Asbestos in the News: Issue 83

Asbestos in the News: Issue 83
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of asbestos related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 23 stories we thought may interest you!
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Short-term Asbestos Exposure Triggers Mesothelioma: The recent death of a British man from mesothelioma is evidence of the destructive power of asbestos – even when exposure is short.
Asbestos exposure spikes prompting home renovator warning: HOME renovators could be behind a spike in the number of people that have been exposed to asbestos fibres in the past year, a support group spokesperson says.
Binghamton school leaders to meet on Coolidge asbestos issue: After disturbed asbestos shut down Calvin Coolidge Elementary School last week, parents and district officials want to move ahead with abatement and recovery as quickly as possible.
How Schools Comply (or Don’t) with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA): As a long-time parent in this district I cannot recall ever getting any “yearly notification” of the school’s asbestos management plan and any asbestos-related actions taken or planned in the school”.
New Rochelle School District Retracts False Claims Attributed to Westchester County Department of Health on Risks From Davis Asbestos Incident: In response to complaints by the Westchester County Department of Health, the City School of District of New Rochelle has retracted some but not all of the false claims the District attributed to the Westchester County Department of Health earlier this week regarding the risk to staff, students and visitors to the George M. Davis Elementary School following an asbestos exposure incident.
Construction crews at old Tice Elementary worry about asbestos exposure: At Tice Grammar School in Fort Myers, construction crews have spent months remodeling the 86-year-old historic structure. “It’s been a good experience,” said an electrician on the site. But some workers worry their health is at risk. Several sent photos of a section of the hallway basement cordoned off. A sign says “Danger Asbestos.”
Moffitt Cancer Center Identifies Genetic Marker that Points to Personalized Care for Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma: Oncologists often have to rely on feedback from their mesothelioma patients to decide whether a treatment is effective or not. Finding a reliable, scientific method to determine survival or prognosis has been elusive, leaving patients and their doctors frustrated. Now, researchers report they have identified “four inherited genetic variants in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients that can help predict survival and treatment response.”
Treatment of malignant pleural mesothelioma by fibroblast activation protein-specific re-directed T cells: Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is an incurable malignant disease, which results from chronic exposition to asbestos in at least 70% of the cases. Fibroblast activation protein (FAP) is predominantly expressed on the surface of reactive tumor-associated fibroblasts as well as on particular cancer types.
Asbestos Mud Drilling Exposes Workers to Serious Health Problems: Imagine working with a material you were told was safe only to be told later it contained a carcinogen that could cause serious health problems. That is the issue facing many a mud engineer, people who worked with drilling mud, which often has asbestos mixed in. Despite working with a carcinogen, many of the people who worked with drilling mud did so without any protective gear, greatly increasing the chance of their developing asbestosis, lung cancer or mesothelioma.
Mum-of-two’s asbestos fear: A MOTHER-of-two had to wait 18 months for Stroud District Council to fix the damp in her property despite there being a risk of exposure to asbestos.
New Walk Museum, Leicester, repair bill goes through the roof after discovery of asbestos: The bill for refurbishing an art gallery has risen by £500,000 following the discovery of asbestos in the ceiling.
Slated for Demolition, MA Town Offices Must Undergo $100,000 Worth of Asbestos Abatement: In what may seem like a backwards move to some, the town of Berkley, located in Massachusetts, must spend $100,000 to safely remove asbestos materials from the town offices before moving forward with the scheduled demolition. To keep construction workers and the community safe, and to follow state and federal regulations, the town must safely remove the toxic material.
Assessment of Falmouth Town Hall Finds Mold Spores, Asbestos and Rodent Feces: A study conducted on behalf of Falmouth, Maine uncovered a litany of potentially dangerous environmental, health and safety concerns in the area’s Town Hall including mold spores, asbestos and rodent feces. Based off of the conclusions from the study, a recommendation of nearly $1 million worth of updates and renovations now sits with Falmouth’s officials.
Asbestos disrupts Kempsey hospital upgrade: CONTRACTORS have removed truckloads of soil from an asbestos-contaminated zone at Kempsey District Hospital. Early works for the $80 million upgrade have been in progress ahead of development application (DA) approval for the construction of new buildings at the West Kempsey site.
Asbestos Delays Indiana Downtown Rejuvenation Program: The re-birth of downtown Gary, Indiana is going to have to wait a little longer. Though hundreds of thousands of dollars was already spent to remove asbestos from a crumbling 14-story former hotel, officials now say that there’s more asbestos remaining inside the old Sheraton than they had thought, delaying the project and angering officials who thought the eyesore would be demolished in its entirety very shortly.
Erie man files asbestos mass tort claim in Phila. Common Pleas Court: A 62-year-old man from northwestern Pennsylvania alleges in a newly filed mass tort claim that his January 2012 lung cancer diagnosis was due to his working around asbestos-containing products for a number of years beginning in the 1960s. Lloyd J. Baldwin and his wife, Joyce Baldwin, of Erie, Pa., filed suit in Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court on Aug. 7 against close to 30 companies that dealt in products containing asbestos.
Four companies named in Jefferson County asbestos lawsuit: One Harris County resident and two Orange County residents have filed an asbestos suit against four defendant corporations, claiming the asbestos-related disease with which a man was diagnosed was wrongfully caused.
$40,000 Fine For Asbestos And Other Waste Offences: KNR Landfill Managers Inc., based at the controversial Vaughan transfer station, operate a landfill in Cayuga, Ontario (perhaps the controversial Edward Street landfill that was rebuilt and reopened several years ago.) They were fined $40,000, plus victim fine surcharges of $10,000, for failing to comply with their Ministry of the Environment Approval under the Environmental Protection Act, for disposing of hazardous asbestos waste and operating the landfill.
Witnesses present divergent settlement figures in Garlock estimation trial: Attorneys representing claimants suing Garlock Sealing Technologies for asbestos exposure presented a second consultant who estimated the company would need to devote $1,293 billion to a trust to settle pending and future claims against the company, a figure a Nobel prize winning economist testified was unreliable because of what he said was questionable methodology Friday.
Lima Man Pleads Guilty to Botching Asbestos Removal: Lamont P. Pryor, 47, of Lima, Ohio pleaded guilty today in U.S. District Court to violating the Clean Air Act in connection with his company’s handling of asbestos during the demolition of the former Piqua Medical Center in 2008.
Licensed Asbestos Contractor Fined for Improper Removal: Apparently, hiring a licensed asbestos contractor doesn’t mean the job of removing the toxic material will be done properly. That’s what happened to a homeowner in Worcester, Massachusetts who employed a designated asbestos abatement professional to remove asbestos-containing shingles from his home.
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Asbestos discovery after building demolition worries residents: Neighbours say they don’t feel safe after asbestos was discovered in a demolished Ottawa building over the weekend.
Libby asbestos: EPA promises assessment of risk by late next year: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has outlined a new timetable of late 2014 to produce results from three studies that will be pivotal in determining nearly every decision a remedial team in Libby will make during the remaining years of the asbestos cleanup.

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