Mold in the News: Issue 122

Mold in the News: Issue 122
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‘I have no where to go,’ says Stoney Nakoda flood victim: Mould is crawling up Dianne Dixon’s home. It’s in her basement, moving closer to the main floor every day. It’s outside near her front door, looking like a spot of fading black spray paint. Dixon still lives here. The house, devastated by June’s flooding, is on the Stoney Nakoda First Nation. Without any options save for a few temporary living spaces, Dixon and her husband have been left to fend for themselves.
Mold infests apartments, cases up across metro: Marcus Bridges showed Channel 2 Action News the mold infestation in the Las Palmas apartment he just evacuated.

Public health distributing mould information in Etobicoke: Toronto Public Health has been blitzing neighbourhoods in central Etobicoke with information packages on just how seriously to treat the possibility of mould forming in flood-damaged basements.
Mouldy home worthy of ‘disaster’ show — TV host: The myriad problems associated with a Windsor family’s mould-infested home is just what sparked creation of the Disaster DIY and Leave it to Bryan series on the Home & Garden Television Network, said their host Bryan Baeumler.
More on mold: Do your homework: The competitive world of mold remediation has some hot-button issues, and a recent story in the Inter Lake brought a couple of those to the forefront — certification and third-party testing.
Mold count reaches summer high: Today’s mold count for Butler, Warren, Clermont and Hamilton counties is the highest registered all summer, according to officials with the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency. The mold count is at 5222 and is in the “very high” category. Pollen has risen to moderate at 31.
Home mold problems up in wake of wet summer: With record rainfall in the mountains this spring and summer, experts say it’s a good idea to check your home’s basement or crawl space for an unwelcome and stealthy intruder — mold.
Mold breeding is a health concern: During monsoon and after floods, the New Mexico Department of Health reminds New Mexicans they need to be proactive about preventing mold from growing in their homes. Standing water and wet materials are a breeding ground for mold, especially on warm days.
Family home riddled with mould: A FAMILY has said they are being wrongly blamed for black mould and mites that have riddled their home for the past 18 months. Lee Charnock and Sarah Mattock, who are both chronically ill, and son Josh, 6, are so desperate for people to take their plight seriously they have posted an online video of their living conditions.
APS takes action on mold issue at high school: Atlanta Public School district leaders say they are taking aggressive action after parents complained of mold at a local high school.

Mold Removed from Classrooms at Philippi Elementary School: Students at Philippi Elementary School will be able to breathe easier this year. The West Virginia Department of Education said mold reported in the carpet of two classrooms has been removed. Clarksburg, Morgantown: News, Sports, Weather

Mold closes library in new school: Just two days into the new school year, the library is closed until further notice at East Hardin Elementary School in Savannah and the culprit is mold.
Parents and Students Say Mold and Sewage are Still a Problem at Washington High: A local parent of a Washington High School student contacted WSB-TV yesterday to complain about the health conditions that students are being forced to deal with at the school.
Mold, lead paint threaten school openings in Cheltenham Twp., Pa.: With the start of school fast approaching, there are problems at two schools in the Cheltenham School District. Authorities have discovered lead paint at one, and mold at the other.

Mold at MCHS gets supervisors attention: Problems with planned major overhauls to two Madison County schools drew differing reactions from county supervisors – some suggesting things are generally on track, but others even saying a shutdown by health officials could be coming. Supervisor Pete Elliott and Supervisors Vice Chairman Doris Lackey each spoke about a mold problem at Madison County High School and that putting off repairs to the school’s air conditioning-heating system could worsen it. The remarks came at the supervisors July 29 workshop, much of which centered on discussion about how to handle the overhauls of MCHS and the adjacent Wetsel Middle School.
Mold Issues Being Resolved at Manchester School: Mold was found in carpets and other surfaces in Ridgeway Elementary School this summer, prompting a cleanup in the school on Ridgeway Road in Manchester, according to Superintendent David Trethaway.
Mold at Davie High School brought to commissioners’ attention: In an otherwise uneventful meeting Monday of the Davie County Board of Commissioners, a visible patch of black mold in a boys locker room at Davie High School took center stage.
Mold cleaned up in Blain Elementary School: Mold found in mid-July in Blain Elementary School has been cleaned up and will not interfere with the normal start of school, said the West Perry School District superintendent.
Is mold growth still a problem at local schools?: Not that long ago, the Muscogee County School Board passed a measure to spend millions of dollars to get rid of what they called a humidity problem at several schools in the district.
First day of school marred by mold concerns: Some parents of Pleasant Grove Elementary School children spent the first day of school worried about their kids being exposed to mold.

Cahokia post office to reopen after mold problems: A southwestern Illinois post office will reopen next week after workers found high levels of mold inside the building.
Assessment of Falmouth Town Hall Finds Mold Spores, Asbestos and Rodent Feces: A study conducted on behalf of Falmouth, Maine uncovered a litany of potentially dangerous environmental, health and safety concerns in the area’s Town Hall including mold spores, asbestos and rodent feces. Based off of the conclusions from the study, a recommendation of nearly $1 million worth of updates and renovations now sits with Falmouth’s officials.
Mold takes over Atkinson Co. Health Dept.: Workers at the Atkinson County Health Department are moving out the building because mold has taken over. They’ll see patients at another facility until it’s safe to come back in.
Mold contaminating behavioral health building: A facility Clayton County residents visit to improve their health will have to be cleaned extensively because it may actually be unhealthy, officials have disclosed. The Clayton County Board of Commissioners appropriated $83,500 from the county’s General Fund on Tuesday to remove mold contamination from a public health facility at 853 Battle Creek Road.
City of Bartow Looking at Replacing 6-Year-Old Solid Waste Building: When Bartow administrators discovered extensive leaking and black mold last year in the modular building that houses the solid waste department, city crews spent about 40 hours stripping down the soggy wallboard and scrubbing away the mold.
Northeast Georgia hospital closes education building after mold found: A Georgia hospital has closed an education building over concerns about moisture and mold.
Mold, rodent waste in Falmouth Town Hall create need for $930,000 in renovations: A new study recommends about $930,000 in renovations to Town Hall, ranging from air quality repairs to aesthetic improvements.
Mold remains an issue for downtown El Paso County jail: The downtown jail is one step closer to being mold-free. Three months ago El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles told the county a mold issue had arisen in the downtown jail. Since that initial news broke, four floors of inmates have been sent to jails outside of the county’s system.
Mold Forces Closure Of Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter Two Months Early: A former Hampton Bays motel converted into a homeless shelter two years ago, and scheduled to close by the end of the summer, was evacuated two months ahead of schedule after mold was discovered in the building, according to officials.
Mold Closes Two St. Clair County Post Offices: Two St. Clair County, Illinois post offices were shut down Tuesday morning due to concerns over mold.
Ex-sheriff’s worker files complaint over disability discrimination, retaliation: A former Lee County Sheriff’s Office employee has taken action after claiming she was fired over medical problems caused by mold in the office where she worked. Donna Walkowiak, a former clerk in the sheriff’s Echo District office on U.S. 41, was fired last month for using more sick days than she was allotted. She took six days from June 7-July 3, using 48 hours of sick leave when she had accrued only 9.23 hours, according to a sheriff’s office internal investigation. Walkowiak suffers from COPD, (a chronic lung disease), anxiety, panic attacks, headaches and back pain.
Mold outbreak causes tenant to take action: Living in moldy conditions is not only an ongoing issue for renters, but homeowners as well. For one Colorado Springs tenant, her apartment complex has yet to look into the growing problem that has now become a health concern for her roommate and three kids.