Mold in the News: Issue 118

Mold in the News: Issue 118
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Mould in House May Affect Young Kids: Mould found throughout a young family’s state house in Invercargill could cause adverse health effects with young children at greater risk, the Ministry of Health says. Information from the Ministry of Health warns mould can produce adverse health effects such as allergies, aggravation of respiratory problems, eye and skin irritation, headaches, nausea and flu-like symptoms. At greatest risk are infants and the elderly, as well as people with pre-existing asthma and those with weakened immune systems.
Mould so bad in some High River homes, residents will never be allowed back: The bad news continues in the town of High River, which was ravaged by the June flood. On Friday, dozens of residents learned that they will never be allowed back into their home, due to toxic conditions.
Toxic mold could condemn local school building: Reaching out to the state for help. The toxic mold inside Meridian Elementary in Mounds, Illinois may be so prevalent the district may not ever be able to put students back in that building. Administrators called in architects at the end of May, who discovered the black mold. New lab test results from the Illinois Department of Labor confirm the contamination.

Clean up abandoned mold-ridden Staten Island houses: Abandoned mold-ridden houses dot the shoreline of Staten Island in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. But the city refuses to heed the public health concerns of neighbors. Citing complaints he has received about at least 60 contaminated homes, Rep. Michael Grimm is urging that the empty homes be seen as threats to their communities.
Woman with mold infection fights for Sandy survivors: People are going to die and no one cares. No one is going to do anything to help anyone and Staten Island is going to be ruined,” said Elaine Kelly, a native Staten Islander now living in New Jersey who wipes tears away as she talks about how so many residents of Sandy-ravaged neighborhoods are susceptible to serious illnesses from toxic mold exposure.
Patience a must in repairing flooded homes: I’ve been watching what’s happening in Alberta, like millions of Canadians around the country. I don’t think anyone expected this level of devastation, especially not in Canada where we aren’t used to flooding. It reminds me of New Orleans in August 2005, and it’s no surprise people are referring to the disaster as the Canadian Katrina. Waters rose eight inches in 2.5 hours. There have been evacuations — about 120,000 people forced from their homes. People have been trapped on roofs and in attics, and there have been fatalities. But, it’s not over by a long shot. All that extra water has to go somewhere. And unfortunately, that means more people will be forced to leave their homes as the water moves downstream. The flooding has caused a lot of problems and multiple levels of devastation. Alberta is facing an estimated $3 to $5 billion in damages — at least. It’s going to take years, not months, to clean up. The first step is dealing with the flood itself and the damage it’s done to the area. But then there’s the mess people are going to face when they’re allowed to go back home. Some homeowners have already returned home, and in some cases, the damage is overwhelming. But it’s important not to rush to make everything look normal. There are a lot of measures homeowners need to take after a flood. The first is to have any water in the home pumped out, and this needs to be done quickly so mould spores have less time to grow. Patience plays a big role because any space where flood waters have invaded must be 100-per-cent dry before you try to rebuild. Bring in fans, exhaust units — anything you have to so that the flooded areas dry out completely.
Mushrooms and mold attack Medina County business; Landlord fails to respond to roof leaks: For more than 15 years, Duane Filley has enjoyed repairing vehicles at his Medina County shop in Valley City, but now he’s worried that flooding, black mold and mushrooms will hurt his health and his business. Filley told NewsChannel5 he’s repeatedly asked his landlord to take care of roof leaks and flooding at Valley Autoworks Inc. for the past two years, but not enough has been done. Filley reports he’s made numerous clean-up attempts at the building, but he’s been unable to stop mushrooms and black mold from growing in his offices.

Got mold?: One restoration company is trying to do its part by offering free mold consultations for High River homeowners in wake of great devastation. got mold? stopped in High River Sunday and will be doing free consultations for as long as need be. James Watson, president of got mold?, wants to make sure that the mold in people’s homes is taken care of properly. Often times walls can appear dry, but are still wet and at risk of growing mold.
Calgary Floods – Mould Issues – Alberta Health Services: Following the floods that wreaked havoc on so many Calgary homes, the damage is obvious. Streets lined with soggy drywall and waterlogged flooring are visible proof of how widespread the damage was. But for some the damage was less apparent. On the edges of the floodwaters, the impact may have consisted nothing more than a damp carpet. However, despite appearances, residents should take care to ensure there are no potential dangers lurking out of sight.
After rain, experts discuss controlling mold in homes: Even if your house was not flooded the last few weeks, there is still a chance your home could have the side effect of mold. The recent humidity and standing water creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. Some local pest control companies say the number of mold cases have jumped 50 percent since the rain has started. Experts said that you should closely monitor your crawlspaces because that is where 40 percent of the air you breathe in your house comes from.

Move quickly to clean flooded basements: If you’ve had water in your basement because of recent heavy rainfall and flooding, you should give it a thorough cleaning and disinfecting regardless of the amount. That is, water in a small portion of your basement requires the same work as having several inches across the entire basement because the water may contain sewage and other contaminants, including pathogens that are harmful to people, according to the University of Illinois Extension.
The Dangers Of Mold: Extensive areas affected by mold can usually be seen easily. These areas may also exhibit a musty or foul odor. The most dangerous mold, however, is normally that which cannot be seen or smelled. Mold produces spores as it grows. Once dry, these spores become airborne, spreading easily. This is where dangerous mold is born, possibly triggering severe allergic reactions and respiratory problems in those nearby.
Mold Prevention Tips: People across our area are dealing with damage from severe storms. The constant wet weather and humidity are complicating the clean-up.

Rain water seeping into your crawlspace can lead to mold growth: After all the rain that’s hit East Tennessee already in the month of July, a lot of folks in the area are still trying to dry out. Homeowners should make sure the crawlspaces underneath their home is free of water dumped by those storms.

Foundation, mold problems being addressed at newly-constructed SSMS campus: Sulphur Springs Elementary isn’t the only Sulphur Springs campus this summer where water issues are being addressed. Moisture discovered under the foundation at Sulphur Springs Middle School resulted in mold issues, requiring specialized experts to correct.
Possible mold forces two Middletown schools to shut down two camps; children relocated: Several city Parks and Recreation summer day camps have moved operations due to microbial growth in two city schools, city and school officials have announced.
School Leaders Undecided on Mold Problem: Parents in Meridian school district are frustrated that school leaders have not decided how to fix toxic mold in the elementary school.

Mold Discovered in Five Middletown Schools: Middletown Public Schools and the mayor’s office are working to remove microbial mold that formed after high rainfall, heat and humidity created favorable conditions for this potential harmful fungus.
HVAC improvements expected to eliminate mold threat in Ocean City schools: Mold is an ongoing issue for school districts across South Jersey, including Ocean City. Last year, an extremely humid summer caused mold to form in numerous school buildings, including Ocean City High School.
The Kellum cough conundrum: Jeremy Kadoch couldn’t breathe. Drenched in sweat and huddled in bed, Kadoch coughed until he could only emit hushed heaves. His fever soared. It wasn’t a hangover, a lack of sleep or anxiety about a big exam. No, Kadoch said, it was the Kellum cough. “I’ll never forget how sick I got for a week while living in Kellum,” Kadoch, now a sophomor, said. “I had a high fever, coughed up phlegm and felt congested the entire time. I wasn’t the only one to get sick either. Many of my friends were in the same boat.”
Couple ‘fuming’ at estate agent over flat black mould: A YOUNG couple say they were forced to move out of their rented home after toxic black mould made them unwell. Joseph Jasinski and his fiancée Erica Clark rented a first floor flat in Felmores, Basildon where black mould, condensation and damp were rife, according to the couple.
Mold covers Decatur apt walls, ceiling, beds: A Decatur woman called Channel 2 Action News in a desperate plea to rid her apartment of mold covering nearly every exposed surface.

Mold found at Bloomfield Police Department; officers move: The Bloomfield Police Department moved to a new home last week. When an air conditioner recently failed, Mayor Donna Medlin and Bloomfield police chief Tim Zych assumed they would call in a repairman and go about business as usual. That’s not how it worked out in the end. After removing the unit, the repairman discovered heavy concentrations of mold.
Northland apartment residents facing mold, electrical problems: With a heat advisory in effect, it’s not a day to be without air conditioning, but there are some people at a Northland apartment complex who are dealing with that exact problem. “The A/C doesn’t work. There’s leaks on floors and ceilings,” resident Stephanie Mitchell said. There is a laundry list of problems at the Englewood Apartments, and residents said it’s gone from depressing to dangerous. “Water is leaking from the pipe down and it turns into mold,” another resident, Tashema Akins, said.
Woman’s Mold Issue Resolved: Imagine returning from an extended out of town stay and finding your home covered in mold or mildew.

Mother upset Housing NZ leaves family in mouldy, leaky home: An Invercargill mother claims Housing New Zealand is putting her family’s health at risk by accommodating them in a leaky and mouldy home they cannot afford to leave.
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Locals Anxious as Homes Fester With Mold After Sandy: The house at 12 Topping St., has been abandoned since the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy inundated it and swaths of Staten Island’s shorefront communities. Its windows have been boarded up and weeds now claim the front lawn. It is just another ugly relic of a storm that rocked the East Coast and shut down the financial capital of the world seven months ago.
Rain delays harvest and increases mold risk for farmers: The recent deluge of rain has been annoying for most people, but for farmers the saturation has been a matter of having a decent crop or not. Farmers who plant mostly grain are being hurt the most, but there are many crops that just can’t handle this amount of rain.
Mold prevention essential in humid city: Preventing mold in your home can be a challenge because of Atlanta’s high humidity levels and occasional flooding. If you live in an older building and want to make some improvements to your home, consider the benefits of working with a mold removal specialist and contractors who can waterproof your basement or other, ground-floor rooms. Maintaining a mold-free living space is much easier when your home is well-maintained and isn’t at risk for water damage.