Mold in the News: Issue 123

Mold in the News: Issue 123
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 26 stories we thought may interest you!
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Hold landlords responsible for unsafe mold conditions: Ulrich: City Councilman Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) is working to pass a bill that addresses dangerous mold conditions in properties as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Should the bill pass, the city Department of Health will have the authority to inspect abandoned and vacant properties for mold growth. If mold is present, the department can issue notices of violation. If the property owner does not comply and address the problem, the DOH will do the remediation and then bill the property owner.
Flood-damaged Homes Should Dry Thoroughly Before Remolding: Before replacing drywall and floor coverings in your flooded home, make sure building materials have had enough time to dry out, cautions the American Red Cross and University of Missouri Extension. Failing to do so can leave your home infested with mold. “That will create health issues in the home for years to come,” said Eric Evans, MU Extension emergency management specialist.
North Central Florida a breeding ground for mold: A corner condominium in the Mill Run complex in southwest Gainesville sat empty for a couple of months, still as a stone. But inside, a different story was taking place. A leak in the water line supplying the upstairs bathroom — caused by a hole that might’ve been no bigger than a pinhead — gave rise to an outbreak of mold so severe the walls of the house looked like they had been charred by fire.
Fired LCSO employee plans to sue over mold: A fired Lee County Sheriff’s Office clerk says she’s planning to sue. Donna Walkowiak claims mold discovered in her office was making her sick and that LCSO fired her because she filed a federal complaint over sick time. WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

How Constant Contact with Mold Affects Your Health: Dr. Ananth Thyagaragan of the Allergy Partners of Richmond says it sometimes tough to tell if a building actually has mold inside. But if it does, there are symptoms that can tip you off. “The more severe symptoms can be trouble breathing, chest tightness, coughing up a lot of mucus and blood,” he says.
Lyme Disease and Mold Exposure: The Link to Thyroid Disease: I recently had an email from a reader who wanted to make sure that fellow thyroid patients are aware of two trigger factors for thyroid disease — chronic untreated Lyme disease, and mold exposure — that are not frequently discussed.
Suspected mold discovered in 28 East Hills Middle School classrooms; emergency remediation underway: One week before the first day of the new school year, Bethlehem Area School District officials are scrambling to fix a suspected mold problem discovered at East Hills Middle School, according to district documents.
Mold issues corrected at Fairfield Middle School: All Fairfield County schools opened for business as usual on Monday after workers determined that the air quality and mold-related issues were corrected at Fairfield Middle School. The district retained Affinity Energy and Environmental Engineers to conduct pre-remediation mold sampling both visually and by air, to make corrective active recommendations if needed, and to do a post-mold remediation air sampling.
Classes will start Monday at Darlington High despite mold: Despite a mold problem, the first day of school for Darlington High School students and staff is still set for Monday. School officials met earlier Sunday to discuss the problem.
Mold forces school to delay start date: A western Massachusetts school district is delaying their first day of classes. All Palmer students will start a week later than scheduled, but it’s unclear where the Elementary school students will be going to class. Old Mill Pond Elementary School in Palmer has an air quality issue. It started this summer when mold was found in classroom carpets now it’s airborne.
Mold cleared from shuttered Washington High classrooms: Mold has been cleaned from Washington High School and four classrooms reopened, said Atlanta Superintendent Erroll Davis on Friday.

School officials fighting mold early, after school was delayed last year: One year after mold issues caused problems in several area schools, officials are taking no chances in trying to get ahead of the problem.
Crews cleaning mold from elementary school, first day delayed: The first day of school for Lugoff Elementary School students will be delayed until Thursday, Aug. 22 to allow time for thorough cleaning and air quality tests for areas of mold that were discovered late last week.
Collier district says mold found in two schools not toxic: Just days before students return to school, Collier District officials discovered mold in Calusa Park Elementary School in East Naples and Corkscrew Elementary Schools in Golden Gate Estates, but it was cleaned up before teachers began work this week.
Wilcox schools start after mold abatement: The school year has finally started for students at Wilcox County Elementary. The school opened for the year after mold delayed the start of school for elementary students for almost two weeks.
School District Battling Mold Begins Classes: A school district in Mounds is starting the year with major changes for students and teachers. The Meridian School District is squeezing students from two buildings into one because toxic mold has forced the elementary school to close. All 600 students in the district will take their classes at Meridian High School, in Mounds, and go in two shifts.

Davie High School dealing with mold in locker room: Maintenance and janitorial staff at Davie County High School are dealing with mold that was discovered Wednesday by a public health inspector.
TN elementary school faces mold problem first weeks of school: The elementary staff at one local school is trying to clean up a mold problem before it makes anyone sick.
Forest City addressing mold in elementary school: Cleanup will begin in 10 Forest City Regional Elementary School classrooms today, after indications of mold were found in four classrooms. The school board approved a $9,807 contract for Prism Inc. to complete the cleaning, according to Superintendent John Kopicki, reached by phone after the Monday board meeting.
More mold in the Kingston Town House: The mold that has pervaded the Town House isn’t restricted to just the town clerk and collector’s offices and meeting room 101. It’s also in the conservation offices.
Richmond Fire Station Has Mold, Shut Down: After hearing about poor conditions at Richmond firehouses last week, 8News went to check them out at Station 14. We found a leaky roof, firefighters using a baking pan to catch water, complaints about the AC not working and worries about mold.
Cool Springs Y closes for mold remediation: The Cool Springs YMCA will be closed beginning Monday after mold was found in the men’s locker room.
Mold found inside Diamondhead’s new public library: Hancock County leaders are scrambling to figure out what’s behind a mold problem at the new East Hancock Public Library in Diamondhead.
W. Babylon Mold Issue Turned Over to State Health Dept.: The West Babylon apartment complex whose spaces reportedly filled with mold, forcing a Sandy-affected family to break their lease early, will have the matter turned over to the state health department.
Mould forces police station evacuation: A Mackay police station that houses the tactical crime squad and police prosecutions has been evacuated indefinitely due to a potential health risk. Superintendent Terry Borland ordered the Brisbane Street station be emptied last Friday afternoon after the discovery of mould build-up in one of the offices. It is believed the mould began after an airconditioning unit leaked water inside the roof of the station.
London council convicted and fined over damp: Lambeth Council has been fined £1,335 after it pleaded guilty to breaching the environmental protection act by leaving a mum and her son in a flat with damp and mould.