 5 Bridge that burned in September 2012.
Pfizer to pay $964 million to shed asbestos liability: Drug giant Pfizer Inc. will have to pay more than $960 million in a bankruptcy plan for one of its subsidiaries that has been at the center of various asbestos lawsuits throughout the years. Quigley, the subsidiary that Pfizer bought in 1968, made asbestos-containing products from the 1940s until the 1970s, and halted most of its operations by 1992, according to Bloomberg. It filed for bankruptcy in 2004, at which point it was named as a defendant in approximately 160,000 asbestos lawsuits.
Hospital Faces Asbestos Suit: Five Lane County construction workers are suing McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center and a Utah construction contractor, saying deceitful and irresponsible oversight of a demolition and remodeling job at the Springfield hospital exposed workers to airborne asbestos fibers. The workers are seeking up to $10 million stemming from McKenzie-Willamette’s and Layton Construction’s violations of the federal Employer Liability Law and the Oregon Safe Employment Act, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Eugene.
MISC. (4)
New Obligations Regarding The Management Of Asbestos In The Workplace: The Regulation to Amend the Regulation Respecting Occupational Health and Safety and the Safety Code for the Construction Industry1 recently adopted by the Québec government seeks to ensure that employers comply with the new standards of security regarding safe management of asbestos.
Asbestos Found in Debris from Deadly June 5 Collapse in Philadelphia: During the on-going clean up efforts of the deadly Philadelphia collapse that claimed six lives in June contractors discovered asbestos debris among the rubble. Uncovering asbestos from the collapsed building has raised some serious questions: chiefly, how did the owners of the building receive the proper demolition permits with asbestos still on the premises?
Asbestos Roofing Material Delays Demolition of Town Eyesore: A massive dilapidated structure in downtown Aurora, Colorado will have to remain standing a bit longer before it’s demolished because there’s lots of asbestos in the roof, officials say. The announcement was greeted with groans by locals who were hoping the old Fanfare complex, once a vibrant indoor mall, would soon be a thing of the past.
Libby Residents Concerned about Asbestos in Landfill: Residents of Libby, Montana, site of one of the nation’s worst environmental disasters, have already suffered for decades at the hands of a company who had little regard for their health. Now, say locals, they’ve been waited for months to find out from the EPA whether or not a large woodpile in a local landfill is also contaminated with asbestos.

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