Mold in the News: Issue 120

Mold in the News: Issue 120
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Post-Sandy mold causing an enduring calamity for homeowners: Nine months after Hurricane Sandy, shore homeowners flooded during the storm are still dealing with the bumper crop of mold that has sprung up in the hurricane’s wake. That means busy summer days for people in the business of removing it, and unwelcome surprises for homeowners who didn’t move quickly to dry out their walls and flooring.
Residents feel unsafe returning to building after flood: Winston Foster was relieved his family could finally return to their Mississauga apartment last week after being evacuated in the epic flood on July 8. But then he noticed cracks forming along the walls of his children’s bedroom, as well as one in the floor of his second-storey unit. The home also reeked of what he thinks is mould.
Rebuilding the basement after a flood: With all the extreme weather lately, flooding is on a lot of people’s minds. I’ve been visiting flood zones in Calgary and High River to help with the recovery there. But flooding isn’t always Mother Nature’s fault. A drain can back up, the sump pump could stop working or a pipe can burst. Or, just leaving a tap on and forgetting about it could cause a flood. And where does that water end up? In your basement. In the past, when basements were left unfinished, a flood wouldn’t be so devastating. You drain the water, replace anything that was damaged — which wasn’t much since there weren’t any finished floors and walls to worry about — decontaminate the area and then let the space dry out. Not today. If you have a basement, it’s most likely finished or you want it finished. But if you ever have a flood, or even a leak, a finished basement can turn a bad situation into a nightmare.
Residents call for government buyouts in hard-hit High River neighbourhoods: Watch the video! Save for the odd truck driving by, most of High River’s Hampton Hills neighbourhood looks like a ghost town. And large pockets may stay deserted, if homeowners get their wish for a government buyout of their flood-damaged properties.
Mould in basement, Ottawa housing agrees to move family: Step into Melissa Lepine’s tidy Ritchie Street townhouse and it doesn’t take long to realize she and her three children should not be living there. A foul musty smell fills the air. In her basement, the odour is nauseating. What appears to be black mould is growing here and there on the basement walls. Water has been permeating through her basement floor for much of the past 2 1/2 years. It is not a problem during the winter, when, she suspects, the ground freezes and whatever water is still under the concrete is expelled by sump pumps. But that horrible odour has remained. It started when puddles of water began forming on the basement floor in the spring of 2011, a few months after she and the children moved into Britannia Woods, an Ottawa Community Housing development near Carling Avenue and Pinecrest Road.
Cleanup crews concerned about contaminants: The sewage and standing water that has been sitting for weeks in hundreds of High River homes is the perfect environment for harmful toxins and bacteria to grow and those exposed should take precautions while cleaning up the contaminants. Some people have reportedly been feeling ill after being exposed to the contamination for weeks during the cleanup. Alberta Health Services says it has air monitoring equipment in High River to measure fine dust in the air and the exposure levels are not currently a health concern. Lucas has tested several homes in High River and is finding many are above the acceptable level for mould spores.
“What we’re most concerned about at this stage is if there has been mould growth as a result of the flood waters or sewage backup into their homes. That they’re taking appropriate protections to protect themselves if they’re doing the cleanup themselves,” Dr, Brent Friesen, Medical Officer of Health for Alberta Health Services.
SCAM ALERT: Making Sure Your Mold-Removal Company is Reputable: Unfortunately, with black mold, the challenge is not just getting rid of it, but making sure you don’t get scammed out of thousands of dollars along the way.
Family forced out of ‘horror’ house (With video): With her family forced to live in a rented pop-up trailer in the backyard, and with no answers on how to pay an enormous restoration bill for her recently purchased but now-unlivable home, Cynthia Jamieson is at her wits’ end. Her tears are understandable. “There’s so much wrong with our home — we are unbelievably stressed out,” says the mother of three.
Nut mould may spread AIDS: Aflatoxins – a group of mycotoxins produced by mouldy food – may be exacerbating Africa’s AIDS epidemic.
What are the mold allergy symptoms and how to make your home mold-free?: Molds can cause health problems, including hay fever-type symptoms, such as sneezing and runny nose. Here’s how to make your home mold-free. Molds are a type of fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, no one knows exactly how many species of the fungi exist, but some experts say it could be 300,000 or more.
Mold in home causes concern for Sayreville resident awaiting word on home buyout: Like many other Hurricane Sandy survivors, Kim Bosso is waiting on pins an needles to hear if her home will be included in the home-buyout program. But for Bosso, it’s not just a matter of safety, it’s a health concern.

Family says mold could be  creating serious health issues: Sandy Cordes has a mess on her hands. And most of it, she believes, is inside the home she bought last fall in Wildwood, a mobile home subdivision in Sandwich across the street from Lake Holiday. Cordes realizes she made her first mistake by not demanding an inspection. She said she was told the house, purchased for around $30,000, was in perfect condition. Only a couple days after moving in, she noticed seepage in the walls and ceilings. When Cordes began pulling away some of the furniture that had come with the home, she found large holes in the walls, where it looked like someone had attempted damage control.
Moisture, heat causing mold problems: Continuous rain and now rising temperatures may be turning your home into a breeding ground for mold. One minute it’s raining and the next its sunshine, high heat and high humidity in Metrolina. That’s exactly what has the folks at AdvantaClean busy these past couple of days. They’re dealing with more cases of mold exposure in commercial and residential areas.

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Kraft Responds to Reports of Mold in Capri-Sun: Kraft Foods, the manufacturer of Capri-Sun, is responding to claims that mold was found in an unexpired pouch of the popular juice drink.
Rainfall and humidity leading to mold problem: Homeowners and businesses in Columbus and the surrounding area are seeing an increase in mold because of all the rain and moisture. Combine that with the humidity, which reaches it’s peak in the summer and you’ve got a breeding ground for mold.
Possible mold found at Coleytown School: Mold may have been discovered on ceiling tiles in a section of Coleytown Middle School.
UofL mold cause determined; Estimated cost, $500,000: The mold found in three dorms on the University of Louisville’s campus is being blamed on moisture. It’s growing on the wooden wardrobes.
U of L cleaning mold out of three student dorms: With students returning in less than a month, U of L is having to tear apart part of a dormitory. The university is trying to get a handle on a problem that could make students sick. The problem is mold. It was found in Threlkeld Hall and two other dorms on campus.
Mold removed from Kettering school: Officials with Kettering City Schools confirmed mold was found inside Orchard Park School, off Dorothy Lane.

Mold removed from Kettering school

Youngstown News, Mold in leaky roof closed eastern Pa. turnpike plaza: A Pennsylvania Turnpike plaza in eastern Pennsylvania has been closed because mold was detected after leaks in the roof were found.
Buford residents upset about apartment mold: Residents of a Buford apartment complex said they’re fed up with living with mold, leaks and floors that are caving in.
Dupree Post Office temporarily closed because of mold: The U.S. Post Office in the north-central South Dakota town of Dupree has been closed temporarily because of mold.
The case of the moldy washing machines: Gina Glazer says that the smelly mold started growing in her Whirlpool front-loading washing machine about six months after she bought it. Glazer scrubbed. She left the machine’s door open when she wasn’t using it. The mold wouldn’t go away, and neither would the smell. Glazer called Whirlpool to complain.
Showdown on mold: Oddo bill would address problem in abandoned houses: One of the “gifts” of Hurricane Sandy that keeps on giving is mold. The fungus has plagued even those homeowners who have been able to return to their storm-damaged homes and they’ve had to do extensive remediation. Many have taken advantage of the $15-million mold-remediation program made possible though the Mayor’s Fund partnership. But mold has flourished unchecked in those houses that were abandoned or otherwise left vacant for the past eight-plus months. The question is what to do about them.
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Household cleaning: How to get rid of mold stains: Keeping your home mold free is best done by preventing it’s growth, but if mold is already growing in your home this article will help you get rid of it and the stains that are left behind. Mold and mildew can be unsightly and also unhealthy. Mold is a major household pollutant that can cause serious health risks. Mold releases spores into the air that float around the house and cause severe allergic reactions and illnesses. Mold is usually a problem in humid climates but can be a problem anywhere. Mold can leave black stains on just about everything from carpet, walls, wood, countertops and caulking. Keeping your home mold free is best done by preventing its growth, but if mold is already growing in your home this article will help you get rid of it and the stains that are left behind.
Mould sours strawberry crop efforts: The operators of a strawberry farm near Mackay say they lost a lot of their crop due to the unseasonal wet conditions. Margaret Ballantyne, from Ballanytne’s Strawberries near Calen, says mould has been a big problem this year and disease has affected some plants.
Mildew starts with a few spots, then …: It may start with a couple of small dark spots on the grout where the shower stall meets the tiled wall. A few days later, they multiply. Mildew.
Tips for mold removal: While small areas of mold can be removed by homeowners or renters, larger areas may require the hiring of a consultant or remediation contractor.
Lake County submits Declaration of Emergency; warns about mold problems in flooded homes: Lake County commissioners officially submitted a Declaration of Emergency Tuesday morning to the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.
CBS 12 helps couple with moldy hurricane window nightmare: A Lake Worth couple’s newly installed windows from one of the nation’s largest home improvement chains put their lives into an emotional tail spin making their home a potentially deadly environment for the husband’s existing medical condition.