Asbestos Disease “Like Gun To Head”

Asbestos Disease “Like Gun To Head”
Recently, an article out of Britain quoted a painter, Willie Stewart, who is suffering from asbestosis and has been advised by doctors that it could develop into cancer:
It’s a time bomb. If it gets to that stage doctors said I might just have five or six months to live. The worry is not knowing. It’s like there’s a gun held to your head and you don’t know when the trigger is going to be pulled.
Unfortunately, this is true and a sad reality for many who are living with asbestos disease.
In the past couple of months, we have been dealing with many asbestos abatement concerns which we believe are partly the direct result of our awareness efforts. Despite this, we still encounter contractors who believe that there is a safe exposure to asbestos and think that taking precautions is a waste of time and effort. My advice to ignorant contractors, listen to Mike Holmes, a professional contractor who understands the hazards of asbestos.
The video below explains the myths surrounding asbestos, myths unfortunately that many people believe in.

Because of the above myths, the death and suffering from asbestos will continue. The only solution is to continue to educate. There is no safe exposure to asbestos and it should be banned internationally!
Recently, a study for the American Journal of Industrial Medicine sought out to document the number of lost life years caused by asbestosis and mesothelioma. Their findings, which is based on data compiled from the World Health Organization (WHO), is disturbing:
1. 128,015 people died of mesothelioma in 82 countries.
2. 13,885 died of asbestosis in 55 countries.
3. A total of 2.18 million potential years of life lost to mesothelioma and 180,000 potential years of life lost to asbestosis.
4. On average, each person who died of mesothelioma lost 17.0 potential years of life, while those who died of asbestosis lost 13.0 potential years of life.
5. The current burden of asbestos-related diseases (ARDs) in terms of potential years of life is substantial.
6. The future burden of ARDs can be eliminated by stopping the use of asbestos.
What is most troublesome is the fact that we are now seeing a new generation of asbestos disease in victims who never worked with asbestos, but were unknowingly exposed. An article published by the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance (Daughters of the Dust: The Changing Face of Mesothelioma) exposes the fact that young women are developing mesothelioma because they were exposed to asbestos dust from their fathers coming home from jobs where they worked with asbestos. Tragic!
Just as troubling is the fact that close to 410,000 workers during the 9/11 clean up efforts were exposed to a host of toxins, including asbestos. How many of these workers will end up developing and dying from asbestosis and mesothelioma? Not to mention, the toxins exposed residents throughout New York and surrounding areas. The death toll from this instance alone could be staggering.
Recently, another disturbing news article documented the fact that First Responders during Hurricane Sandy are now being asked to get tested for asbestos exposure. What about the First Responders in High River and Calgary, Alberta, and other flood stricken areas? Should they not be tested as well?
Asbestos is devil’s dust and the continued use of it is simply wrong. The facts, i.e. the continued death from asbestos, speak for them self.
The proponents of asbestos are nothing but common thugs, criminals, and mass murderers.
The only way to put a stop to it’s use is to continue to be diligent and strong and work towards it’s all out ban. The world has changed. Because of social media, we now have the power to effect positive change!
Attention world leaders, listen up and put an end to the deadly asbestos trade!

Light A Candle On Labor Day

The fallen victims of asbestos should not be forgotten. As stated by Linda Reinstein of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO):
We invite you to light candles with us in memory of workers who have lost their battle with asbestos disease and in support of the courageous Mesothelioma Warriors who became ill due to workplace exposure and continue to fight for each breath. At ADAO, we work towards a future Labor Day when all workers and their families are safe from asbestos. Together, change is possible.
Please join us on Labor Day and Light a Candle to Honor and Remember Workers Exposed to Asbestos.