Calgary Crews Continue to Work on Canada Day!

Calgary Crews Continue to Work on Canada Day!
Today is Canada Day, a national holiday. Despite this, we have crews working at our projects in Calgary. Good news for the residents affected by the flood. We are committed to cleaning up. In the words of our founder and President, James C. Watson:
It feels great to be out helping flood victims in mass volumes. We have built a great team of professionals and are taking on some very serious business with three projects ranging from 12,000 – 30,000 square foot buildings that have had severe sewer backup and water damage. We have pump trucks available, portable lighting, dehumidifiers, generators, bob cats, tear out crew, sampling specialists to perform post remediation verification of work performed by other companies etc. Our trucks and trailers are getting some serious attention, we have received calls from and approached by people in Calgary that haven’t even been affected by the flood yet they have a mold concern they would like us to look at.

Calgary Crews Continue Work on Canada Day

At the same time, Watson expresses his concerns about toxins in the air, particularly for volunteers:
It is so great to see all of the volunteers but at the same time I am concerned because they have no idea of the risk they are putting themselves into with mold, asbestos, lead paint, PCB’s and more. It scares me to think of all the asbestos floating around downtown with all the tear out being performed by volunteers that are not aware of the risks.
Watson’s concerns are valid. Recently there have been several news articles, expressing similar concerns and cautioning residents:
Managing Mould Risk Following the Southern Alberta Floods: The extent of flooding in Southern Alberta has created conditions where widespread mould contamination is inevitable. Any structure or material that has been wet for more than 48 hours can potentially be impacted by mould.
Take care of your home, health: Mould loves damp. So there is no doubt it will love Calgary’s flooded homes and businesses. Airborne mould can cause chest tightening and coughing and can trigger an asthma attack. More severe reactions are rare. Symptoms generally disappear once mould is removed.
Asbestos Info For Home Owners: Alberta Health Services is warning home owners affected by the floods to be on the lookout for asbestos related materials including drywall mud, insulation and floor and ceiling tiles.
Reducing the risk of asbestos exposure: Alberta Health Services is warning homeowners in flood-affected areas to be cautious during the cleanup and to make sure that they handle and dispose of asbestos properly. The AHS says houses built before the mid-1980s may contain asbestos materials in drywall mud, ceiling tiles, insulation and floor tiles. Homeowners should contact an environmental consultant to assess the property for asbestos and then hire a qualified contractor to remove it. The AHS says hiring professionals is the best method as the contractors wear specialized personal protective equipment and have expert knowledge and techniques to avoid exposure. For those people who decide to remove flood-damaged materials on their own they should be sure to take actions to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure. Health officials say the risks are greatest when asbestos particles are inhaled so people should avoid breaking materials that may contain it. They also recommend that people avoid using power tools or any abrasive materials, like sanders, on items that may contain asbestos.
Important tips for staying safe from disease in wake of flood damages: It’s important to avoid disease and play it safe when returning to flooded areas, Alberta Health Services advises. “Floodwaters can carry disease bacteria from raw sewage, which can lead to serious health problems if surfaces and furniture is not thoroughly cleaned and sterilized, and food disposed of,” said AHS in a press release.
Currently, I am in Calgary and look forward to the many meetings I have with other members of the team that have been so supportive and crucial in our quest to help clean up and make the city safer for its residents.
On a personal note, we want to express our thanks and appreciation to the residents of Calgary who have welcomed our crews and team into the city. The gifts of food, coffee, water, home baking, and other treats is very heart warming. Calgary is definitely a special place!