Mold in the News: Issue 129

Mold in the News: Issue 129
At Got Mold? our goal is to keep our followers aware of mould related news stories. Each day, we scour the internet looking for relevant information. Here are 22 stories we thought may interest you!
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Of Mice and Mold: 40% of American Homes Have Health, Safety Hazards: Nationally, the study reveals that 35 million, or 40 percent, of metropolitan homes in the U.S. have one or more health and safety hazards.
Family fights with property owner over mold and feces: “In certain spots, water oozes from the kitchen floor tile when you step on it,” Kunkel said. In recent weeks he said the entire family has been sick and believe mold is to blame. They showed us paperwork from recent hospital visits. “They want my red blood cells and my white blood cells checked because of the irregularities, they change with mold being around,” said Leslie Kunkel.
Ragweed and mold can bring misery for fall allergy sufferers: Fall allergy season has arrived in the Ohio Valley, along with pesky symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion and sneezing. Various strategies, ranging from over-the-counter and prescription drugs to allergy shots and avoidance of allergy triggers, can help sufferers to cope, doctors say. But there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

Mold spores released by harvest contribute to allergy spike: While the changing foliage may be a pleasant reminder of the season’s turn from summer to fall, the blocked-up noses of many locals is a bitter reminder of the allergies that come along with it.
Vacuuming could aggravate allergies: Vacuuming the house could aggravate allergies by creating a fine ‘mist’ of dust, bacteria and mould, according to new research.
Complaints Of Illness From Chobani Yogurt Double: The company that produces Chobani Greek Yogurt recalled their products almost two months ago due to a species of mold, Mucor circinelloides, which is usually reported to be associated with fruits, dairy and vegetables.
Two blame mold at schools central office for illnesses: With the downtown central office project stalled, many school system employees will continue to work out of the office on Long Street.
Mounds school condemned because of dangerous mold: A Southern Illinois school building was condemned after education officials announced Friday that potentially dangerous black mold was so prevalent, the building wasn’t safe for students.
Mold found at Md. school still worries parents, who request survey of health problems: Mold was found in 30 classrooms in September, and parents have been worried the problem has contributed to sicknesses at the Takoma Park, Md., school of nearly 900 children. Health problems cited include headaches, asthma flare-ups, rashes and coughs.
Mold removal process costs Darlington County School District $620,000: A 34-day mold cleanup process at Darlington High School is now complete, with mold removal, renovations and construction finished on the affected portions of the school’s campus. Altogether the unforeseen expense cost the district about $620,000 which came from its emergency reserve fund.

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Meridian Elementary School condemned after mold found: The Meridian Elementary School was condemned Friday, according to the regional superintendent’s office. Toxic mold was found in the elementary school over the summer.
Mold found in the classroom: There’s something wrong with a system that requires children to become ill and parents to complain before school leaders will test our classrooms for dangers like mold.
Brookfield school classrooms tested for mold: About a half-dozen second-grade classrooms located on the bottom floor level of Huckleberry Hill Elementary School were inspected Thursday after teachers expressed concerns about possible mold contamination.
Six classrooms close after finding mold at Stewartsville Middle School: Last week Stewartsville Middle School closed six classrooms after a teacher discovered mold in one classroom and reported it to school officials, Superintendent Maria Eppolite said today.
Mold found in several Fayette schools: Mold was found in several Fayette County schools once the school year began. A number of teachers reported symptoms of allergies and the mold has been removed.
Mold returns to Cedarbrook Middle School: Just three weeks into the school year, the mold monster has returned to Cedarbrook Middle School in Cheltenham, frustrating parents, teachers and administrators who have been battling the situation for months.
Mold infestation temporarily haults classes in Ryland 203: One mid-August morning, Mary Claiborne, one of the university custodians, was making her rounds to clean classrooms on the ground floor of Ryland Hall. When she entered Room 203, she spotted little patches of fur around the room and immediately left because she did not want to aggravate her allergies. She called professors with offices in the building who in turn reported the problem to University Facilities, where Andrew McBride, the associate vice president for facilities, was able to confirm that the room had been infested with mold.
Mold closes tours at former Missouri prison: Mold found in buildings at a former state prison has forced an end to tours at the Missouri State Penitentiary for the remainder of the year.
Mold drives deputies from substation in Moreau: One of the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office’s substations is closed temporarily after deputies said they spotted mold growth.
Ledyard house vacated due to mold buildup: After experiencing water intrusion and mold buildup, the Ledyard Clubhouse has been vacated, and Facilities, Operations and Management is determining the severity of the issues and how much repair the clubhouse will need.
Apartment complex sued for allegedly exposing family to toxic mold: An apartment complex is being sued by a family of tenants who were allegedly exposed to toxic mold.
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Tips for dealing with mold: Mold is the pesky fungus nobody wants in their home, because getting rid of it can be a headache.

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